Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: February 2011


The chilly weather throughout the country didn’t stop car shoppers in February. Car sales from every major automaker were up, and some like Nissan actually had record February sales last month. General Motor’s sales were up 49%.

Toyota saw sales increase 41.8% from last February when it was in the midst of its largest recall in history. While the upswing was expected, the Camry and Corolla still sold strongly overall, retaining spots in the top five.

What’s driving the boom? Increasing consumer confidence, good credit and healthy rebates on new cars all play a role. We’d like to hear from our readers if they bought a new car in February and why they did so.

The top 10 remains largely the same with the Toyota Camry taking the top spot among sedans but battling a surging Ford Fusion.

The Chevy Cruze made a strong push at 18,556 units, which is a huge number for GM’s compact sedan, but it still missed the top 10. Ford’s aging Focus (10,879) along with the new Fiesta (6,270) didn’t sell that many units combined.

*Honda Accord includes 1,710 Crosstours

By David Thomas | March 1, 2011 | Comments (33)
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I bought a car in February but it is used - 2008. I priced a new one but the body style hasn't changed and therefore the incentives weren't enough for me to buy the new versus the used. I also got a low rate that is typically a main incentive for getting a new vehicle.


Looks like rental companies bought a lot of cars in February.


I can't believe how many stupid people are out there. Toyota is making every othere Japanese automaker look bad with all there retarted recalls. Because you start seeing more people buy ugly corollas or camrys doesnt mean buy one u dumb $###. Honda should be getting all the fame or Nissan. Its like the blind leading the blind lol. Alot of retards.

DeBinder Dundett

Alex, there's a lot to be said about all those buyers who elect to buy the worst from Toyota over the best from Detroit. LOL! But, seriously, its all about consumer confidence. And for the past four decades or so, Americans have increasingly placed their faith and confidence, first in the foreign imports, and then later in the transplants. It took me 60 years to switch from buying Detroit to buying foreign, but I am very happy that I did. BTW, I am also against bailing out failed companies, corporations and industries, like the vast majority of tax-paying Americans.


Hello Kettle, this is Pot. Take it easy with your choice of words when you post.



Gm had the best overall month and even ford trounced #3 toyota last month. Toyota sales look good due to incentives and a terrible feb. 2010. Ford has retaken the #2 spot in the us and I expect it to stay that way. In addition cadillac outsold every japanese luxury brand in february.

DeBinder Dundett

Sheth, I am not taking any sides on the issue of Detroit vs Them. The sales stats do all the talking. If GM had to pay for all their expenses they would not be turning a profit, even in spite of all the 'sales' they've had recently. In order for GM to be a viable company they must sell a lot more product than they do now, and maintain those sales on a monthly basis, year after year. Kinda sorta like.... Toyota has done (in spite of all their recalls, sales stoppages and production stoppages). I do want to add that I think that GM should import a very large number of their Chinese, Korean and Australian-made product into the US, like they do their Mexican-made products. The quality is better than anything the UAW has put together. And that is a fact! (Read the observations and comments from the rating agencies, like JDP, Edmunds and KBB).


Honda still has 3 of there models on the top 10. Go Honda. Yes I agree Toyota is making other Japanese automakers look very bad. Shame on toy buyers you suck. Really dumb people out there. Open your eyes toyota is ugly just like the owners


Toyota Camry best selling car in USA 15 years in a row, and Corolla best selling car in the world, also Prius the best hibrid.


if anything sucks it would be Honda. Well built but unusable cars


Toyota has no chance Honda is to advance. Just to many idiots buying the same crap cuz they are to stupid to know there are better options out there. Honda all the way........period


Toyota builds great cars. That's why they sell. I have owned many vehicles but had the best reliability with my Toyotas. That's why I own 2.


Honda is very smart they do not have a big selection to choose from but still manages to sell very well. I love how Honda not only sells vehicles but also sells Jets,bikes,boats,ext.... even make asimo now that is an awsome robot lol anyway Honda I believe is really advance esp there fcx clarity check that baby out.


Dundett, you seem to forget the protectionism that Japan offers their own companies. You singled out GM (point taken on Chrysler) which as a company bailed out by taxpayers is in the taxpayers interest to support.

Ford on the other hand, does not go along with your criticism. They weren't bailed out, nor did they file for bankruptcy protection. Their quality has been greatly improved, and resale figures have climbed.


As to the numbers, Ford trucks are tearing it up per usual. The new Explorer is having great sales numbers so far. The Fusion is making a big move. I believe it was behind the Camry AND the Accord last month. You'll notice that the Corolla and the Civic are still up there, but if the new Focus is as good in person as it looks in pictures, then its roll out in the next couple of weeks should lead to impressive sales figures, and diminishing Japanese sales.

