Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Dodge Journey

Reader Review

“BicycleRider” from Atlanta was a loyal Isuzu buyer until the brand was scuttled. After a long, extensive search, this reader settled on a new 2011 Dodge Journey. The crossover has an excellent ride and a luxurious interior, BicycleRider says. To find out why the Journey beat out other competitors, continue reading BicycleRider’s review below. Once you’re done, you can submit your own car review here.

2011 Dodge Journey

“After having four Rodeos (no longer made), driving my last one well beyond 100,000 miles, I went searching for a new SUV/crossover. I drove many new 2011 vehicles, but none were impressing me until I drove the 2011 Dodge Journey. Wow! What a fantastic ride! I was done looking. Priced way below its rival competition, too!

“I purchased a silver Crew model with the Uconnect package, the normal cloth (black) interior, beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels, the 3.6-liter 283-hp Pentastar engine, and I feel like I'm cruising in a luxury liner. Beautiful dash layout and color scheme, by the way. Just got back from a 1,000-mile round trip to the beach, carrying three bicycles racked on the back, and it drove like a dream.

“The only reason I gave it a 4 on performance is because of a slight lag in pickup you can encounter if you are light-footed, due to electronic relaying of gas pedal info. Anticipate pickup needs and be more heavy-footed with the Journey and you'll be fine, though, and get all the extra power you'll need when/if you need it. I'm totally happy with this solid vehicle.”

By Colin Bird | April 28, 2011 | Comments (10)



i only see about 3 a month on the road on average...& that's what it is..average..

d's Mother

d hasn't driven the 2011 model. Too bad your opinion is useless.

i said so

there's a reason it was dropped in Europe..the Europeans know quality & this ain't it!! I wouldn't take it at Avis!


Its the #1 selling crossover in Canada. That means something!


It's been dropped in Europe because it's going to be sold as a Fiat Freemont.


actually it was dropped in UK due to poor sales. Don't know if the Fiat will be sold there or not, it sells in US becuz of incentives, it's an ok vehicle but could be much better.

Jordan A.

I can't imagine spending any portion of my life owning a rental car such as this. Some people just don't put any value on taste.

Matt C

Does anyone else see 'Unconnect' when they read 'Uconnect' on Chrysler vehicles or is it just my messed up head?


This bashing is a little childish and irrational....

Jake Lamotta

Well, there seems to be some opposition on your stance- I for one see this vehicle a great value since the competitors start in the 30's and give you much less. I went with the Crew as well with nav for 25k.You folks need to open your eyes and drive this car b4 you bash.

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