Reviews the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country

2011 Chrysler Town & CountryHere’s a surprising fact: The Chrysler Town & Country was the most popular minivan in 2010, topping the venerable Honda Odyssey. That feat would be difficult to repeat in 2011 — against the redesigned Honda Odyssey and new Nissan Quest — were it not for the extensive list of updates on the 2011 Town & Country, according to editor Mike Hanley. The new van is more composed on the road with its new suspension, and its new interior design is competitive with the best that Asian automakers have to offer. Continue reading to see if that’s enough though to keep this Chrysler at the top.

2011 Chrysler Town & Country Review

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If Ody's and Sienna's were sold to fleets at the same percentage as the Chrysler brands Chrysler would finish last in sales.
The T&C and Dodge versions are ok but they don't compare to a Sienna or Ody.


Watch out Kevin, you may entice the trolls.


Right on kevin! Its american so it stinks. Even if the review says the opposite. Don't let these reviewers get away with telling folks this lowly chrysler is comparable to the japanese vans.


They don't need reviews, they have you Sheth. Good job.


...Obviously I'm kidding, I am glad to see Chrysler making attempts to build a better product. Now they need to convince me on their reliability and actually keep an up to date inventory on replacement parts (2-4 weeks for a fog light switch is bullsh*t, as example)


One thing for sure - visually this thing will not attract anybody. If it does attract, it has to be the box and seating capacity.

Honestly, why am I even here commenting? I've sold my minivan 2 years ago and will never again buy one.

But just as reminder, I want to say that every time Chrysler comes up with one of those, they promise "the new way". They ask us to forget the old and think the new. And every time they fail to deliver quality and reliability. I would let somebody to drive it for 5 years before setting my foot in one of these. Be safe, get Sienna, it is your money after all. No minivan comes close to Sienna in reliability.


Chrysler only needs one minivan. I don't know why they need 2. It was worse with the Voyager thrown into the mix. They should nix the Caravan because the Town and Country seems like it competes better with the Ody and Sienna. The Caravan competes with cheapos like the Sedona. Chrysler already has a decently equipped base Town & Country so I just see the Caravan as redundant and a cheaper, not as visually pleasing version. I guess I like the chrome better than the black plastic on the Caravan.


So the same people who slam chrysler for poor reliability recommend hondas even though they have a history of issues with brakes and transmissions. Got it.



right now I am going to go out of my way and I will call you a...
Read the comments. There is not even 1 comment about Honda before you said it. What you do is you put words into other people mouths and then you pretend answering them. In reality you talk with yourself.

Amuro Ray


That's because he's a liar and a troll.

Get lost, u digital ink waster troll & liar.

John Public

Rises to the top of the class? Didn't these bankrupt junkers just get recalled? Don't waste your money on a Mopar product, you would be better off with a Yugo!

Jordan Arnold

Poor people buy Chrysler and Dodge minivans. Educated, private sector folks buy Toyota's and Honda's. You can either afford quality or you can't.
It's the same thing with Buick and Lexus. You can either afford to drive and maintain a Lexus or you buy a cheap imitator in the Buick.
No one is fooled.



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