Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Lexus CT 200h

Reader Review

“First Time Hybrid Owner” from Rhode Island is probably also one of the first people to purchase a Lexus CT 200h. The model is new for the luxury brand and only went on sale at the beginning of this month. Despite some initial concerns that the model wouldn’t fit work for First Time, this reader is so far pleased with the gas mileage and luxury accoutrements. To find out more, continue reading First Time’s review below.Once you’re done, you can share your comments with us here.

2011 Lexus CT 200h
"Traded in an Infiniti FX45. I loved the growling engine and power the FX offered ... the Lexus CT 200h offers neither.

"With that said, I've cycled through a few tanks of gas and get 37/38 mpg driving aggressively and about 40 mpg driving normal. I'm confident as I drive the car a bit longer I'll be able to get a better feel for driving the hybrid and push better mileage.

"The Lexus CT 200h certainly doesn't have the power I'm used to, but as I learn to drive it I'm finding it has some pep in Sport mode (having different driving modes is an added bonus). It handles beautifully and the interior cabin is awesome.

"Initially, I wasn't sold on the faux leather and hatchback style, but truthfully, the faux leather is nice and the hatchback is very European-looking, plus the seats fold down completely or just one folds down ... perfect for skis or boards.

"I'm reading some reviews online and some people say the CT 200h is an overpriced Prius. I beg to differ. Go drive a Prius, a Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid like I did and you'll never want to get out of this car!"



That is right. I consumption is high. I drive normal and came also only to 37mpg.
And the official one is 59mpg. What can I do?
What make I false, but I will come form A to B ....
Some hints??
i.e. is it good, that i drive the last 1mile to my home with only Electro??

Zeke Pennington

I am new to the sales team at Lexus, and I sold the first two CT's that came to our store. One of my customers went on a 1600 mile road trip, and only filled up 3 times and it costs less than 35 to fill up each time. The other customer has been sending me picture text of him getting 51-60 mpg with his CT. Maybe it is b/c I coached him correctly on how to utilize the 4 different driving modes, But I would have to say that the CT is by far one of the best handling and impressively designed cars out on our lots today. I ask you to go and compare the drive against other hybrid models, and you will find yourself coming back like all the other customers, that is if you are a value buyer, that also enjoys aggressive looks and great gas mileage, without sacrificing performance and peace of mind. I currently drive a bimmer, and can't wait to get the CT once it's available for employees to drive. Again, this info is only based on real customers of mine, and my own personal experiences with the car.

Max Reid

Hello CT200h owner.

Yes the seat folding flat is 1 of the conveniences in a hatch that you cannot do in a sedan. Thats why HS250h did not sell in higher #.

You accelerate to the given speed limit and maintain at that speed and you will get a good gas mileage. Normally we tend to go much faster and then apply brakes which is bad for both engine and brakes and also consumes more gas.

I got 60 MPG last week in my Prius : Gen-2 model.

Enjoy the driving.

Ken Woodruff

Haven't driven it yet, but I took my wife to see them in the showroom and she said that it should be her next car!


You have to ask yourself if a small hatchback that costs 35K is worth it. Not for me. I drove the CT and the drivetrain was extremely smooth. The seats were great and the handling was competent. Not really a fun driving car. Along with its small size, the ride is not up to Lexus standards. A prius is a much better riding car with lots more interior space - for a bunch less money. Plus the Prius gets 7 mpg more than the CT.

Max Reid


We cannot compare a Luxury Make with Regular Make.

CT200h will compete against Benz C series, BMW 330, Audi A4 and all these vehicles cost more, give less mileage and have less cargo space. Compared to them, CT200h is a Buy.


CT200h does not compete with the cars you mention. It's not a competitor to the 3 series, c class or a4. It competes with the A3. It's a nice looking cramped car that rides rough and gets good mileage. The Chevy cruze eco rides better, gets 42 mpg highway for just over half the money. I don't give a hoot about branding I look at the actual vehicle. Prius makes more sense for all but the young status seekers who will lease the CT because it's the cheapest Lexus.

I think you all are forgetting that the Prius is one of the ugliest cars on the road.


Nearly 3 million Prius owners don't care what you think.


It's always goofy to hear people say, " you can't compare those two cars.. they're from different categories..." -but, actually, you CAN. We're currently deciding between a Jetta TDI wagon, a Mazda 3 SkyActive, a Prius, a used 328it and the CT 250h. Period. I'd never compare it to an Audi because I've only heard crap stories about them. And comparing to a 1-series is out, since trunks aren't my gig. So, yes, you can compare any car to whatever car you want to. FUN!


One more thought about the CT vs the Prius. The way WE would buy either of them, we'd absolutely want non-fabric heated seats, a sunroof, and ideally dual-zone heating. Don't care about nav, but to get the Prius into the leather/heated seats/sunroof zone, you have to get nav, and compared to the CT we'd buy, the Prius is only about $300 less than the Lexus. So... they are definitely comparable and the Prius sounds a bit spendy (with no dual-zone, no power driver's seat and no Lexus loaners etc..)


Pickles, I'd love to know which car you decided on. Did you also try out the Fusion Hybrid?


I found a loaded out CT for $23,999 (Retail is over $28k), it's close to the price of a base '11 Prius. So why not get a loaded out Lexus?? I drive 80 miles a day in a Mazda6 (24mpg). Only driving this because I had to sell my S2000 (had a baby) 23mpg but the fun factor out weighed the mpg. I'm looking to curb my need for speed with a hybrid and I really want to get better mpgs without driving a prii..I haven’t even set foot in a CT, but from research it sounds solid. Yes it's slow, the ride is firm. But the looks...OMG...amazing...

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