The Saturn Vue Is Back as the 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport

2012 Chevrolet Captiva SportThis is a strange development to say the least. The somewhat popular but short-lived second-generation Saturn Vue is coming back to the United States as the 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport.

You’ll see it on the streets, but you won’t be able to buy one new, and you’ll probably see it at used-car dealerships over time. That’s because the Captiva Sport is coming for the sole purpose of fulfilling fleet orders, according to General Motors.

The Captiva Sport will be available in LS, LT and LTZ trims. All models will include 17-inch aluminum wheels, air conditioning, power windows and locks, and electronic stability control. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is optional. Up-level trims will offer features like leather seats, a rearview camera and sunroof.

The Captiva Sport is powered by a 172-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder on the LS trim and a 264-hp, 3.0-liter V-6 on the LT and LTZ trims. All models use a six-speed automatic transmission.

The Captiva is sold around the world except in the U.S. With huge demand on the retail side for the Chevrolet Equinox, the Captiva Sport fleet option could take pressure off the popular crossover in the U.S.

As far as we know, this is the only vehicle you’ll see in rental fleets that you can’t buy at a dealership. The Captiva Sport will become available to fleet customers late this year. We had thought this model may be coming, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already tested the vehicle, giving the Captiva Sport a four-star rollover rating; frontal and side crash-test ratings aren’t yet available.

Should this car be available to regular car buyers, too? Tell us in the comments below.



I don't think it should be available as a new vehicle. It would take sales away from the Equinox. Not having as many Equinox in fleets should also keep its resale value relatively high.


GM cars are fleet quality.


GM should bring back the late 90s Malibu and call it the "Classic",(even though it never will be) and sell only to fleets...Oh wait, that already happened. I bet GM has a plethora of unused Vue parts so they just changed the grill, slapped on a cheesy name and voila, now GM has a car to dump on fleets. I love GM's attempt at being green by recycling the Vue; so brilliant!


captiva sport .... haha in a fleet vehicle no way


this actually sounds like it might be a fairly nice vehicle. GM just needs to redesign those seats and this vehicle will be ready for work as Buick's small SUV as well as this application...


I would have more respect for GM if they came out with a car named GM Junk.


They should have made this a small Buick instead


It's nice to see they are still using Pontiac parts too. Those wheels are from the Torrent.


I mean, G5, not Torrent.

Troy S.

It looks like the "Old" GM is still alive at the "New" GM.

Buy this Chevrolet and you'll soon be using your "Chevro-legs" when it strands you at the closed down sa-turd dealership.


Would it be serviced through Chevy dealers I wonder?


Isn't changing the front end of a car and calling it something different part of what got GM in trouble the first time? Same car, different name...


Why not bring back the Sky or Solstice as a Chevy?

Max Reid

Equinox is 188 inches in length, Captiva is 185 inches.

Its almost a duplicate.
Instead they can bring the Pontiac-Vibe with Chevy badge.

Chevy does not have any vehicle in that range. Vibe had 22 cu. ft. cargo space which is same as Crown Vic and also had 120 volt socket. Will be very useful.

Uk Diesel Driver

This vehicle is already for sale in Europe (where the rest of Saturns also came from...)


WOW! So much talk about your average Opel


selling this in dealerships alongside the equinox would be a big mistake, but i think this is a great idea for fleet sales.

gm should expand this concept further to provide some distance between what's in their showroom and what's in the hertz lot. it would stop the complaints about fleet sales diluting private vehicle resale while still allowing access to the fleet market.


i am surprised they didn't keep the Cobalt around 4 fleet duty, have seen a few Cruze's at Avis. I do know the current 'bu will stick around as another "classic" when the new one comes out later this year.

Unlike the Vue, this chevrolet Captiva Sport’s powertrain has got options mirror those of its consumer-oriented siblings.

lee masser

I just want a new Saturn Vue.
I have had four Saturn Vues, 2002, 2004, 2007 and now 2009. Up to 100,000 on each, and never a problem with any of them.
Really sorry they are no longer available.
Don't know what my next vehicle will be, but need to do something soon.

Walter Chan

GM MUST release the Captiva Sport to retail customers because the Equinox starts at $23,500 MSRP, and Kia Sportage is only $18,900. Not competitive.


