Want to Buy an Efficient New Car? Our Picks

As the economy slowly recovers, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is high gas prices. However, unlike the last time gas hit $4, this time around the economy has led to a boom in car sales.

We haven’t seen a dramatic shift in the types of car purchases that we saw in 2008, but gas prices have risen faster than any other time in history.

If you’re shopping for a new car and want something that will cut down your trips to the pump, here’s a list of some of our favorite cars that achieve 35 mpg or higher on the highway.

*For the Fiat 500 and Ford Focus, just one editor has driven each model. While generally positive, the review is just one opinion from our staff.

By David Thomas | March 8, 2011 | Comments (7)


Amuro Ray


A mix of questions/comments:

Camry Hybrid has 33/33, so why is it on the list? In addition, Altima should be mentioned (if Camry Hybrid is included) despite a limited roll-out.

What about Honda Insight? Is there any particular reason you folks don't like it?

Amuro Ray

Oops, sorry, I forgot to say,

What 'bou the Toyota Yaris? It's a cars.com best bet ;)

(I read your review, and do know that you personal weren't too fond of it, esp relative to Fit & Versa.)

David Thomas

Fueleconomy.gov says 35 mpg highway 33 combined.


Whatever your government website says...
My Mazda3 5Man never did less then 35MPG highway

Surely, Corolla 5Man makes over 35MPG HWY.


That Chevy Cruze eco is a great bet. Manual transmission, 50 mpg highway and looks like a regular cruze

Max Reid

Mr Amuro Ray

You are 100% correct.

At 18.2K Honda - Insight with 43 MPG more than qualifies to appear here than CR-Z which is just a 2 seater and gets mileage in high 30s.

Looks like there is a big bias against Insight just because its the only 5 seater hybrid thats under 20K.

wow..nice car very shiny and awesome ! want to have a car like that..and i still got to check the links listed....

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