Next-Generation Chevy Colorado Revealed


The small-truck market isn’t what it used to be, with Ford and GM focusing new development for the pickups on overseas markets. Today, Chevy revealed its next-generation Colorado small pickup in advance of the Bangkok auto show.

The truck shown above and detailed on is what is called a “show car.” It’s extremely close to production in terms of exterior design, but there would likely be tweaks to the interior fit and finish and materials, if not layout.

Why so much digital ink for a vehicle going on sale in Thailand next year?’s sources say it will eventually go on sale in the U.S.

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Looks pretty good. If it gets better milage (like the Equinox) I would probably get one.


looks a little long in the nose, like the photo was stretched a little. i like the smooth lines over the current design. i'll withhold further judgement until i see the interior, as that's really where i feel the current truck fell short.

Matt C

It reminds me of the Honda Ridgeline or what the Ridgeline should have been.


I like the front, just not the back. or at least what i can see of it


I am not the biggest Chevy fan, but I like it. I wish Ford would build a new generation Ranger for the U.S. market.


Revive the "El Camino" name (I never did like "Colorado") and I'll place my order for one today!


Looks like a nice evolution for the small pick-up family. Just glad to see GM is not giving up on this segment. Maybe both GM and Ford will continue to offer their next generation Colorados and Rangers to us Yanks. Hope it will be no later than 2012.


Looks like an Equinox up front; does that mean it's BASED on the Equinox (unibody/front drive/extremely fuel efficient?) Considering how poorly the current Colorado has sold, that might be a winning recipe for Chevy.


there is nothing 'extremely fuel efficient' about unibody when you add the weight and power necessary to perform the same tasks as a body-on-frame suv or truck.

take the ridgeline. it's a unibody crewcab truck with a v6 that achieves fuel economy numbers worse than the toyota tacoma or chevy colorado.

ridgeline (AWD / ato / 250hp V6) 15/20mpg
tacoma (4WD / auto / 236hp V6)16/20mpg
colorado (4WD / auto / 242hp I5)16/21mpg

keep the rugged body on frame design and put the money into the transmission and interior!


...and i'm not saying any of the above numbers are good, as V8-powered full sized trucks achieve 15mpg city and 20+mpg highway these days....i'm saying that the small truck segment (due to it not being the cash crop) does not get the development money it needs to seperate itself effectively from the full sized crowd...


Wow, hello Malibu truck. What inventive styling. Still not as poor as the Cruze though.


If they sell it here, I'll buy it! This is what the current Colorado should have been all along...

Matt C

@ Cody,

I think if they spent a little more time trying to differentiate from the larger segment, I think there would be a cash crop for these trucks. There are plenty of small businesses that need a small fuel efficient hauler.

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