Recall Alert: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

General Motors is recalling 2,100 Chevy Cruze sedans over a steering defect, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The steering wheel may have been improperly fastened and could detach from the steering column. If that happened while driving, it could lead to a crash.
The recall has already begun and owners will be contacted. Dealers will inspect the steering wheel and column and make any repairs free of charge.
Concerned owners can call Chevrolet at 800-630-2438 or NHTSA’s hotline at 888-327-4236.



Yeah! One of our neighbors, just this past weekend, bought a brand new Cruze for their 17-year old daughter as a reward for her HS graduation next month, and for her to use to commute to College in the fall. Now they are wondering what other surprises await them. Ironically, they wanted to buy her a 2011 Corolla or Civic but decided to buy the Cruze for patriotic reasons. They haven't even made the first payment yet; sixty more to go.

Remember, they sold 18K Cruzes in March, 50K for the year to date. 2,100 isn't a wide range. I'm a bit surprised they didn't mention build dates.

The recall itself is severe though so for those 2,100 units it's imperative to get it administered and for all owners to call and check if their Cruze is included in the recall.


Wait a minute!

The Cruze wasn't supposed to be another Cobalt (and the Cobalt wasn't supposed to be another Cavalier, and the Cavalier wasn't supposed to be another etc., etc., etc. down to the Chevette)! Don't worry about the whole steering wheel thing! The Cruze is a Corolla/Civic fighter!

Why people keep buying the low-end GM shiatboxes is beyond me...

[...]Recall Alert: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze[...]…


DT, many people choose to buy American for patriotic reasons and are to be commended for doing so. But imagine the disappointment my neighbors experienced after they bought this new Cruze on Saturday for their daughter, the future mother of their grand children, only to find that it could "possibly" lead to loss of control. I agree that <2100 is but a drop in the bucket but this PR nightmare does absolutely nothing to enhance GM in the eyes of the public since the majority of Americans were against bailing them out in the first place, just to keep the UAW working. In the past we enjoyed such advertising slogans as, "NEW, IMPROVED, BETTER THAN EVER", only to find that it wasn't. Such was the case with the Cobalt, the Cavalier, and any number of successors to bad GM products. This is not helping GM's cause because it appears that none of the bail out money was used towards improved quality control.


Oh stop it you blow hards. I wouldn't drive a GM product if you gave it to me but for crying out loud it's a recall. ALL cars have them. If anything it's good that GM caught the problem so it can be fixed.

Now get back to guzzling whatever flavor of Kool-Aid you prefer.

Please go through our recall category and note that every major manufacturer has had significant recalls like this one before, and likely will again. It's our jobs to alert the public to them.

I doubt this recall because of its small number will attract much PR worthy attention. Nor have we heard of any injuries or fatalities. Your friends should call GM and see if the car in question is even impacted.

I really appreciate the step of Chevrolet because it's most reputed car brand in the market and car recalling is not the game of children. But I am really surprised, how can Chevrolet did this kind of mistake??

Windy Johnson


Has become the new training ground for third world countries testing their English skills?



Just thought I'd get that out of the way for everyone so that perhaps we can have an intelligent conversation now?


DT, I think you guys are doing an outstanding job reporting any and all recalls and safety issues with all brands, and I have become an avid reader of all your articles. My neighbors, today, did indeed go down to the local GM dealer where they bought this car and the service manager got right on it while they waited and pronounced their car free and clear of any problems. I'm not sure if this has completely erased their buyers' remorse but I saw the girl out driving her new car this evening. Now it remains to be seen if it will be a trouble-free car. Only time will tell, just as it did with the Cobalt and the Cavalier and their forebears.


If someone has buyer's remorse over one recall they're an idiot.


The Cobalt WAS better than the Cavalier, and the Cavalier WAS better than the Chevette.

But the Cruze is supposed to be an even bigger improvement than any of those before. We'll see.


There are many reasons why not to by Cruze...
but blowing this recall out of proportions...

wake up and drink some coffee.

"...Chevrolet because it's most reputed car brand in the market..."

somebody uses illegal drugs here.


^^ I mean "buy" not "by"


Toronado455, your handle reminds me of the '78 Olds Toronado we bought through the BX at Frankfurt. It was a very nice car but we sold it after only two years, before we returned to the States. Ironically, we also bought a 1980 Chevette, a Cavalier and a Cobalt in succeeding years for our kids, when they still lived at home. These cars were not the best there was and no sooner than our kids were on their own with their own incomes, they each traded off these cars for a..... Japanese brand new car. If the Cruze is indeed GM's gift of reliability to mankind, we'll know soon enough in about three or five years. But I'm not holding my breath.


Besides the fact that I am a General Motors fan. All vehicles have recalls. Nothing is perfect and people make mistakes. The Cruze is an amazing vehicle, in fact I was driving one for work today and the steering wheel didn't come off. I have faith in all of General Motors products and will continue to buy them.

I would like to share you this for you to reminded:

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The Chevrolet Cruze is a beut,pitty about the recall ;)

Thanks for the update!

David Weaver

Every time there is an honest admission of guilt by the big three you anti-American morons who are giving away our economy to foreigners jump on board. You would rather deal with people who would never admit guilt , just pay insurance claims and hush money. The Japanese cannot even tell the truth when they are killing their own precious people with radiation. Maybe your new car from Japan will have a standard Geiger counter under the dash . I have had one problem in dozens of new cars over the years and most of them were GM products and all were domestic.
I wish you morons would move to Germany , Japan or wherever you bought your "super car" from and stop screwing the rest of us out of a healthy economy ; one with jobs in the steel , auto and parts industries . I wonder why hospitals , schools are closing and lay-offs abound everywhere. Because you jerks would like to be politically correct about your dam car. Your import is no better than my Cruze so send you kid abroad when they graduate university and realize that you are to blame."My car is better than your car " and if it was not the Koreans and Japanese would give us open access to their markets.

The Cruze wasn't supposed to be another Cobalt (and the Cobalt wasn't supposed to be another Cavalier, and the Cavalier wasn't supposed to be another etc., etc., etc. down to the Chevette)! Don't worry about the whole steering wheel thing! The Cruze is a Corolla/Civic fighter!

Besides the fact that I am a General Motors fan. All vehicles have recalls. Nothing is perfect and people make mistakes. The Cruze is an amazing vehicle, in fact I was driving one for work today and the steering wheel didn't come off. I have faith in all of General Motors products and will continue to buy them.

that was great articles...

thanks that was great information

What makes the Cruze’s interior so good is what GM interiors have been lacking for so long, namely, style and materials that not only look high-grade, but feel it too. Nice piano black accenting on the modern center stack leads up into a dual-cockpit design. Buttons are soft to the touch and the silver-rimmed knobs with soft rubber surfaces turn with smooth operation.


have a 2011 cruze bought a year ago last july-has 6500 miles only-always bothers me when someone start usingg a cut off saw on my new car I just spent 16000 dolars on-then the wiring that needed some sort of heat resistent tape on it that looked like a five year old did it-now it could or could not have a steering wheel problem-wondering what kind of band-aid GM will put on this one-bit still oddly I like this car-but I got to tell you-I am pissed!

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