Toyota Expects to Have 10 New Hybrids by 2015

Prius_FamilyToyota plans to launch 10 all-new hybrid models globally by 2015, according the company’s just-released business plan.

If a previous report on Toyota’s hybrid developments is still correct, six of the 10 hybrids will go on sale by 2012, according to the New York Times. The new hybrids will include a mix of dedicated hybrids and hybrid trims of existing gasoline-powered models. It’s important to note that not all six of these new hybrids will be sold in the U.S., only “some” the Times reported.

We already know about the 2011 Lexus CT 200h and the more roomy 2011 Toyota Prius V. A new Prius for Europe and Japan was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva International Auto Show. It looks similar to the Prius V but can seat seven and features lithium-ion batteries instead of nickel metal hydride batteries. Toyota likely considers this to be a separate model.

A more compact Prius, like the Prius C concept shown above, will also likely be in the mix. A plug-in Prius capable of 13 miles of range will go on sale in early in 2012.

Toyota also said it will continue to work on pure electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles. Toyota showed an electric version of its RAV4, co-developed with Tesla Motors, at the 2010 L.A. Auto Show in November.

According to the business plan, Toyota will also further improve the fuel economy of its gas-only vehicles. Also mentioned in the plan are further efforts to position Lexus as a truly global luxury brand, emphasizing appealing designs and an emotive ride. Toyota-branded vehicle designs will also be improved.

If all goes according to plan, Toyota will have about 24 hybrid models on sale by 2015. The automaker plans to have a hybrid variant of all its vehicles by as early as the 2020s.


Ford too will have hybrids around the same number or even more. Honda is also growing with good pace. So we might have around 30-50 hybrids in 2015.


hybrids suck! The battery life is questionable, the price tag is to high and performance is terrible. Just think of all the fuel you could buy with the extra money spent on a hybrid, just so you could save fuel. Does that make any sense???????


BFW, can you provide a link to an article to back up your claim? It's been reported on this site (and others) that the Ford Escape Hybrid has been used successfully in New York and Chicago cab fleets without major battery or electrical problems--some have over 200,000 trouble-free miles on the original battery packs.


BFW clearly doesn't read. Battery life has been well proven to be over 100,000 miles, price difference is more than made up by fuel savings in just a few years (as shown earlier by, and performance is similar to gasoline models.

Lots if ignorance out there. It is the internet after all.

Max Reid

Hello BFW

An Australian Taxi Driver has already driven 340,000 miles in his Prius. Dont worry about battery.

If you want economical hybrid, theres Insight with starting price of 18,200 and it has more trunk space than a compact car. Go for it.

Have you seen the gas prices of late. It will continue to rise until US falls into recession.


Nice job toyota, and congratulations on selling a total of 3 million hybrids worldwide since 1997. Figuring an average of just $2.50 per gallon gasoline, I've saved $3,800 since I purchased my Prius 4 years ago, compared with what I would have spent for the midsize V6 sedan I traded in. I also collected a $3,200 tax credit when I purchased the car. I've read lots of disparaging comments on hybrids (like from bfw) on this site, but in the real world I'm laughing at those ninnies all the way to the bank, and the current gasoline prices are not a concern.


I get it. You are all hybrid lovers. Well you are entitled to your opinion as I am.


You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

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