Hondas a Hot Target for Thieves

1997 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord, Civic and Toyota Camry were the most stolen and recovered vehicles of 2010, according to LoJack. That information comes from analyzing the 10,649 stolen vehicles that LoJack helped recover last year. All three vehicles were the top three in 2009, too.

Older model years — late-1990s Accords, for instance – are popular targets for car thieves, though LoJack does see a growing segment of thieves targeting newer vehicles. Popular newer vehicles include the 2007 Camry and Cadillac Escalade. Southern California, Texas and Florida experience the most larceny.

Some of these figures are pretty predicable. The Camry, Accord and Civic are some of the most popular cars sold in America (going on two decades now), and California and Texas are highly populated states.

Vehicles like the Acura Integra and Civic have been susceptible to theft for some time now. Both models are popular with street racers and car remodeling enthusiasts. Some models of the Integra and Civic have easily swappable engines; for instance, you can place the more powerful Integra powertrain into a more lightweight Civic.

The national recovery rate for stolen vehicles has reached an all-time low, according to the FBI. Only about 57% of all vehicles are recovered after being stolen. Electronic vehicle tracking systems, such as LoJack and Onstar, can help improve recovery rates. Other technological solutions such as car alarms or immobilizing devices such as a “kill switch” could help prevent theft, too.

Of course, common-sense measures such as locking your car doors and not leaving your vehicle idling unattended can prevent theft. Law enforcement and insurance companies point out that even if the doors are locked, a window can easily be broken to gain access to a running vehicle.

Continue reading below for a detailed top 10 list from LoJack:

Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Make & Model:

2010 Ranking (2009 Ranking)

1.   Honda Accord (2) 
2.   Honda Civic (1) 
3.   Toyota Camry (3) 
4.   Acura Integra (4) 
5.   Cadillac Escalade (5) 
6.   Toyota Corolla (6) 
7.   Ram pickup (New) 
8.   Nissan Altima (8) 
9.   Nissan Maxima (New) 
10.  Chevrolet Tahoe (7) 

Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicles by Year, Make & Model (Less than 5 Years Old)  

1.   2007 Toyota Camry 
2.   2009 Toyota Camry 
3.   2006 Chevrolet Silverado 
4.   2007 Cadillac Escalade 
5.   2006 Ford F-250 Series


These car manufacturers need to do more on security front.

Nice post. Keep it up. I hope you'll post more in the future. but i still love reading it again and again .


This data is useless without controlling for the number of vehicles sold. Learn your math.


@Joe - There's no need to control for anything, they're simply showing frequency of theft by make/model, not percentage.


True, but there's very little meaning in the data as it is presented. Number stolen per 100 (or 1000, or whatever) vehicles of that year/model is more useful. Looking at the list, the rate for both the Integra and the Escalade are probably significantly higher than for most of the others on the list (certainly higher than the first three on the list).


@ newrose. It's not a car manufacturer's responsibility to prevent car thefts. Manufacturers are responsible for providing a safe, reliable car and that is all. It is unreasonable to expect them to anticipate and protect against events that fall outside of their scope of responsibility.


Although I really don't understand why the rate/total would be more "useful" than the absolute number of thefts, I'm sure the total yearly sales are easy to find to figure it out yourself.


Roger. Ever really take any statistics? You don't even understand what you're saying!

@Joe: Controlling the number of automobiles sold is not only nearly impossible, but if done by the auto manufacturers themselves would be market fixing which would allow them to price fix the market. Simply not a plausible situation.
@Roger:That data would be very easy for anyone to find, if you want to determine the most stolen car based upon the percentage stolen in relation to the number sold within the us then do it. I'm sure people would appreciate the article. However this article is simply showing a list of the most stolen cars based on number stolen alone, but it does allude to the fact that perhaps some of these are most stolen because of their availability.

Honda is big, reliable and reputable company who should focus more on their car security to ensure that they continue to offer best service, quality products.

Honda is a market leader and trend setter, so they need to act quickly to maintain public confidence in Honda products.

Honda is very popular among many people and it gives many drivers much pleasure in driving Honda Car. I hope Honda will plug this hole as soon as possible.


I heard if you were to construct a Honda Accord made up of entirely Honda replacement parts, the car would cost over $60k. The parts are quite expensive which may explain why Hondas get stolen so much.

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