I work for Chevrolet and if you look at a Kia compared to an Equinox, its not even a contest. Sure the kia looks great Ill give it that buy why isnt their powertrain warranty transferrable? Maybe its the parts they use, they are the same as a Hyundai...literally. GM and Ford atleast make and design their own parts, its seems that Kia and Hyundai order theirs from Wal-mart. Unless you have seen GM cars come into the dealerships day after day with 200,000 miles on them you can't possibly appreciate the design and engineering of GM products.


i just bought a 2011 Chev Equinox LT with the 4 cyl. I test drove them all (Sorento, Santa Fe, Outlander, Escape, CRV, RAV4, CX7) and the Equinox 4 cyl. is by far the best ride and performance of them all.
Go Chevy!


With the added improvements, this will be a fine fleet vehicle and free up Equinox sales.And , once off of fleet use, will make a great small SUV buy for retail customers.


the captivia should be available to all buyers, they have to have a replacement for the hhr, either this, the orlando, or at least th cruze hatchback....but they have nothing. The equino is not even an option,it's to big, to ugly, to expensive, and does'nt get the economy these buyers are looking for!!!


I bought one in January 2011 same as this one branded as Holden Captiva, GMH subsidiary in Australia with a 4 cylinder engine 2.4L 4WD 5 speed automatic plus sport stick gearbox and I love it, drives like a dream, and looks very sporty and European not a box shaped on wheels. Very nice and comfortable compact SUV.


I wanted a Vue to replace my '05 Impala, but didn't act fast enough. Would love to have a Captiva!!
Maybe I'll wait for a used Fleet car....


I have owned five Saturns and my least on my 2008 VUE is up in January. I really would like another VUE. I'm all for releasing the Captiva Sport for retail. The Equinox/Terrain just FEELS too big (even though it only has 6 inches on my current VUE) and it is way more expensive than my VUE was.


Yes, please make this model available for sale in the U.S. I had a 2008 Saturn Vue and it was totalled in a car accident when someone rear ended me. I replaced this vehicle with an Equinox, which I thought was equal comparison to the Vue. I was so wrong! The Vue has a smoother ride, higher off the ground, more sporty, and just a better built vehicle.

I welcome the Chevy Captiva Sport, and I will be one of the first buyers!


It's so close to the Equinox it isn't funny. This model isn't really needed, but what is needed is a shorter wheel base version of the Traverse/Acadia. They look a little long and awkward.


I first did a double take when I saw a Vue with a Chevy label on it. I figured this out on my own. Makes a lot of sense, since the Vue was a Captiva in the first place. I test drove the latest Vue when it came out, drove great, really liked the interior. Didn't get it because I knew Saturn was kaput. All the last generation Saturns can be rebadged, why waste a decent design.


I have a Chevy Captiva in my driveway right now -- unfortunately, it's only a rental while my RAV4L gets repaired from a hit-and-run parking lot incident. I am really enjoying the Captiva. I hopped on line to check out prices/stats and am so disappointed to find out I can't buy one. It's a much smoother and quieter ride than my Rav4. I can actually hear the radio on the freeway! I'm very tall, but have plenty of head & leg room -- very omfortable. Please, GM, make this available for sale to the general public.


Just bought 2008 Saturn Vue RX for my parents. I was driving it from Miami to Jacksonville. This car is just perfect and I agree it is better then Chevy Equinox. It is simply because it is a German engineered car. It also known as a Opel Antara.I saw at least 3 Captivas in Miami when on my way to Jacksonville. I am looking at buying Chevy Captiva from rental company.

Dan Sagan

Vue was one of the greatest designs from Saturn/GM.Would love to buy a Captiva


I actually just rented the Captiva Sport in LS form with a 172-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder in Orlando, FL this past week nearly brand new. I was actually impressed by this car. The cloth seats were the nicest I had ever seen, the car's handling was pretty sporty, and the acceleration was pretty good as I was able to merge into the fast moving I-4 traffic without much trouble even with a full load of suitcases and four on board. Gas mileage in the Orlando downtown traffic gave me about 22 mpg, and on the highway maxed out just over 30. I drove it for 330 miles over that week, and I actually liked the car. I have owned Japanese and German cars, and this actually came close to matching them (lower end, of course as this was not the top of the line model). Would I consider it in the cold NE snow? Definately. Not a bad car at all.


