Government Wants Black Boxes For All Cars

CT200hThe U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday proposed to make event data recorders, or black boxes, mandatory in all light-duty vehicles. While the move may sound strikingly like Big Brother come to life, EDRs are already widely used in new vehicles, including all GM, Ford, Toyota and Mazda models. In 2005, nearly 65% of all new vehicles came equipped with some sort of EDR.

This new rule would simply tackle making the devices mandatory. Another rule is already set to take effect in 2013 that makes EDRs more universal in terms of the data they collect and how that data is retrieved. It is a direct result of the issues that developed when Toyota fielded so many questions regarding its unintended acceleration cases.

Automakers have publicly backed a mandatory EDR rule, but they don’t want the devices to be overly complex because that would force up costs that would likely be passed on to car buyers.

'Black Boxes' in All Cars Proposed (Detroit News)

By David Thomas | May 27, 2011 | Comments (4)



The picture is messed up. Also, can someone on staff tell me what happened to your website search function? It is gone.

Picture is fixed. Search should be back soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Big Brother would be requiring that all black boxes transmit your speed, following distance, and illegal use of electronic devices to automated ticket devices along your route. Oh, and dangerous driving to your insurance company. That would rock! We could save lives and reducing policing costs.

G. Orwell

To "K"'s point, above. It's coming. Give them another decade or so set up the infrastructure. They'll justify it by saying they're going to keep us "safe". There's already a major insurance company offering "discounts" if you allow them to track where, when, and how fast you go. For now, it's still "optional".

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