SiriusXM Reordering Channels: One Lineup

When Sirius and XM satellite radio networks merged to form SiriusXM, they consolidated channels but kept different lineups and channel numbers. So if you liked Hair Nation, you would listen to it on Sirius 23 or XM 44. That changes on Wednesday.

Starting May 4, subscribers of either the original Sirius or XM will now be on one consolidated lineup. It will follow the current Sirius lineup more closely, with Pop and Rock leading the low numbers and Sports and Talk beginning at channel 84.

Howard Stern fans will remain on Howard 100 and Howard 101. Jason Ellis fans will find Faction radio on 41, and my personal favorite, Pearl Jam Radio, finds a new home on channel 22. It also gets its own logo now.

Jam On, the channel dedicated to bands like Phish that Pearl Jam usurped, returns to the radio lineup on channel 29. It had been relegated to an online-only station.

We doubt many subscribers of either service will be overjoyed with another lineup change, but for automotive journalists who switch between cars with one service or the other, it alleviates one of our few gripes with the job.

You can check out the full lineup in Download SiriusLineup.

By David Thomas | April 29, 2011 | Comments (6)
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wish they would have went with XMs channel numbers. The groupings seems to make more since.

John Thacker

"Jam On, the channel dedicated to bands like Phish that Pearl Jam usurped, returns to the radio lineup on channel 29. It had been relegated to an online-only station."

Actually, on Sirius when Pearl Jam radio was introduced Jam On was not moved to Internet only, but was moved on the radio lineup in the place previously occupied by Cinemagic (87 or so). Cinemagic was at that time moved to online only, where it remains.

I can't believe I now have to relearn all of these channels. I have been a Sirius subscriber before Stern! The lineup does make more since.


As 3G and 4G expand Sirius is going to see a major slowdown. I gave up my subscription and have not looked back. For my daily commute my Android smartphone is connected to FM modulator and listening to free web radio stations that are just as good.


Glen, Who cares

This merging will surely puzzle the viewers and for sure many will miss their favorite shows in the different channels. It would be better if they will be distributing guides on the new changes.

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