I too rented the Chevy Captiva in Orlando this past weekend and also enjoyed it. My husband liked it so much he was researching the specs for potential purchase. This vehicle had the smoothest ride I've seen in quite some time and decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder SUV. The bells and whistles were also nice for what I would suspect the retail value to be. Hopefully they will put this car on the market, we're looking for a new vehicle!


We rented the Captiva in Orlando on vacation a couple weeks ago Really nice looking car, sporty and comfortabe.
Smooth riding and great gas mileage. Not too big, not too small. Researched on line when back from Vacation only to find this car is not available yet. Even called the Chevy dealer. He said he thought the cost would be comparable to Equinox. Although he wasn't sure. Definitely interested to find out more.

Al Reijmer

We leased a 2009 Saturn Vue VR AWD with the V6, which is identical to the 2012 Captiva. The lease recently ended and the residual purchase option was too high for a discontinued brand/vehicle. It was a great vehicle for the 3 years we leased it with nearly 50K miles driven when we turned it in. GM/Chevrolet is making a mistake by not selling this vehicle to individual consumers. It would not hurt Equinox sales, but it would help them save market share for GM against Chrysler, Ford, and the Asian competitors. But that's the problem with GM, they often make very poor sales/marketing decisions, hence their losing marketshare against the above mentioned competitors.


Keeping what sells (even if re-badged) and dumping what doesn't. That's just smart business sense. How do all you haters feel about re-badged Toyota corollas being called Lexus'es? "oh, but that's different"

Chris Parise

I just rented one in Harrisburg PA from Enterprise. Its actually more roomy than my GMC Envoy XL SLT. The 6 speed auto with the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder is very responsive and using the cruise here in the foothills it behaves like a much larger displacement motor with very minimal downshifting.
If you hate GM, nothing will convince you, but if you like domestic automobiles like me, you might enjoy it. I would definitely consider buying one if I was in the market for a cross over.

GM Fanboy

Jul 30, 2011 1:12:08 PM
I work for Chevrolet and if you look at a Kia compared to an Equinox, its not even a contest. Sure the kia looks great Ill give it that buy why isnt their powertrain warranty transferrable? Maybe its the parts they use, they are the same as a Hyundai...literally. GM and Ford atleast make and design their own parts, its seems that Kia and Hyundai order theirs from Wal-mart. Unless you have seen GM cars come into the dealerships day after day with 200,000 miles on them you can't possibly appreciate the design and engineering of GM products."


You work for Chevy, of course you are biased.

Hyundai and Kia are the same company, just like Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, etc.

GM engineering is garbage. Don't believe me? Check Consumer Report, JD Power, and TrueDelta for long term reliability studies. Hyundai and Kia outrank them overall.


Hi, Well I just rented the Chevy Captive last week-end to look at a college for my daughter. We loved the car. I am on line just to find out more about the car. It seemed that every time we tried to find out what we were driving all they could tell us is it was Chevy's new mid-SUV. I drive a rave 4 and I like my car but this car really is spacious and rides smooth. Someone cut me off and I swerved.I became a bit nerves but the car came back very easy. It was a joy to drive and It is bigger than my car so I found myself being safer when driving a car a bit bigger. I believe it only got 20 miles to the gallon.


Bravo GM. We purchased a 2008 Saturn Vue with the small V-6 and love it. Have the AWD and it is great in the snow. Will buy another one from Chevrolet or whomever sells it. Get good mileage and it is a dream to drive.


I rented this car this past week while in Texas. I was looking for a new car and I was so excited about Captiva. I came home to research the price of this vehicle just to find out it was not available for individuals sales yet. It drove well and had nice space. I really appreciated that since I'm big and tall.

The Captiva has been around in Latin America since 2008. It was built side by side with the Saturn Vue in Mexico. When Saturn went away the Captiva kept going. GM understanding that Brazil the largest Latin American market was about to limit auto imports from Mexico, therefore needed to find another market for this car to be able to keep full production in the Mexican plant. So now we see the Captiva here in the U.S. but only in fleet sales, since it doesn't fit into the current U.S. product and marketing strategy for Chevy.