To America buying foreign, it's no wonder American companies have needed to go out of the country for cheap labor. How else could they possibly compete with foreign companies? While I agree that their quality used to be pretty far off, they've become much more comparable to their foreign counterparts. Quality is no longer a valid excuse for not supporting your local economy.

As always, I'll take a comparable American made car (preferably from the Big 3) so as not to send money out of the local economy. (It rarely comes back) Call it protectionism all you want, then look at how many cars the Big 3 sells in Japan. High tariffs and an attitude of 'buy Japanese only' in that country lead to negligible American car sales there. It would be hypocritical to defend one and not the other.


I'd also like to point out that Ford is making more profit per car.

So while the Japanese are offering huge incentives on their vehicles in order to move product, while reducing profit per vehicle... Ford is cleaning up per vehicle sold.

I would hardly call American boring these days. The Camry has been the most boring car on the market for years. Don't even get me started on the Civic and Accord styling!

DeBinder Dundett

upL8N8, you make valid points for your side of the argument. It does not take away that many Americans, including myself, believe that bailing out GM and Chrysler was a good thing. I differ with you on Ford because Ford was handed all sorts of preferential tax treatment, DOE loans, deferred-repayment loans, and accounting privileges that only enhanced the most capable Mr. Mulally. To say that Ford received no bail outs is a matter of perspective. But, I am not in the least bit affected by the views and beliefs of others because I have owned American brand cars and trucks up until 2007, when I switched to my first-ever foreign brand. My wife was ahead of me when she dumped her Chevy Caprice for a new 1989 Camry V6. Since then we have moved on to bigger and better things. She now drives a 2009 LS460 and I drive a 2009 Tundra 4Dr 4X4 Limited 5.7. That's what works for me, and I don't see myself ever getting back and reliving the nightmares of the past courtesy of the American auto industry.

Amuro Ray

"you seem to forget the protectionism that Japan offers their own companies"

Ah so I guess that protectionism does NOT occur here in the US by the US Gov't, *cough*chicken tax*cough*farming*cough*automobile*

"To America buying foreign, it's no wonder American companies have needed to go out of the country for cheap labor. How else could they possibly compete with foreign companies?"

What you really need is a dope slap. I guess that your Sony TV (or Panasonic, or whatever) are made in Japan...right? No! The public isn't the reason. It's the corps themselves. They need to make huge profit in order to satisfy the shareholders, in turn allowing the board of directors and CEOs to get the big fat paycheck. So either wake up and smell the coffee, or stop drinking the GM Kool-aid (always blame the customers, and not themselves). They move their production overseas due to tax incentives and super low operating costs in the developing countries. They still have their HQ here due to - are you ready? - PROTECTIONISM by the US Gov't so that they can operate free and clear in this country.

There are always duties for US to import Japanese or European cars. The fact on why US cars suck in sales in ASIA is not due to the taxes; it's due to the design. Roads are small, gasoline tax is high. As a result, most Asian countries prefer small engine displacement and small size vehicles. Sure, dump an Expedition and think that it'll sell like hot cakes in Asia. Best selling vehicles in Asia are cars like Fit, Versa, Cube, etc.

The only exception is China, although the duties are SUPER high for import brands, not to mention engine displacement and size, US cars are selling like hot cakes. Chinese gov't is doing whatever it can to fend off foreign automobiles, but people there have money and they don't care. Not true for pretty much rest of Asia.


my newly bought toyota broke. then i got a new one with the warranty. cheap while i have that one i am jelouse cuz my friend baght a ford fusion. and now that i look at it the corolla is ugly. what was i thinking?i always thought buying foreign was the right choice? or am i just bad news for cars?

DeBinder Dundett

Good points, all. But that does not take away the fact that the bail outs were the best thing that could ever have happened to the American auto industry. For the US taxpayers all the bail outs were and are a financial disaster. Without the bail outs we would not be discussing the sales of GM, or Chrysler, or even Ford. Although Ford did not receive overt bail out money, Ford enjoyed special tax breaks, special 'loans' that never have to be repaid, and special write-off accommodations, all at the expense of the US taxpayers. That's a raw deal for the Americans and businesses paying taxes in America. The 6% of workers that make up the US auto industry are kept alive at the expense of the other 94% of the tax payers. Sweet deal!


can't beleive all the dumb yanks buying gas guzzling pick up trucks again. when will you yanks ever learn


"can't beleive all the dumb yanks buying gas guzzling pick up trucks again. when will you yanks ever learn"

Learn what? Proper grammar, proper punctuation? Not sure of your point exactly.


@DeBinder, what loans did Ford get that they don't have to pay back? This is the only thing I've seen upon quick web search:

Where does it say they don't have to pay it back? It may be low interest, but they still have to pay back the principle. You'll also notice that one of their largest loans was for R&D of new technologies... which Nissan also got a part of (albeit not as much).

