Toyota FT-86 II Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show


  • Looks like: Toyota is picking black over beige
  • Defining characteristics: Lexus LF-A supercar styling
  • Ridiculous features: BMW M/Aston Martin front fender vent
  • Chance of being mass-produced: A sure thing

It’s been a long wait for a production version of the Toyota FT-86 Sports Car concept that was unveiled in October 2009. And now, finally, we have ... another concept? Toyota took the covers off an FT-86 II concept at the Geneva International Motor Show that it says gives the clearest indication yet of what the FT-86 will look like in its final design.
The FT-86 II shows off more flair than the previous concept with the addition of a gaping front grille accented by what look like LED lights. Out back, there is a more aggressive rear diffuser, and a spoiler makes its way to the deck lid. Usually the more aggressive concept leads the way to a dulled-down production version, but it seems Toyota went the other way with its FT-86.
The FT-86 is a product of Toyota’s joint venture with Subaru to build a rear-wheel-drive sports car. The 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine under the FT-86’s hood comes from Subaru. The engine and six-speed manual transmission are said to be positioned as low and far back as possible for an optimal low center of gravity to help driving dynamics.
There aren’t many details or full specs available yet, but we do know the sports car will go on sale in Europe starting in 2012. It probably will look a lot like this.



Why would Toyota (a company that has built its reputation on reliable motors) put a boxster motor (a design known for poor reliability) from another manufacturer in its first sports car in years? Wouldn't a Toyota motor be a much better choice? Has the leadership of this company been replaced with a bunch of clowns?

Dan Who

Bruh, stop the hate and enjoy the perks of the boxster. It is not perfect, but if you want a Toyota engine in a sports car, go cop a Lotus.


Boxer cos its sit so low in car , good handling


I can barely tell the back from the front.

I don't know guys...i've had a Subaru of one kind or another in my garage for over 10 years. I wish my GM and Lexus products were as rock solid as my boxer Subaru. No need for gaming, I'm just sayin...

I don't know guys...i've had a Subaru of one kind or another in my garage for over 10 years. I wish my GM and Lexus products were as rock solid as my boxer Subaru. No need for gaming, I'm just sayin...


Hey Dan,

Ask people who are into cars if they complain about Subaru Boxer engine reliability. They will tell you that the engines have never let them down(Exception is the ricer boys that keep modifying their impreza WRX STIs and that shouldn't be base for reliability data) Down side of Subaru boxer engine is slightly higher gas consumption. But this is a sports cars so I can live with slightly higher gas consumption. Congratulations Toyota and Subaru this is the kind of car I have been waiting for. I think there is no other example of this exact philosphy(Low center of gravity, light, powerful enough, exotic looking, affordable, reliable, rear wheel drive)
It may not be the best seller but Toyota won my heart again.

Ken L.

I'm glad Toyota decided to bring the Supra back, but the overall profile looks an awful lot like Nissan's 370Z and Hyundai's Genesis Coupe.


fyi its boxer not boxster. I would like to see this car get the Toyota 2GR-FSE 3.5L V6 300+ hp with a close ratio 6spd manual


How does Subaru outscore Toyota in the latest Consumer Reports study if it has unreliable engines? Finally Toyota is back in the sports car game! The Celica and tC are posers. The car looks a little too much like the LF-A from the front. It would degrade the Lexus to have a much cheaper look-alike


Somebody should tell Porsche that the boxer engines they've been putting in the 911 for the past 65 years are unreliable. Not to mention all those VW Beetles....


So is this the new Celica? I don't think the engine is big enough for a Supra. Whatever it will be, I def want 1!


@ Card13
I thought the tC was the successor to the Paseo, which never was a sports car.


The Subaru boxer is unreliable. They have had all kinds of piston and spun rod bearing issues since 2007. Subaru stopped selling the STi for a while because of so many stock engine failures.


Neither the Subaru boxer engine, nor the overall design itself, are inherantly unreliable. The flat engine design has been used in automobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes for over 80 years, far longer than any overhead cam design. Subaru doesn't make the pistons or bearings that go into their engines, they use subcontractors, and they got a bad batch; that's the way it goes. It can happen to any manufacturer at any time; at least Subaru recognized the problem and switched subcontractors.

I'm more surprised that it sounds like Subaru is going to make a vehicle without AWD.

I like it pretty much. Atleast it is rear-wheel drive and good looking....sort-of! I personally liked the first concept better. This has too much TC in the rear window. Why doesn't Toyota listen to us about product design?


This is for Dan. Dude, Subaru is known for reliability and performance. My subaru has 50K on it and it has never broken down. I replaced the battery and that was it. My brother in law has a modded 2003 WRX with a 2.0 turbo and he has never had any problems. He still has the original clutch with 130K miles!!!!

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