Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Ford Taurus

Reader Review

“Going Back to Ford” from Indiana recently bought a brand-new 2011 Ford Taurus and gave us a detailed, bullet-by-bullet, pros and cons list for the large family sedan. Some of the reader’s favorite qualities of the Taurus include the stereo and the handling. Continue reading the full review to learn what else the Taurus owner liked and disliked. Once you’re done, you can submit your own car review here.

2011 Ford Taurus

THE DRIVING AND PERFORMANCE: I think it could have better acceleration. Drives great on the highway/expressways. I drive crazy for a living so when it comes to handling, I'm very picky. I think it responds well. I've made those tires squeal on turns numerous times to test it out, and it is satisfactory.

INTERIOR: I have heard many complaints about the trunk release button being on the passenger side. (Not a big deal.) I have heard people complaining about the rear visibility. (You get used to it.) I also recommend getting the rear camera if you can; it helps with that rear visibility issue. Heated seats are nice. Cooled seats really aren't that big of a difference. (Don't waste your money on upgrading to get the cooled seats.) Push-button start is really nice and takes some getting used to. Don't care for the stereo controls on the steering wheel. I favor them on the left side. As for the Sony stereo itself? Ten out of 10! Loud and very clear. I don't dare turn the volume up past halfway. Ambient lighting is pretty neat. You can change the color of the lighting from green, blue, red (purple-ish?) or just turn it off.

“Reviewers have complained about the the dash being "button" happy. It is, but after a while, you just don't pay any attention to the buttons you really aren't using day to day. I can't comment on the Sync feature since I haven't used it. And I'm just starting to use the iPod or MP3 player hookup (so far so good). Keyless entry and intelligent key are really great features, and I highly recommend having that. Oh, and there are a zillion different cupholders.

GAS MILEAGE: Has been pretty good. Sorry, I haven't been tracking what I'm exactly getting.

INTERIOR SPACE: People and critics have issues with the headspace and all. My passengers and I have had no complaints. It does appear that having a moonroof does take away a couple of inches of headspace. Maybe 1.5 inches at the most.”

By Colin Bird | May 19, 2011 | Comments (5)
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Don't discount the cooled seats just because you might live in a part of the country where you might find little use for them. Living in the southeast, I get lots of use out of the cooled seats in my Maxima.


I rented one of these this weekend. I didn't care for it. It's not great in any particular area, and if you're spending many thousands of dollars on a new car, I don't know why someone would choose this over something a little more fun. Ten years after buying a Taurus, will it be interesting at all, or will it be another bland, mediocre "A to B" ride? And if I'm willing to settle for bland and mediocre, do I want it to be in a Taurus, or a Prius? My guess is that a Prius, while being a little smaller, has similar interior dimensions, and when gas is $4.XX a gallon, I'd be happier getting 45mpg than I would be getting 22mpg.


I've put a Taurus through its paces and I would not call it "mediocre" at all. You can't compare a fullsize premium car (well you could, but it makes no sense)to a Prius. A better comparison from Toyota would be the Avalon. And the Avalon, like the Taurus is not a car someone buys because they have to, a Fusion or Camry has almost as much room- it is a choice. The Taurus is a big car- some people like that, and it handles really well for something as big as it is. I will say that when I spent time with it, it felt slow- felt. In reality, it is just really isolated from engine noise and harshness that the speed sneaks up on you- something indicative of big premium sedans like the Taurus and Avalon. I also disagree that it is "bland". With it's bulldog stance the Taurus has as much presence than some cars costing thousands more.

I agree with Shappy about the cooled seats- in Houston you'll want to use them every day during the summer and some of the winter (that's really all we get, lol)

Some little things that annoyed me about the car (I spent several weeks with one) is the adjustment for the interior lights' brightness was really hard to use and the LED lights on the front are really dim- you can't really see them in traffic like you can on say an Audi, and they don't really light up the road like fog lamps- they are just there.

Nothing against the Pruis- to each his own.



The Chrysler 300 is a far better choice. It looks better, has more power, and is more interesting in almost everyway. Sorry, but this is where the Buick Lucerne left off.

Mike Striker

Just put 40,0000 miles on a 2011 Taraus Limited, Hwy mpg 29mpg city 23mpg. Interesting I'm asked how I like the car answer Love it.Most comments refer to how much they like its style. Ride is solid and tight.Huge trunk space.

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