Hector Martinez

They should make the Captiva available for sale. Know many that like it better thant the Equinox and may go outside GM because they want an alternative to the Equinox. GM hurts itself by not offering it to all.


Hello all,
I live in France and just decided to sell my 2008 Dodge Journey R/T which i've been very happy with (although a little sluggish and not 4wd)to buy the new "european" 2012 captiva ltz 2.2 VCDi(diesel) 184bhp AWD. I test drove it before making my decision and it felt well built(in Korea) with all the mod coms one can wish for (this is the top model)and the engine looks more than powerful to get the nearly 2 tons car going...the Hyundai Santa fé was my other possible choice but i simply fell in love with the look of the captiva, especialy in pearl white!
The only question mark is the reliability and fuel consumption but with a 3 year full warranty i should be ok. I'll post later on with my initial thoughts when my new car arrives from Korea!!! July.

Bill Cosby Jr.

GM is doing fine now. Stop hating on them come on. I would recycle all my leftover parts too, where else would they go. I believe the guy that said Toyota is a Lexus which is right. I know you guys see that ugly cookie cutter 02 or 03 Corolla ppl are always driving in. That's why I have a Saturn because I'm tired of seeing foreign cars taking over. All these old ppl with a Honda CR-V GOSH they got tricked...

holly traynor


holly traynor


holly traynor



Just rented one in Orlando. It was a 4 cylinder model with 8k miles. Was not too happy with gas mileage. 7 days of hotel/park commute (15 mins each way) caused to fill up tank twice. May be 6 cylinder model is more forgiving. The car definitely needs more power. Other than that looks like a solid car. Quiet, good handling, great interior and plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

Agree with GM to keep captiva for rental fleet only so it does not dilute the value of other models.

holly traynor

we rented a V 6 only used 3/4tank of gas in nine days drove all over as far as deluting other models, it doesn't look like the gas gusslers are getting moved too fast WE looked at what they had in the lots and I see the best gas milage they do is 16 miles to the gallon already have a chevy silvarado that does that dont't need another


The current Malibu will stay around as the 'classic' for fleets...& the Toyota Yaris sedan is currently only for fleets....

Lisa L.

I have a 2009 VUE. I got into a very bad accident just weeks after i got the SUV brand saved my life. It had $11,000 damage but because the air bags didn't deploy (they didn't malfunction, it was because the way I was hit) the car wasn't "totalled" and instead I got it fixed. I was leary about driving it after because how bad it was but they did such a great job, here I am almost 3 yrs later and no problems with it at all. Smooth drive & isn't seeing the auto shop except for oil changes! GM...bring out the Captiva for anyone to buy! When I'm ready to go new again I'll be considering the Captiva first!!!! LOVE MY VUE!!!


I have had 2 Saturns and my current is a a 2003 Vue. I love my Vue and should have brought one before they were gone. I own the V6 FWD and I'm torn about what I will drive when the time comes to get a new vehicle. I did not care for the Equinox but when I heard the old VUE was making a return appearance under the name Captiva I was happy that my problem was solved until I found out it would be sold as fleet sell. Now I'm back to square one. I was mad that GM decided to eliminate Oldsmobile, Pontiac and then Saturn, all brands I've owned and enjoyed but to release a vehicle that was popular to alot of Saturn customers and not make it available to them makes me even more disappointed. I will more than likely not purchase another new GM product. They have made sure to keep in contact with their Saturn owners but have failed to provide a vehicle replacement for the VUE. Captiva would have been the answer.

Lou Skunt

I thin GM just needs to stop making crappy vehicles completely. That includes the crap Corvette.


I believe that GM /Chevy needs to make the Captiva available to all, not just fleets. The Sonic is a piece of junk made for GM by Daewoo. The Cruze, Captiva and Holden Caprice would round out the "C" names in the Chevy Line up. I almost forgot about the Colorado. The Captiva is a small CUV which will probably attract women and senior buyers back to Chevrolet.


