Mazda Minagi Concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show


  • Looks like: Mazda is taking on Mitsubishi’s Outlander Sport and Kia’s Sportage
  • Defining characteristics: New design language for the brand
  • Ridiculous features: An LCD control panel ... for rear passengers
  • Chance of being mass-produced: This will be what the next Mazda compact SUV looks like

Mazda spends the better part of its press release about the Minagi concept stressing its new design language — called Kodo — and not the fact that the company is displaying the future look of a new, vital product to its lineup.

Sure, it’s somewhat interesting to read how the stance of the Minagi has “pent-up energy” like a cheetah. But wouldn’t the car-reading public like to know when a production version will go on sale to take on the likes of the Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V and the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport?

We do know it will feature the company’s latest fuel-efficient engines, which could help it win in the mileage column versus the current competition. The interior looks upscale.

We guess Mazda would be ready with a real-world Minagi by next season’s auto-show circuit. Until then, check out the photos below and weigh in on Kodo.



Yay - no more Nagare smile... I never thought style would keep me from considering a car, but it did cross the Mazdaspeed3 off the list for me.


Dave, with small children I can see why you'd think a rear LCD panel would be a ridiculous feature. I think it can be a good idea (in general--not talking about this particular one). Perhaps such a panel could perform double duty as a rear entertainment screen/controller and rear climate controls as well. Of course, on larger luxury vehicles, the potential for rear LCDs is that much greater.

Besides, I'm not such a big fan of LCDs in the *front* as controllers: without tactile feedback, it's hard to operate controls while driving. Of course, LCDs in front are great for viewing navigation, for front passenger infotainment, etc.

will it be called Tribute or CX-5?


Way nice. Great to see the Mazda "smile" gone.


CX-5 seems to make the most sense as a name, but there are already two "5"s in the lineup (MX-5 and Mazda5). I think that would get a little confusing.


Very nice looking car. Glad to see that Ford departing is working.


Dear Mazda,

Please build the CX5 as shown here, put in at least 250 turbocharged HP and all wheel drive and a solid set of technology features and I will be first in line to trade my Acura in for a Mazda...


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