Pickup Truck Tailgates Prone to Quick, Easy Theft

TailgateHood ornaments and alloy wheels are commonly known as attractive targets for thieves. If you're a pickup truck owner, add tailgates to the list. In the Detroit area, this utilitarian truck end has become the item of choice for many thieves, according to the Detroit News. The thefts often happen in clusters and have increased in frequency over the past seven years.

A random search of local police blotters shows such thefts are common. Many blotters have reports of tailgates taken off of brand-new trucks at dealerships. There are also reports of thieves caught trying to resell the stolen wares.

One advantage for the thieves is it doesn’t take long to steal a tailgate – just a few seconds or a few minutes if the tailgate is locked. Taking a tailgate doesn’t often require tools, either. The quick speeds make tailgate-napping an often elusive crime. We even found a story where thieves stole a tailgate while the driver was in his truck.

Tailgates can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as $3,600 for those with backup cameras and other accessories, according to the Detroit News. The average tailgate costs $1,200 to replace. Typically, thieves try to sell their loot on websites like Craigslist for a few hundred dollars.

Tailgates join hubcaps as easy target for thieves (The Detroit News)

By Colin Bird | March 28, 2011 | Comments (10)
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The funny part is that they probably selling to the same guys they stole it from


I was just about to say that Tony. I can't think of any reason to buy a Tailgate unless mine got stolen or was damaged, and given where the bumper rides above the ground on most trucks, damaged isn't very likely I'd think.

If we're talking newer trucks, mine being an 02 F150 that has key lock for tailgate. Do most truck tailgates have key locks? Of coarse another issue is to use it.


Tailgates dont all have locks due to costcutting at the manufacturer level.They should have all been locking all the way back to the 1970s...

Someone stole two tailgates from my dealership in one night.

Wondering if a specific brand thing that got cheap. Now when I drive I'll be looking at new tailgates to see got cheap.

tim ault

Locking the tailgate does not stop it being stolen. The article even says that in it.


add a lame sticker or somthin to your tailgate, takes work to remove it so they usually skip it and go to the next one.


CALL TEXT EMAIL 702 666 392eight

Selling like new Chevrolet Colorado LT White Tailgate(s) that I inherited from my In-Laws.
These tailgates were stored as replacement parts for company work trucks.
They are Like New but include some small road debris and/or general moving scuffs from being relocated within the company. Photos of explained damage upon request can be sent.

I have a total of 3 tailgates as of 11/20/14 and would love to show any of them.

Selling for 250 each. Will take 650 for all 3

The link provided shows you standard price for a primed tailgate with no parts.


CALL TEXT EMAIL 702 666 392eight

Fits the following Chevrolet Colorado Years:
2009-2012 | 8 Cyl 5.3L | LT
2008-2012 | 5 Cyl 3.7L | WT
2007-2012 | 5 Cyl 3.7L | LT
2007-2008 | 5 Cyl 3.7L | LS
2006 | 5 Cyl 3.5L | LT, WT
2004-2006 | 4 Cyl 2.8L | LS
2004-2005 | 5 Cyl 3.5L | Sport LS, Sport, Z71 LS, Z71, Z85 LS, Z85
2004 | 5 Cyl 3.5L | Base, LS

How much does a new tailgate usually cost? Ours was already worn down but, this last week, it totally fell off. We tried to put it back on but, it just didn't work. We don't need one at the moment but, we will need it more down the road.

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