Shame on GM for not selling the Captiva at dealers. Seen how many Saturn Vue's on the road? This was the only small SUV GM had that was better looking than the Honda CRV. The upcoming 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is going to hurt the Equinox. Good luck GM.


For what it's worth these are all German Engineered cars for the most part - Saturn has shamelessly rebadged Opel's cars in the last Generation. The difference is Chevy gives you a Bland interior while the Saturns literally just had a label change...SAturn Vue - Opel Antara, Saturn Aura = Opel Kadett, Saturn Astra = Opel Astra...
PS: I love my 2010 Saturn Vue! It is nowhere near POS as my 2009 Jeep Patriot - which we traded in at 50k miles because it was in the shop every month!

Cliff Ledoux

I have a 2008 Saturn VUE XR FWD with 47,000 miles. It's a really great SUV and getting 19 MPG (combined city/highway.) The VUE XR is so nice (in all ways) that it should have been a Cadillac. The interior of the one Captiva that I have seen was quite inferior to the VUE XR. Maybe that will change and I do hope they become available new to U.S. car buyers.

B-B Geev

YES - We have a 2009 VUE XE with 3.0 honda engine. EQUINOX IS UGLY-Much better quality in old Saturn

George Knight

I have a great 2008 Saturn Vue and would have a new Captiva on order if they were available to the general public. Please GM ! I want one.


I have owned vehicles made by Ford, GM, Honda (motorcycle), Nissan and Volvo. The Nissan and Volvo are the only ones that went well over 200K miles. I work on mainly Ford and GM vehicles in my line of work and they are the main reason I now drive a Toyota.


Yes it should be available, as the last generation Saturn Vue was 100% better than the current Equinox. They should put it into fleets and let the public have the Captiva. I was saving up to buy a Vue when GM pulled the plug on Saturn.

Dave In NY

I owned a 2008 Saturn Vue XR FWD and I have to tell you, of all the vehicles I've owned in my life (and it's been a lot), the Vue was my favorite car. It was the perfect size for me and the V-6 engine had plenty of power plus it handled great. The only complaint I had about it was the gas mileage. When I saw a Captive on the streets of my city recently I had to do a double take. I thought it was a Vue with a Chevy badge on it. If GM offers the Captiva for sale to the general public, I'm buying one!


I wrecked my mom's 2003 Impala last week, so we just rented a Chevy Captiva for a weekend trip to Dallas, it was honestly one of the best "feeling" SUVs I have ever driven. It was comfortable, the fit and finish was some of the best I have seen from GM (and I am not really a GM fan), the 4 cyl accelerated decently (after taking it off ECO mode) and everyone really enjoyed it. The only problem we had was when we hit a hard downpour, the car wanted to spin tires and hydroplane a bit, even with the traction control; however I don't know if that was more a failure of the traction control system, the tires on the car, the pavement, or a combo of all 3. Once we got through that it was smooth sailing. When we got back home I too found out that you can't buy one of these at a dealer. My mom loved it so I told her the Equinox is probably the closest thing to it, but from some other comments on here I am not sure I want to go that direction. May look at getting one of these from Enterprise when they eventually go on sale, but unfortunately we really need another car sooner than later.

K. Green

Oh... I was so sad when GM got rid of Saturn. That has been the my favorite car hands down. I am a huge GM fan and have NEVER had any problems with any of my GM cars.
I really wanted a VUE and never got the chance to buy a new one.
PLEASE sell this to the public. I will be one of the first in line. :)


I have a Saturn Vue and I love the vehicle. My mom has a Equinox and she love how my Vue drives smoother than her Equinox. I wish GM would listen to the consumer but they won't. If they don't give the buyers a chance to buy the Captiva at the dealerships I just might go stop buying GM all together.

Norm stewart

I just finished driving a rental captiva for a couple of days and I own a 2008 Vue. The captiva is much different. Better ride, more comfortable seats , better milage and just all around a nicer car. Dont get me wrong I love the Vue except for the hassle of getting parts and service but I would trade my Vue for a Captiva in a heartbeat.

Maryann Youngman

I have a 2004 VUE, I love it. Need to bring the Captiva out to the general public here in the USA. I have driven the Equinox & did not like the way it drove. I want a new car!


