BYD Sets Up Shop in Southern California

2012 BYD e6Proclamations from Chinese car companies about their U.S. intentions are a recurring theme in the automotive blogosphere. Despite the hot air, there still isn’t a single Chinese automaker selling vehicles here. Despite the skepticism, BYD is setting up the foundation for a U.S. launch by the end of the year.

BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is China’s fourth largest automaker and plans on selling a fleet of electric and fuel-efficient vehicles in the U.S. For several months, the car company has occupied an office within a used-car dealership in Glendale, Calif., according to the Glendale News-Press.

The automaker is collaborating with the dealership, which is helping to train BYD technicians. The company plans on opening up 10 dealerships by the end of the year and has begun construction of its North American headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

When (or possibly if) the company does start to sell cars, it will likely be vehicles such as its all-electric E-6 sedan (shown above), which can travel up to 200 miles per charge, according to the Glendale News-Press. The E-6 will go on sale for roughly the same price as the Nissan Leaf, which starts at $32,780.

More than two years ago, we wrote of BYD’s plans to come here by 2011; it seems like they’re holding true to that oath. The company expects to sell 20,000 vehicles in the U.S. by 2012.

Chinese carmaker sets up shop in Glendale (Glendale News-Press)



That does not look like a sedan! But it looks decent though.

DC AutoGeek

I can understand why SOCAL, but a HQ in Downtown LA? Maybe BYD should visit LA first.


that's an MPV


Looks like BYD has been raiding an Acura parts bin.


Acura front end meets Volvo wagon meets Mitsu headlights.

Troy S.

Suddenly, the overpriced Volt looks even less appealing and quite frankly technologically outdated.


$32,780? Is this before or after the tax rebate?


Really Troy? Please tell us why the Volt is less appealing and outdated?


Very interesting development

Troy S.


Really. Tell us why the Volt is not out dated and less appealing as compared to vehicles like the BYD.



I'm not going to play your game.


Looks like BYD e6 is a true Volt killer. I have alread seen GM's smear campaign against BYD in the press.

Troy S.


What game? I simply feel as if the BYD is more technically advanced and up to date as compared to GM's Volt. Think about it. BYD has a 200 mile electric, no emissions, no gasoline purchase advantage over the two-mode hybrid system in the Volt....which also costs more....

Now about this game you're claiming I'm playing...Do you care to elaborate or are you the one who's really playing games?


anyone here, those who even think of buying a Chinese car, are simply fools. And remember, a fool always pays twice.


If someone is wealthy and ideological enough to want
to spend a fortune on a Chinese golf cart, good for them...

But how much is the average struggling taxpayer being fleeced to help them feel righteous & superior?

Amuro Ray

@ Threepwood,

"If someone is wealthy and ideological enough to want
to spend a fortune on a Chinese golf cart"

You mean, those who are well-educated?

Troy S.


Did you feel the same way having your pockets fleeced to bail out Detroit?

I feel as if electric automobiles are going to be the norm in the future.
Companies like BYD are leaning forward.

If America wants to be the leader in this game, we'd better step it up or be left behind like we were in the small car market. The closest we currently have is the Hybrid Volt that has yet to achieve it's marketed electric only range, is over priced without a tax credit, has dim headlights and is only available in select markets. Companies like Nissan and BYD have moved beyond GM's dated technology by offering electric only vehicles.

The wrting's on the wall...Will Detroit choose to listen or turn a blind eye.....AGAIN....

Amuro Ray

If this is in fact, a real 200 mi range EV, then cars from Wheego or Coda will be history :(
(i.e. those US start-ups will fail).


Troy S and others who think that companies like BYD....

What Russians did, they took a (pretty junky by World Standards) Russian car and put it on a year long test against Chinese car. The results were such that Russian car looked like Civic vs Yugo.

This is one point. The next point is the reality of today life. Lets just say that in global economy it is normal to make and sell your product somewhere and have them to come here and make and sell their product here. But if their product is cheaper - we lost. Why their product is cheaper- because they pollute the air while producing it and us - we have firm regulations. Their workers are slaving and us - we have benefits, vacations and such. They simply playing games with their currency.
And also, our politicians don't understand that China is our enemy and not the partner. It is life in its basis. One empire dies, another - born. China wants world domination, economical, military, sports. They will not stop until they have what they want. Unfortunately, China is not a country of 300 million of people. They 1.6 billion and if these people live well, we will live worse in the future because they will demand food, water, energy. We grew a monster on our backyard. Our politicians are dumb. So may be you people will be wise. DON'T buy Chinese products as much as possible. Pay more for something else. What is America? We can't travel to Cuba because our government has a shadow of communist regime over there. We lost 56 thousand men (and who knows how many wounded and mentally ill) in Vietnam. We orchestrated Marshall plan to isolate USSR from the rest of the world. We executed scientists for giving technologies to USSR during cold war. And now, we allow our companies bring the technology right into hands of commies. I am not getting all this. And I am telling you. I will be first to leave the ruins of American Empire when it is all goes down. Hello Costa Rica!


