Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept Headed to New York


We got only a few teaser images this morning, but the concept Lexus announced today may be more than just a hybrid.

The name stands for “Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid,” and the company says the car will “redefine the premium grand touring sedan.” Considering that Lexus’ current version of a grand tourer, the GS, is an aging, poor-selling member of the company’s lineup, Lexus might want to move this concept to reality quickly.

One more image is below. We’ll have full coverage of the New York International Auto Show beginning April 21.




hmm...<---(in a good way)

Mark of Excellence

Looks like Lexus is starting to try more daring designs, in part because of the new Buicks which are outselling Lexus. I will definitely cross shop this with the new Buicks.


Hmmmm, in an ungood way. Too many pointless pointy shapes and competing angles. Busy Japanese design. No better than hyundai.


If Lexus start building their cars in China like Buick does they'd be higher quality.


This looks like another poor design for the GS series. What happen to the simple lines from the 1st/2nd gen GS? Looks like Ill be holding on to my 05 GS a little longer.


Finally, Lexus has stopped ignoring the direly dated GS. it's been out for what, five years now? It looked dated after a year on the market. After working on luxo 4Runners, expanding the IS line, building hybrids, and making inconceivable supercars (none of which are bad things, however), Lexus has finally moved toward a new GS. Lexus doesn't peddle junk, unlike their sister brand, so I trust this will be more than a Camry in regal clothing. It's pretty sad that the well-rounded IS line is based on something as crappy as the Corolla.

jett1000 Mom

"Lexus doesn't peddle junk, unlike their sister brand"

Yeah Toyota is such junk that GM, Ford, and Chrysler would kill to have their sales numbers.

jett1000 = dumb schmuck


Mhmm. Well, not all cars from toyota are COMPLETE junk. They're just bland. I'm just saying, Toyota sells because they don't go the extra mile, they just sell cars based on age old formulas that succeeded in the past.
The Corolla is through and through junk though. That whole recall thing was ridiculous. By the by, making a whole profile just to write an angry response to a comment you don't agree with? Nice.


My family has two Corolla's and they've been great to us. I think you and your obnoxious comments indicate you are an idiot.


Well, I'm just talking from things that people around me have had problems with. My friend had a Corolla, and it broke down about 2 times in 6 months. The Corolla may have worked for your family, and that's fine. I'm not trying to be obnoxious or idiotic. Just talking from personal experience, like you.


i have a 06 gs 430 love it.
still look and feel like new
lexus build very good quality cars

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