Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: March 2011

Hyundai SonataDespite mounting pressures on the auto industry from rising gas prices and growing concerns involving the production delays and the earthquake in Japan, car shoppers still bought new vehicles in droves in March.

While all automakers generally did well, Hyundai (up 32%), Ford (up 28.2%) and Nissan (up 26.9%) performed above average. Ford (selling only Ford and Lincoln models) with 212,777 cars sold, outsold all four brands at GM (206,621 cars sold, up 11.4%) to become the best-selling automaker in the United States in March. GM is still the best-seller year-to-date.

Ford has three vehicles in the top 10 for March, the most of any automaker. That’s an accolade typically reserved for Honda. Toyota was the only major automaker with losses compared with March 2010 (down 9.2%). The Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla were the only vehicles showing falling sales in the top 10.

Seven vehicles on the list sold more than 30,000 units in March, compared with only three that did that in the first two months of 2011.

The list also shows significant gains in the midsize sedan category. Typically, the top two spots are pickup trucks, but the Honda Accord managed to wrestle the second spot from the Chevrolet Silverado, a perennial favorite. The Camry, typically the best-selling midsize sedan, fell behind both the Accord and the Nissan Altima in March. The Hyundai Sonata rejoins the top 10 after a four-month abscence, with sales up 63.4% for the year.

Check out the full list below:

*Honda Accord includes 2,083 Crosstours



No mention of Chrysler's massive sales gains? Somebody hates Chrysler.....


The Altima AND Accord outsold the Camry, wonder what's happening?


@Mike: Camry is still ahead YTD though, so it's a pretty close race.

@Paul: you're welcome to show us the numbers so we can see where Chrysler products would rank (if at all) on the above chart.


Finally, people are starting to open up to better options. Congradulations Ford ;) 3 on top nice. Honda accord second place. Hopefully Ford and chevy stay on top and Nissan, Honda should have better fame than toy for ever.


Ram is at #12, the Grand Caravan and Town & Country are #4 and #5 among vans, the 200 and Avenger are improved but still very far from even the list of best-selling midsize cars (much less overall), etc.

In short, Chrysler sales being up =/ Chrysler being a best-seller.


Accord numbers include Crosstour and Coupe. Altima includes Coupe. Camry is a lone soldier. If you compared sedan to sedan you will see the Camry is still pulling ahead.


No need for toy to make camry a coupe, toy are usually for old people. Don't really see old people drivings coups. Doesn't make sence making camry a crosstour if they already have the venza. Don't be hating "RANDOFF" or Randy whatever same gayness (: appreciate


Yay for Honda! This goes to show naysayers who doubt Honda's appeal. Truth is, there isn't any other car company that inspires such loyalty and confidence among its buyers.


Wow GM only has one best selling vehicle and it's a pick-up! More proof that the public knows the Japs and Ford have better products


My brother just got his 4th accord. He owns 3 currently - this is why numbers up :o)

But the reality is now that we don't know what is going on with Japan. I am sure that some people hurried up and bought a car now because of the coming uncertainties. I know 2 people like that personally. Surely, there are many.

Pete ,
loyalty to a car company is simply stupid. And Honda punished their loyalists more then once.


Tony - I agree, you should not hold too much loyalty to one automaker. You needs change and an automakers priorities change. Every time you go car shopping you should shop all automakers.


You can only be loyal to the best. Which is Honda/Acura all the way.


Well glad chysler is up alittle even if its Italian now. The field is so packed even with the positive different ad campain its hard to move up. The quality products like grand cherokee, mini vans, and rams ran high. Weak or mediocre products don't, from any car company. Either your the best or your a loser in my opinion. So a good deal on an advantage or 200 can be had in future. I think the 200 is a better looking car then the seabring (yes the 200 is just a redesigned seabring) but does not mean people will buy it.

HONDA RULES!!!!!!!!!


Impossible dream 2, check it on ytube. Awsome Honda commercial.


I bought a Sonata in March and LOVE it. I've been in Toyota for 17 yrs. Had a Celica for 7 and a Camry xle for the last 10. It was time for a change and this new updated Sonata was it.

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