As to your current car selections, I find them fairly interesting. Tundra? Careful there, that one may be on the cutting room floor soon since it's selling so badly. Lexus is high quality, but is it higher than Buicks, Cadillacs and Lincolns? Maybe a bit. Enough to decide to support foreign economies instead of our own? I don't know about that.

Does 6% account for every industry that the auto-industry props up? Yes, they got a sweet deal, they got bailed out. They have to pay the money back, or at least as much as they can. You seem to forget what would happen if any of these companies were to fail. Our current 9% unemployment would be chump change right now.

Your taxes went to support these companies. If you turn around and buy a car from a foreign company, then there goes your investment... just sayin'



Sure, protectionism exists. My point was that it isn't specific to the US. You will see the same policies in foreign countries. Moreso in many cases.

Yes, the Big 3 do need to make profits, but you forget that they also need to stay in business. The less they can afford to pay domestic workers, the more necessary it is to go overseas. When they're competeing against companies who are primarily foreign labor based, and those companies are moving forward at a faster pace due to the rewards of cheap labor, it's only simple logic that the domestic companies will need to do the same in order to stay competitive.

Sure, I'll give you that it's also about huge profits, but that isn't the only reason. Especially when people are only willing to support a domestic company that builds product domestically. In this case, profits are dependant on building domestically. Don't forget, the more money that is sent out of the US economy, the less money Americans have to spend. What's our trade deficit now, 600+ billion a year? That's a lot of money to send out of the country each year that we don't get back.

Actually, I did some research on why we don't sell cars in Japan. Turns out, it isn't the Tariffs. Nor does America have tariffs on Japanese produced vehicles. It's the fact that when Domestics began trying to sell in Japan, the Japanese inspection process was not fair to imported vehicles. It was so costly, that selling in Japan became a non-worthwhile endeavor. Nowadays, with their public transit system and few automobiles, it still doesn't make sense to sell there.

As to China, their import tax was around 28% in 2006 for autos when 40% of the parts in the vehicle weren't produced in China. Super protectionism. Couldn't get a current number for 2010/2011. That's pretty substantial and is not reciprocated by the US. Luckily for us, China has yet to get their act together on building cars. If they were to build comparative products, how many cars do you think the US Domestic producers would be exporting then? Currently, even though are sales are goods, we're basically funneling a good portion of any profits for the vehicle directly into the Chinese government through these high taxes. It isn't as lucrative as it seems.


How is it possible that a small car company like Honda has THREE models on the list?Yet GM can only manage a pick-up truck and the Malibu which is only there due to rental fleet sales (I strongly suspect the same is true for the Altima).



Honda isn't a small car company. The question is how few of the other cars in their lineup do they sell.

This article points out that the Chevy Cruze was right there at 18,556 units sold. So, Chevy's top 3 vehicles out sold Honda's top 3 by ~9,000 vehicles. Add to the fact that the Silverados probably pull in a nice profit per vehicle, and you could say GM cleaned up.

This is just the top 10 best selling cars. Overall, GM and Ford are still #1 and #2 for sales domestically. GM has a lot of brands to cover all the bases. Ford has simplified their brands, and is reaping the rewards.

I've never gotten a Honda from a rental company, but I have driven plenty of Camrys.


"upL8N8" Honda is a small car company compared to GM, Ford or Toyota retard. Jealous cuz Honda sells pretty well douchebag. :) Honda #1 b####.


"Honda isn't a small car company."

Let me guess you voted for Obama.

Max Reid

Corolla's sales # includes the sales of Matrix.

Both the cars have 4-speed transmission with the mileage in low 30's and thats very obsolete by today's standards with Cruze, Elantra and upcoming Focus having 6-speed tranmission with mileage near 40 MPG.

People just look at what their friends and neighbors bought and just go for it.

Luckily both Cruze and Elantra are gaining in sales.


Honda & Obama rule :) alot of haters here Honda and Acura
is the best f###the rest


Alot of comments about foreign cars toyotas are made in America its an American product bult by Americans. the company originated in Japan and has used their business philosophy to overtake an industry the we Amricans have fallen asleep on. So if you want to suport our economy it doesnt matter what car you buy they are all for the most part made and sold in our cities and towns from coast to wake up and buy something cause thats the way it works.

I think whats' driving car sales is that people are trading in their old cars for more fuel efficient vehicles.

Sell vehicles at:


Obviously, none of you people care about resale value. Toyota along with Lexus(same company)have the best resale and track record out of any vehicle on the market regardless of recalls. If you all want to buy Ford, GM do so and lose all of your hard earned money when you trade it in.

I guess it is true what they say "You can't teach brains".


Honestly more foreign cars are made in America than American branded cars are. Let everyone buy what they like. And @ Toyota, no you are wrong about resale value there. According to ALG and KBB Subaru has the highest resale for mainstream brand and KBB says BMW for Luxury while ALG says Infinity for Luxury.... One day people will respect Subaru... one day...

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