I wont be biying one. Why should I?

We have perfectly good US built cars right here that support American workers and taxpayers.

Chinese rip off cars: keep em !

Troy S.

To all of those against buying a car like the BYD because it's foreign made...theres a solution....demand American companies to make vehicles like this and demand that they do it on American soil.

Stop blaming the consumer for wanting the best bang for their buck. Blame manufacturers who ship production and supplies to overseas markets in an effort to make as much profit as possible.

Ask labor unions to cap their demands because they aren't helping manufacturers keep jobs in America, they're making them run overseas for cheaper labor and in turn taking away American jobs in the process.


Dear Troy S,

True that, home skillet.


I guess Troy is not getting it. It is not about foreign. It is about Chinese, cars and all.

There this story. And you need to know religion to understand that in Torah or call it Old Testament, Jews love of God is unbreakable by any events.
So this one Jew sits in front of his house and sees a horse carriage passes by and people on it screaming to him, "come one, jump on - the big flood is coming and you gonna die". The Jew answers, "God is our Lord and will never allow us, who loves him to get flooded to death". And he doesn't jump on.
One hour later the whole story repeats itself and one more hour late repeats again. Then big flood comes and Jew dies.
Next thing he knows, he stands in front of the god and asks the god, "My Lord, why have you allow this to happen, why didn't you save me, the one who loves you?"
The god answers - "And who, do you think, sent you 3 carriages?..."

So, Troy... I told you about China, its cars and everything else in general....


Tony, it's hard to take someone seriously who mangles the english language so badly.


The whole issue is reliability. If it is reliable it's a game changer; if it's a typical piece of Chinese electronic junk, forget it. I got a Chinese Android tablet. Within 3 days the battery died, the adapter and charger broke. I will not be an early BYD adopter. Let someone else take the arrows.


Buying a Chinese car versus and American car is idiotic. Think about the amount of fuel it takes to get that car to America. THEN after you have done that think about where that electricity comes from to power up your so called environmentally friendly car.... a coal fired power plant.


I'm sure the No part of this car will be toxic either.



or should we call you e=mc2?

toxic-NO. They know how to use toxic to make the materials.


I've got HP Laptop, made in China. Within 1 year it had a few issues. The battery died even that 99% laptop was plugged in. Mine is a big 17'' multimedia and it has regular keypad with num pad. So, for a year it would lose the wireless connection periodically. Then num pad stopped working but connection stopped disappearing. But it also added the unwanted feature that when it idles for a bit, then you go type something, it types wrong letters. Like, if you tipe "S" it will type "&". You have to click change user and then go back and it works again.

But, if I knew that my laptop would come from China, I would not buy it. This is why when I needed PC, I've built one myself. And when I got parts for it, I made sure there are none of China-made there.HP will wait long time until I buy anything else from them.

Max Reid

BYD E6 is bigger than Leaf. If it can cost < $33K and goes 200 miles, then everyone will jump on it.

Lets see


1. As far as BYD not doing well, then why would Warren Buffet invest in the company?

2. For those who are saying, not to buy BYD, don't tell me you've never bought European car or Japanese. If you feel so strongly about it why not only buy American?

3. Tony, I do agree with you as far as politician, but you forgetting that we live in a capitalist country and unfortunately, politics are part of it. I'm 31 years old but honestly, it looks to me the US economy and government keeps getting worse year after year.

Max Reid

Mr Geo

Almost all the cameras, laptops, games, electrical & electronic items sold in this country are Chinese.

If your tablet broke that does not mean that BYD car is also bad. Keep watching people buy a BYD E6 if available and when you get a chance, jump on it.

Meanwhile BYD has launched K9 bus in few Chinese cities and this bus goes 300 km (190 mile) on full charge.

In a way, buses are better, since they go 300 km every day whereas the cars go only 30 - 40 km.

I would NOT buy a Chinese car. Forget about the technology it comes with. It is an unproven brand and it does not support American auto companies and workers.

We, as citizens of this great country, should buy from American companies as much as possible for obvious reasons.

At the same time, US companies need to improve on their product design and reliability, especially cars, to realistically compete with the European, Japanese, and Korean brands.

We should also demand our politicians to write policies that support the US economy and not cater to special interests (e.g. Foreign entities). Otherwise, vote them out of office. Get rid of incumbents, who have been in their offices for too long and forget who they are working for...US taxpayers.

If you visit South Korea, for example, you would only see Korean-built cars on the road. I say 98% are of Korean brands. Why is that? Now, look at your streets and see how many Kia and Hyndai there are.

Choose what you buy and who you vote into Government office...carefully, folks.


Wait a few years till all the bugs are gone before I am going to buy one by that time the price should go way down. The mass production cost of an ev should be leass than a gas combustion vehicle.

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