I saw two Captiva's in the last three days. I like the look of the vehicle, reminds me of the Saturn Vue.


I've seen this car on the road, and I want one. It looks nicer than the Equinox or Traverse in terms of its exterior. I'm really disappointed that it's not available to single-car buyers.

scott wenger

Actually, there's another car right now that is being rented... but can't be purchased in the configuration it's being rented in. It's the new base Volkswagen Passat 2.5L S. It can't be purchased in the US with an automatic - unless you add a package with alloy wheels.
But if you're a rental car company, you can get the base Passat S with hubcaps and an automatic transmission.


would love a captiva - just the right size - equinox is too big now - when they first came out, it was the right size then it grew a little bigger and i don't like that size - captiva is just right - please sell to public


I owned a 08 Saturn vue and fell in love with it. My husband deployed and we had to cars, this was a difficult descion to get rid of the vue, however his truck was paid off. I was out and about and saw a Chevy Captiva. And I was in awe of this vehicle.. Been looking up all the info and trying to find it. Chevy needs to bring it to dealers bc they would sell it like crazy. Even though they have an equinox the Captiva is a little more compact in size so there wouldn't be a huge competition. Looking forward to seeing more on the road and hopefully at dealerships soon. Please and thank you!!!


My husband and I are currently looking at an Equinox. We currently have 2 cars, but 3 drivers in our family. We carpool to work and today he saw what he thought was an Equinox. Turns out it was a Captiva. I was very interested in the Vue when we started our search, but with it no longer on the market, I bypassed looking further. I called my local dealer this am inquiring when the Captiva would be released to dealers (in MN), but was told they have no eta. Bummer!


We rented one in Tampa Bay. And we really like the size and the ride. We looked into getting one an saw it was not available here in US. we are in the market for a crossover SUV and if it were available we would probably get one.


I saw one of these last night while actually test driving another vehicle. I loved the look of it so tried to find out why it wasn't an option on the Chevy website. I have driven a Pontiac Bonneville for 23 years (2) with 237,000 on the first and 188,000 on the one I drive now. Am frustrated that I can no longer purchase a Pontiac. We are very staunch GM people. My husbands first Chevy truck had over 300,000 miles and he gave it to a friend for a wood truck and it is still going. I have decided I would like to switch to an SUV, however, do not really like the big boxlike look of the Equinox, so I would love to be able to buy a looks like exactly the vehicle I am looking for. Please make it available soon!


If this has the Honda V6 that the Vue had then I say bring it. Looks much better than the Equinox.

Have two 2009 Saturn Vue's. Saw the Captiva at church and got some hope for eventually replacing the BEST suv my wife and I have ever owned. Just hope the rentals hit the used car market in decent shape. Equinox is NOT
a step up, it is big and expensive. Chevy needs to just release the Captiva to retail. They would be surprised at sales.

bane kan

Saturn vue is an excellent vehicle, the best GM crossover, I have no idea why they stopped to make the best appealing vehicle on the market. All other SUVs are just a copy ot this OPEL Antera model made many years ago. I have Vue model 2009, and Venza 2011 and Saturn Vue is better. Only improvement could be 6-speed automatic transmission for 2,4l engine. Yes GM, return Saturn Vue on the market ASAP.


Yes it should be. It's cutier at.starts at a lower price.

We had a brand new Captiva last week as a rental at Dollar in Richmond at the airport. It was a very nice ride with plenty of room and great handling. It was the V6 and my only negative comment would be I was a little disappointed in the mileage, only 20 - 21 MPG. Otherwise it was a good experience and it should be made available to everyone.


GM has got to get their collective heads out of their asses!!! They have made some of the STUPIDEST decisions. 1 - Making the HHR a limited run!! Not only should it be continued but evolved. Make it AWD!! 2 - Not giving the people the opportunity to buy the Captiva. I saw one on the road and followed it to get the name. I really liked it; especially now when I found out all the variations there are. WE WANT IT!!!!


In a word? Yes. Though I really wish it had retained the Saturn badge. Lightweight but surprisingly durable, my '02 Vue has cracked 150,000 miles and is still going strong for my In-Laws.


