Toyota, Microsoft Team Up


The hottest battlefield in the auto sector isn’t being waged under the hood, it’s happening on the dashboard. Every carmaker wants the most advanced in-car multimedia system possible. Today, Toyota and Microsoft announced that they’d be working jointly on the carmaker’s next-generation in-dash multimedia system.

Toyota wants this new system to live in the “cloud,” allowing users can access their data in or out of their cars using smartphones and computers.

Toyota has already integrated Microsoft products like its Bing search engine into current in-dash systems, pictured above. The first use of this new technology will be for the plug-in hybrid Prius being released next year. It will allow users to program the car to charge at peak efficiency and at lower costs when plugged in at home.

Future applications like an OnStar-esque safety suite or concierge service were not mentioned.

By David Thomas | April 6, 2011 | Comments (3)



Bing sucks.. Verizon tried to cram that crap down our throats and now Toyota.. Google.. make a quick bid and takeover this project


I use both Google and Bing and they're basically the same thing. Calm down, grow-up, and get a life.


Personally, I believe Bing is a great search engine. So is Google's. Who cares about that. We should be more concerned about what these companies are doing with the information we're providing them. Interesting to see what comes to light when Google goes before the Justice Dept.

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