Men Ignore GPS Directions More Often Than Women

Men are more likely to ignore GPS directions than women are, according to a recent survey. While only 63% of women disobey navigation-directed commands on a regular basis, 83% of men disregard them, according to Swinton, a British insurance company.

For either gender, the number is high — combined, some 79% of motorists are disobeying commands. The reasoning behind the disregard is because motorists either perceive the devices as incorrect or less efficient than alternative ways of reaching a destination. Many motorists report that the navigation-lead directions are wrong all together. We’ve also experienced wrong-headed directions before in our Navigation challenge. Overall, one in five drivers say their navigation systems lead them 1 to 5 miles out of their way.

"A sat nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them," Steve Chelton, Swinton’s insurance development manager, told Reuters.

Men more likely to overrule satnavs than women (Reuters, Via Consumer Reports)


Survey Shows Most In-Car Arguments Are Over Directions

By Colin Bird | March 31, 2011 | Comments (11)
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I love this post! I ignore the GPS most of the time, but I'm female, so I'm reassured to see that 79% of motorists disobey the commands. Makes me feel like I'm not the only defiant driver out there :D

Females are generally more careful when they drive and not surprising they also trust the GPS more than men.


I especially love it when I need to choose which fork in the road to take but it tells me too late. The same thing with long exit ramps. You can see your destination as you pass it while still on the exit ramp. I also love it when it sends you thru downtown streets of a major city when you're looking for the interstate that loops around and bypasses it.


sometimes my gps tells me to turn right and the destination is on the left (and vice versa).


For some reason it leaves out cool destinations so if you're looking for a nearby Hooters it won't find it unless you know the address and search on that.


Overall I like my gps even when it misleads me because highway signage is actually worse. Signs are either missing, tell you the wrong thing, are confusing, don't tell you what you need to know, or tell you too late.


The nav in my cadillac has neveq been more than a house off, ever. Not saying they are all that good but they could be


Females are a dangerous breed, when it comes to driving. I have seen the mobile phone in one ear and then trying to put on makeup with the other hand, while looking in the rearview mirror. At speeds of 65mph or faster. They need to learn what is in front of them at all times, regardless of what kind of GPS is in the car.


A few years ago I helped a family from Indianapolis find their way from our small upstate NY city to Manhattan (when they shouldn't have been anywhere near us) in spite of having GPS and Mapquest. Don't trust the things as far as I could throw them.


Mine likes to tell me to circle a block when a simple turn or U-turn is actually legal, and sometimes it's not aware of surface street or on-ramp traffic issues, so I'll ignore some specific directives while following the general route. I only use it when I'm not sure of the best route to go, though, not on my everyday commute.


And thank you for that sexist comment, Jan.

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