Hawaii First State to Top $4 a Gallon Average

While many of us bicker over mid-$3-a-gallon gas prices, it could be a lot worse — just look at Hawaii. The Aloha State just became the first to surpass the $4-a-gallon mark for the average price of retail regular gasoline over the weekend, according to AAA.

The current price for a gallon of gas in Hawaii is $4.001, according to the AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report. Hawaii’s gas is typically the most expensive in the nation because it has to be shipped there on tankers. Even with $4 a gallon, the state’s all-time high remains $4.507, which was reached in July 2008.

California ($3.95) and Alaska ($3.90) have the next highest average prices. The cheapest gas is in the energy-producing states of Montana ($3.29) and Wyoming ($3.268).

The national average stands at $3.558 a gallon, up from $3.509 a week ago. Before the recent turmoil in East Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. Energy Information Administration had predicted only a 10% chance of $4 a gallon gas nationally, though the agency admitted the prediction faced ”significant uncertainty.”

While the nation as a whole has a long way to go toward reaching $4 a gallon gas, the early high watermark set in Hawaii is certainly an ominous development.

Hawaii is the first in the U.S. with $4-a-gallon gasoline (LA Times)

By Colin Bird | March 15, 2011 | Comments (5)
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The thing that sucks was July of 08 WAS when my family went to Hawaii for a vacation. We paid $4.59 and $4.69 a gallon for fuel regularly.

Not only that, but fuel has actually gotten cheaper around here the past week...dropping close to 10 cents less. Let's hope that trend continues.


Who's number 1?! Who's number 1?!

Max Reid

Expected, but not so early.

As auto sales increase in Asia and summer approaches, many states will cross $4/gallon.

When you are planning to buy a new vehicle, consider Hybrid or small car which has mileage in high 30's.

Troy S.

I enjoy pulling up to people at the gas pump who drive mega vehicles, that are NEVER used for their intended purposes. The large trucks haul nothing but air on a daily basis, the large SUVs haul a mere single driver on the daily commute to the office and the sports cars chug along at pedestrian speeds next to me in the high volume traffic commute... They all cringe when they drop over 100.00 in the tank and frown when my little Civic tops out at a miserly 35.00.

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