I have already seen two in my chiago land area in gray. thought they were canadian models


Absolutely! I have a Saturn Vue and love, love, love it! I have people ask me all the time where I got it because they would like that vehicle. I sadly have to tell them that Saturn vehicles are no longer made. I'm so glad to see that this vehicle has not disappeared and may continue to be made!!!!


I rented a 2012 Captiva for 10 days and drove from CT to Florida with three kids. When I returned from vacation, I did not want to return the Captiva to the rental company and go back to driving my dodge grand caravan with 200,000+ miles on it. The Captiva was excellent to drive. Everyone was comfortable and there was plenty of room for our luggage. Gas mileage was surprising good. I was very disappointed to hear that this is only sold as a fleet vehicle. I would definatley buy a Captiva if they were available to the public. GM really needs to rethink what they are doing maybe someone from GM will read all these posts and make the smart decision to make the Captiva available to the public.


I rented one of these in Oakland last month and then drove it 1500 miles in a week on a family vacation. I was very impressed with it. It had good power, good economy, handled well on mountain roads, and was roomy on the inside. Never had a single problem, either.

Mark Mc

I just bought the Equinox LTZ. I had previously owned 5 different Hyundai's and had many bad experiences with Honda's so I shocked everyone when I bought my chevy. By far the best car I test drove and better gas mileage then my Tucson ever got. As for the Captiva I think they keep it as a fleet car. I hate when a brand has WAY to many individual cars to choose from and Chevy has plenty of SUV's to view.I mean why add a TRACKER to the label?


i've seen one or two on used lots....


Not a lot of love for Captiva in the comments, but I love my Saturn Vue and dread the day I have to move on. I don't buy new, so when I'm ready if one of these Captiva's are available I'm definitely going to pounce on it.

Bill Peisert

Saw a Captiva in my work parking lot today and couldn't believer my eyes. I had a 2008 Vue XE and I loved that car. Traded it in for the new Hyundai Veloster which I also like due to the mileage. The Vue got a very respectable 26 MPG but with the Veloster I get 36-38, but not near the cargo space. I like both and really miss the Vue.




I just rented one in Philadelphia. Actually like it. When they told me I had a Captiva I had to ask what was it - thought it was an Opel (but I guess that's the Antara in Europe). It drives well, and is fairly well equipped (base LS model) and adequate power, and comfort. I agree that GM should make it available at retail - probably a competitor to the Ford Escape (including the new model coming out), Nissan Rogue, and maybe even the Honda CRV/Toyota RAV4. GM has definitely made great strides. And it is apparently made here (or at least Canada - the one I rented has a VIN starting with "2")


Just got one from Avis in Mobile. Very nice. Much, much quieter than my '08 RAV4. Fit, finish, power, and overall quality very good. When I googled to see what it cost is how I wound up here. Only complaint is I cannot get my golf clubs in the back from side to side as I can in the RAV. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it is.


I have a 2012 Captiva LT 6cy in my drive right now! It's a rental as my 02 Impala, which I love, is in need of repairs. I also love this Crossover SUV. It is so smooth driving, on turns it's great. Doesn't drive like a bigger car that it is.It does need some a few modernizations like blinkers on the side view mirrors etc. sweet ride on the freeway. I'd love to own a Captiva. My folks, both in their 80's loved it also. The Captiva is the only car I'd drive than my Impala. My Impala saved my life, & I trust no other, but the CAptiva made me feel very secure and comfy. I have major back problems, but the drivers seat gave me no pain at all on a long drive. I just love it~!


I have driven a Saturn SL1 for 17 yrs & my husband has driven his for 16--they have been virtually problem-free. Really wanted a Saturn Vue to be my next car--maybe I can find a Captiva in a yr or so!


I love the Saturn Vue. Every time I see one on the road it catches my eye. I would love to buy a new one, but obviously not possible. I saw a Captiva on the road today and THAT caught my eye. I would love to buy one, but admit that when I saw the Captiva I wondered why this vehicle would be necessary with the Equinox already in the portfolio. So, I would say for GM, thumbs down on selling to consumers, but as a consumer, I'd love to get my hands on one!

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