Reviews the 2011 Chrysler 200

2011 Chrysler 200

What’s in a name? Will a Sebring by any other name perform as poorly as the car we rated as one of worst vehicles of the 2000s? That’s what editor Kelsey Mays aimed to find out with the “new” 2011 Chrysler 200. Fundamentally, this is still a Sebring, but there’s updated sheet metal, a new interior and a reworked chassis. Everything Chrysler touched on this vehicle is more competitive, according to Kelsey. Unfortunately, there are still some ghosts from Sebring’s past that’ll keep the 200 from competing with the top of its class.

2011 Chrysler 200 Review



DC AutoGeek

"Chrysler drained a lot of bathwater, but this is an instance where the baby needed to go."

Great way to sum it up.


aging world engine??? the engine family was developed as a joing venture with mitsubishi and hyundai (with hyundai as the lead developer), and production began in 2005. i'd hardly call 6 years old aging.

you guys love these damned engines when there's a hyundai badge on the grill.


it seems that in the internet age, when research is much easier, journalist are just getting sloppier and failing to even google something before publishing it, or maybe it's just arrogance.


This engine was aged before it was developed. Having rented my share of Avengers and Sebrings, I agree wholeheartedly with this review. In addition to the four cylinder being antiquated in this car, the head unit is hideous, as are the rest of the carryover parts from the Sebring.


that makes no sense...


I once rented a Sebring. I'm surprised there wasn't a trap door underneath my feet to open and help it along - Fred Flintstone style. Chrysler's are notoriously unreliable too. My buddy has a 2002 Sebring (prior to the last generation) and had to replace the engine at 54,000 miles. He replaced the brake pads at $10k - and he wasn't street racing it either.

I really like the look of the vehicle. I think it's going to play an important role in Chrysler's return/rebirth.

Thanks for the review.


To come to the Sebrings defense. My family currently owns two 2006's (the last year before the 07' redesign). We have both a 2.4L and the 2.7L. The 2.4L has 80k on it and the 2.7L is going on 110k. So far we have experienced close to zero problems (Had a solenoid on the transmission of the 2.4L go out at about 30k but was replaced under warranty). We had to replace the original brake pads at roughly 75k on both cars. Sure they won't win any speed races but with they are comfy and get the job done of hauling people. Oh yeah, we've also have owned both since new.

Derrick G

While the basic engine design was done by Hyundai, Chrysler did their own fuel systems and NHV work, so it's not necessarily the same experience in a Hyundai or Kia.


the 2.4L world engine did not start appearing in chryslers until the 2007 model year. prior to that year, it was the older iron block 2.4L engine that was used in the neon, pt cruiser, etc.

hyundai/kia now put additional technology into this engine, such as direct injection, but prior to that upgrade, hyundai's use of this engine (such as in the sonata/optima twins) produced nearly the same power numbers as in the chrysler applications. i suspect the fuel systems were the same at that time.

my point is that this engine is not antiquated or aging. the variable valve timing system was based on mercedes technology...certainly not low end. the engine has potential should chrysler decide to add DI and possibly fiat's multiair.

complaining about it just because it's in style to complain about it or you're used to doing it is lazy.

antonio311 is a biased publication with no relevance at all. Their reporting is weak & their writers probably don't even own cars or trucks, and can't afford to buy them. The Chrysler 200 is a fine vehicle & one of the safest vehicles on the planet! Who cares what has to say anyway? Go Chrysler!


Also this biased reporting fails to mention that Chryslers brand new pentastar V6 which is sold in the 200 was named 1 of wards 10 best engines in THE WORLD! Again poor reporting & Biased! Go Chrysler!


Random comment:
Kelsey looks kinda gay in that picture.


No surprises here...


Why should say the V6 is "1 of wards 10 best engines IN THE WORLD"? The other was just as much an opinion as this review was.

Let's use another review to create our review...NO, absolutely not.

Master Mechanic

The 3.6 200 is faster than a Malibu & Camry !!

6.3 0-60 and 14.6 in the 1/4 for the Chrysler 200.

Motorweek has the Chev Malibu at 7.1 and 15.6.

Toyota Camry at 6.8 and 14.9 1/4..

Also the 200's 2.4 4cyl 173 hp 166torque is right on the mark with the Camry 4 banger..


Sorry, don't agree with this assesment at all. I own a 2007 Sebring with the 2.7l V6. I now have 105K on it (typical maintenance & PCV replacement) and love it and the performance. I test drove the 200 with the V6 and it's a rocket. The 07's ride is smooth and very quiet and it carried over to the 200. I have my plan in place to replace my Sebring with the 200 next year. For the price you cannot do better and safer. Be fair next time Kelsey, you're way off the mark. Joe

glenn kresge

I just traded a Honda accord in for a chrysler 200T with the 2.4 engine. The 200 is a liitle slower than the 2.4 honda; however, it rides a lot better and almost no road noice. Its very quiet compared to the 2005 LX honda accord. It's fit and finish is very good; and I would compare it to any Honda or toyota. I have a toyota and like the 200T better. Now, I just hope it holds up like the Honda and Toyota. And so far the gas milage is not as good,but it is a heavy car compared to the others in this class-it weighs in at almost 3600 pounds.


I am just wondering I have 2011 Chrysler 200 and since I got this vehicle it feels as though it is missing. when the RPM is between 1000-1500 it jumps, doesn't get the gas to change lanes on the expressways. I have had it back tot he dealer and get the same response there is no software for any problems. Question can't the diagnosis a vehicle with-out software? Anyone out there with any similar problems? Also took to another dealer here asked them to drive the vehicle, put it on the machine and said nothing there. HELP please!!!

warren bennett

BUICK is the best car on the road no ifs ans or buts aboutit BUICK is the BEST BEST BEST

If you have an issue with Chrysler and its dealers correcting an issue please support my blog and express your experience - in unity we the people have power.

If you have an issue with Chrysler and its dealers correcting an issue please support my blog and express your experience - in unity we the people have power. Find 200chryslerproblems on facebook, twitter and other social media.

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