Japanese Highway Repaired in Less Than a Week

HighwayMany delays of Japanese auto parts and vehicles have less to do with damage at Japanese car plants and more to do with the crippled transportation and energy networks within the bewildered country.

Today, we got an uplifting glimpse of the fast-paced reconstruction of Japan’s national highway system. The photo (above) provided by Nippon Expressway Co. (NEXCO) shows the damage caused by the Tohoku earthquake on the Great Kanto Highway. Some of the breached sections opened up caverns as deep as 150 meters, according to the Daily Express.

Repairs began on this highway on March 17 and just six short days later it was opened again to traffic. The highway had at least nine obstructions, according to a translated NEXCO bulletin. The highway connects northeastern towns to Tokyo.

While that breakneck speed is a hopeful sign, the recovery of northeastern Japan has just begun. The Japanese government estimates that direct damage from the earthquake and tsunami will cost as much as $310 billion.

Earthquake-Hit Japanese Road Fixed in Just Six Days (Express.co.uk, via Jalopnik)

By Colin Bird | March 24, 2011 | Comments (12)
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In Japan they use the best asphalt which is polymer based and can be laid down and used in half the time compared to conventional asphalt. It lasts three times longer. We could use it the USA but the Unions fought it because the road would last to long. Only in America.

Amuro Ray

Not only that, Charles.

I bet that when there are 10 people assigned to fix the road, all 10 of them r working too, unlike here in which 9 of them are looking at the 1 person working!


I really respect the Japanese culture. In their culture, they do not complain, get things done in the most efficient way possible.

Unlike the US thinking, "What can we do to drag this out to make the most amount of money?"


Maybe not the same places: Why are those trees gone? Earthquake won't damage trees!


If you watch Bloomberg tv you'd have seen the story. The first picture was taken further down the road than the second.

Troy S.

An amazing feat considering the circumstances.

I don't think this could be done in the US. The bickering, red tape, labor issues, contract negotiations and politic process would take months to navigate alone.


Just look at World trade centre. How long does it take to rebuild? After 10+ years, it is still under construction. Either in Japan or China, it would take less than 5years to finish the rebuilding.

Wow oh Wow! I wish some US companies and governments were paying attention to this.


Only the asses on the internet can take a positive, uplifting story and turn it negative and cynical. By the way when you point a finger at someone, think about the three fingers pointing back at you. Instead of hiding behind your apathy and disaffection, ask yourself how you can help.


@Charles: citation needed.


I lived in Hong Kong and various parts of the Middle East for the past seventeen years. The lack of Unions is very evident as things get built in a timely fashion and with quality.

Troy S.


It seems you're pointing the finger at others....exactly what you're accusing others of doing right?

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