Reviews the 2012 Toyota Prius V

We still can’t wrap our heads around naming the second Prius model the V. Prius V — for versatility — on its own is fine, but the trim levels of the original car are II, III, IV and V. Toyota actually had to rework the Roman numerals into spelled-out numbers, so now when you buy a Prius or Prius V the trims will be Two, Three, Four or Five. Does any of that make a difference to editor Kelsey Mays in his review of the larger Prius V? Not really, but considering how similar the new model is to the regular Prius, why try and confuse buyers even more?

2012 Toyota Prius V Review



nice review. when i first read that the prius v would not include the 3rd row (no matter how small it might be) i wondered what would really differentiate it from the current prius. it seems the answer is slightly more room, lower fuel economy, and a higher base price. i'll stick with my prius.

Matt C

Not sure I see the point. Maybe if the 3rd row was available.

Mark of Excellence

I think the review was overly harsh. The Prius V has superior seats with features not available on the current Prius, a more composed chassis that drives better and rides smoother, and a generous cargo bay. For people with second homes who have to carry a bunch of stuff for the weekend getaways, the Prius V presents a frugal alternative to more thirsty minivans and crossovers. For current Prius drivers who crave a bit more comfort, the Prius V will be a step up the ladder. It's mileage does take a hit, but still matches the tiny Lexus CT200h. In the higher trim lines this will be a nice alternative to the entry luxury crossovers. The worst news on this is that it will probably canibalize existing Prius model sales, because there's no other vehicle on the market with the unique qualities of the Prius V. I think it will be a strong seller and will prove that once again Toyota is ahead of the curve on identifying automotive niches.


Good review. +1 to the suggestion to bring over the three-row version.

Anonymous Coward

A third row would be useless like the RAV4.

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