New Jeep Liberty Coming in 2012, Dodge Nitro Uncertain

2011 Jeep Liberty

With a mostly fresh lineup of 2011 vehicles over at Jeep, the only odd man out is the Liberty. It’s still an important model for Jeep — its third best-seller — so we weren’t surprised to see that a new Liberty will be coming in 2012, according to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing by Chrysler. That’s an advancement of one year from the expected 2013 launch, which Chrysler presented under its five-year product plan in late 2009.

Other tidbits of information include Chrysler’s desire to have start-stop technology in 90% of its North American offerings by 2017. We reported on other developments like a new Dodge Viper for 2012 and a nine-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel-drive sedans in 2013 in an earlier post.

For 2011, the Jeep Liberty received some minor updates, including a new steering wheel, and a price cut, which we’ve covered. A 70th Anniversary Edition Liberty is also available. The 2011 is shown above.

If Chrysler’s earlier product plan presentation is still accurate, a new Dodge Nitro is still under consideration; otherwise, the current model will likely be discontinued after the 2011 model year.

By Colin Bird | March 3, 2011 | Comments (12)



They need to bring back the original Cherokee design for this. The simple box design is timeless and undeniably Jeep. The current Liberty is a joke. Next to the Wrangler, the early 80's-2001-ish??? Jeep Cherokee shape always looked the best and would have been even better if Chrysler kept up with the interiors.


Ho Hum Liberty. Send this model along with the Compass & Patriot to the Jeep heap. They do nothing for JEEP's DNA.


i actually like the current liberty styling. the only thing it really needs is a new interior and updated powertrains, to include a fuel efficient 4-cyl engine. hopefully the next liberty loses some weight. i wish they could bring back the diesel!


The Liberty looked MUCH better with round headlights. It fit the brand better than this square eyed heap.


I loved the old Cherokees XJs. A simple and rugged car.

I like the new liberty, it brings back the squareness... I hated the cuteness of the round Liberty... another crazy idea by Daimler, trying to sell them to suburban women.


My '98 Cherokee has 200k on it and I will probably have to break down and get a new car soon. For anyone at Chrysler who still thinks the Liberty is a "chick" car - this chick ain't buying it. I wish I wish they'd bring back the Cherokee - otherwise, I'm leaning toward a GMC Terrain at this point in time. Wish you guys would ditch the wimpy vehicles and stick to your core - Wranglers, Cherokees & Grand Cherokees. Nothing annoys me more than a Compass with an "It's a Jeep Thing..." sticker - ummm - no, it's not and you clearly missed the point.

chuck wilson

Please bring back the jeep cherokees! My wife uses these on her mail route. Its the only jeep we have had good luck with. We have an 01 w/300,000 miles and a 96 w/200,000 miles , both RHD jeeps. They are still going.

jim brooks

had three Cherokees, drove the 2010 Liberty, nice but footwell is way too small and just doesn't have that Cherokee feel. We have had six Jeeps in the last twelve years and wife worked at a dealership...hands down, largest complaint and question most often asked: Is Chrysler going to bring back the Cherokee? With the financial struggles the automaker has faced, bringing back the Cherokee in even just a limited run, would sell like crazy...I would buy one new off the lot immediately


Best pick up an '11 Nitro before they're gone for good. Chrysler's not returning that vehicle after the current model year. Despite being bashed for a sluggish engine/trans combo (get the 4.0 with the 5spd auto and it will BLOW you away!) and mundane/cheap interior, this is truly the last of any vehicle that resembled the old boxey Cherokee. This SUV rocks in the off-road and snowy conditions--the best I've ever had!


I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty that is pushing 150,000 and I dread having to give it up. It has seen me through floods, snowmegeddons, mud, muck and 2 daughters learning to drive. I would only ask for better gas mileage on the next Jeep Liberty. The size is great for pulling Yahoots out of trouble, yet small enough to NOT end up being a truck for everyone. I have had cherokees, Grand cherokees, and this one is my favorite.


I saved for a Cherokee in the 90s and got a 1996 at Brandow, which was the most awesome vehicle I EVER owned, passed each inspection! Bring it back!

kim kilburn

looking for a jeep with rhd and mail tray already installed..I am a mail carrier ..

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