Dodge Viper Will Return


We really don’t miss the Dodge Viper. Chrysler killed its supercar during its bankruptcy and reorganization under Fiat, but today, it released photographic proof that the next-generation Viper is undergoing testing and will be a reality in 2012.

The last Viper was so unappealing to some — yet loved by others — in part because it was an unrefined brute with an abundance of horsepower and not much else.

The next Viper promises to be more advanced as Chrysler touts it will have “stability control tuning for the first time.”

You may be looking at the image above and thinking, “Gee, that looks like the old Viper,” but the development team is using the existing chassis to test the new engine and other parts before being fitted to a new body.

By David Thomas | April 15, 2011 | Comments (8)



"We really don’t miss the Dodge Viper"
You've never driven one.

This car is "unrefined" and didn't have stability control for a reason. It's a DODGE Viper not a Jaguar XKR. It's a pure sports car, not a luxury grand tourer.

You've never driven an XKR!
I'd take it any day. That thing flies, and is luxurious.
I know folks love the Viper for certain reasons, just not my cup of tea.

Troy S.

I agree with you DT. I've never liked the Viper. I lump it into the same impractical group as the Hummer.


It was basically a Dodge HD pickup with a quasi- sports car body. Another crude clunker by Chrysler.

Jordan L

@ Rich Your kidding right? Perhaps you should educate yourself before making further dumb comments.


Viper is a pure racing machine. There's no computer between the driver and the road. A real test of skill. The ACR beat the Ferrari Enzo on the nurburgring. Not a lot of manufacturers can say that.


How to make a muscle car... Take a car and stick the biggest ugliest engine that can possibly fit in it. Congratulations you made a Viper :)

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