Reviews the 2011 Smart ForTwo

2011 Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo debuted in 2008 to a U.S. population beset by record-high gas prices. At 33/41 mpg city/highway, the ForTwo had the best gas mileage of any gasoline-only vehicle. Today, those high gas prices have returned. Is the ForTwo still a “smart” choice, especially with the new crop of 40-mpg compacts? Read editor Bill Jackson’s review to find out.

2011 Smart ForTwo review

By Colin Bird | May 13, 2011 | Comments (2)



That review was priceless. Colin's commentary was very entertaining. I can't help but laugh when I see someone driving one of these. I always wonder if the salesperson told them it requires premium fuel. This vehicle is a major reason people need to educate themselves before making such a purchase.


If they would just put in a traditional manual transmission and knock $3000-$4000 off the price, then I might seriously consider one. Otherwise, forget it.

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