Ford Wants to Help Monitor Your Health

SYNC Allergy AlertFord’s Sync has already proven itself to be a capable device for hands-free calling, audio controls and other simple functions in the car. But if Ford gets its way, the multimedia system could help monitor and alert drivers about potentially life-saving medical information.

The automaker is working with key health companies to bring medical monitoring for diabetes, asthma and hypoglycemia into Ford vehicles.

The diabetes monitoring would work through a Bluetooth-enabled device that’s connected to the driver. The device would share glucose levels with the driver via audio or the center stack display, and it would send immediate alerts if glucose levels were low or high.

The asthma system would work via the Allergy Alert app, which would be available through Ford’s new AppLink eco system of in-car applications. When installed on a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, Allergy Alert would gather data about pollen levels in the area, and that data would be relayed to the driver. Another application under development would offer personalized, real-time solutions for those with asthma and diabetes.

Right now, these apps are still in the development stage, but Ford is exploring ways to get them up and running soon; the Allergy App seems like a frontrunner. Ford is also examining other long-term health and wellness technologies to monitor conditions such as heart rates, relaxation or stress while driving.

By Colin Bird | May 20, 2011 | Comments (4)



Seems like Ford should focus on airbags, axles, electrical systems, engines, transmissions, door handles, windshields, gas tanks... you know, the stuff they've had to recall and not unnecessary gadgets.


Will one of the health apps advise the driver to turn off the ignition, get out of the vehicle and onto a bicycle or into some running shoes?

Ken L.

Why is Ford trying to play doctor, huh? I thought they were in the car business?

Who knows who will be into what in a few years? Who knew Apple Computers 10 years ago would be making phones today? Yea never know what people will feel they need.

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