Mazda CX-5 Will Replace Tribute Next Year

MazdaminagiMazda officially named its next-generation compact crossover the CX-5, which jibes well with Mazda’s other larger crossovers, the CX-7 and CX-9. The new nameplate will replace the aging Tribute. This Ford Escape rebadge is a poor seller for Mazda and it’s old. The new model will go on sale in early 2012.

The Minagi concept, which is making its official U.S. debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, will be the basis for the CX-5’s design, according to Mazda. The concept is the second to use Mazda’s new design theme, which we first saw on the Shinari concept.

The CX-5 will come equipped with Mazda’s next-generation fuel-efficient powertrains, body chassis and transmissions, dubbed SkyActiv. The technology will also come on the 2012 Mazda3 and promises 15% improvements in performance and fuel efficiency. Expect similar gains on the compact crossover.

A production-ready CX-5 will be officially unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.



Looks good.
Actually Mazda-5 is much more functional
6 seater
Lot more space
Same Price.

I hope they make this car smaller and more fuel efficient than Tribute, since the next gen Escape & CRV are going to be smaller than current Gen.

Otherwise amidst the higher gas prices, sales will stall.

Anita Parker

It troubles me to hear you refer to the Tribute as old. If it's so old, why did I buy a 2011 Tribute after trading in my 2005 Tribute? I really like my car and hope that I am able to receive the high level of service, maintenance and necessary replacement parts for this "OLD" tribute. I keep my cars for several years and plan on my Tribute being there for me.


Stop crying, Anita. You'll get the same service, just because they stop a car after TEN years of service, doesn't mean nobody cares about you as a customer. The glass can be half full at times...

Looks good, I like the new direction Mazda is going.


Wow, that's really nice. I think car designers are finally understanding proportion and balance. Beautiful.


The shackles are broken...Adios Ford! This will sell like hotcakes!

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