Recall Alert: 2011 Toyota Tundra

2011 Toyota Tundra Toyota Motors is voluntarily recalling about 51,000 2011 Toyota Tundra pickups to inspect a potential flaw with the rear drive shaft.

In the affected vehicles, the drive shaft slip yoke may break due to improper casting. The slip yoke is integral to power delivery from the engine to the wheels.

This type of failure has been confirmed in one owner’s vehicle, but no injuries or accidents have been associated with the condition, Toyota says.

Owners of the affected vehicles will get a letter from Toyota advising them of the recall. Dealerships will inspect and replace the rear drive shaft if necessary at no charge. Concerned owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331 or visit the company’s recall website for more info.

By Colin Bird | April 26, 2011 | Comments (10)


Mark of Excellence

Silverado or F150 is a much better option. Toyota can't seem to get its big trucks right, and Tundra is one you want to avoid.

Mark of Excellence

I am a Troll.

Mark of Excellence

If you disagree with my posting why don't you try to post something relating to vehicles like I did or shut your virtual pie hole, moron.

Ike G,

Every foreign auto manufacturer who started making their vehicles in the US and used American auto parts suppliers has fallen into the same trap as the US auto manufacturers. That's just one reason why so many auto manufacturers are having their parts made in Japan, and are now strapped for parts because of the earthquake and tsunami. The part of the Tundra recall is cast by an American parts manufacturer and is in line with what we can expect from the suppliers of faulty gas pedals, rusting frames, cracking drive shafts, etc. Look for a future F150 recall for a similar part, just like with the recalled gas pedals.


Have been driving my 2011 Tundra for a year and Love it. My previous F150 was not even close in quality. This truck has never let me down and tows heaviy loads with ease. F150 couldnt compare to this truck. I always felt like I was killing my Ford when I towed a heavy load.


I've been driving my 2011 Tundra for 2 years and have had zero problems.

don welch

who manufactured tires for the 2011 tundra sr5 double cab 4x4?


My 2011 DC 2WD built in San Antonio, TX, came with Goodyear tires.

I have since put Michelin on the truck. Better ride. Better handling. Less road noise. Longer wear. About the same price.

Someone once told me that Toyota is an equal opportunity buyer and identical trucks from the same plant can have different brands of tires on them. Just whatever they have in stock for that production run.


My 2004 F150 had the overdrive go out at 76K. It would have been about a 3K fix. Ford would not meet me half way. I drove it like a little old lady. I later found out the spark plugs were breaking off in the heads when they need to be changed. Brake line was not anchored properly from the factory and rear cab light leaked. Zero problems with my 2011 Tundra that I gladly sent a picture of to Ford customer service. American car manufacturers can take a hike.


I have the 2014, im a mason worker carry alot of weight on my truck. I love my truck, would not trade in for nothing

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