Buick Sales Soar Past Lexus

2011 Buick Regal

An air of hyperbole seems to float in the mainstream media about the success of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. They cite things like earnings reports, repaying debt, you name it. But they don’t usually tackle the concrete sales of cars.

When you look at the numbers, one success story clearly stands above all: Buick outsold Lexus in February, for the second month in a row. Buick also outsold Mercedes-Benz (if you discount sales of the Sprinter work van), along with Audi and Acura. Only BMW outsold Buick on the strength of BMW’s new X3 SUV. The storied German brand topped Buick by 800 units.

The story, though, is Buick. With just four vehicles in showrooms — the Enclave crossover and the LaCrosse, Lucerne and Regal sedans — it has outsold the nearly unbeatable Lexus.

Back in GM’s heyday of the mid-20th century, Buick was the understated luxury make to flashy Cadillac. The brand quickly gained a reputation as “the doctor’s car” or a vehicle for white-collar professionals. It was a niche that Lexus swooped in and took from Buick more than two decades ago.

With a fresh lineup, Buick seems to be reclaiming the mid-luxury market. For the month, Buick sold 15,807 vehicles (up 73.3% from February 2010), compared with 13,814 vehicles at Lexus (up 0.2%). Buick also outsold Lexus in January, and so far it has a greater year-to-date total (29,076 vehicles) compared with Lexus (26,674).

This is significant for several reasons. In 2010, Lexus was the most popular luxury brand. With 229,329 vehicles sold, Lexus outsold Buick by more than 70,000 vehicles that year. Furthermore, Lexus has been the most popular luxury brand in America since 2000, though it barely beat BMW and Mercedes as the luxury make started to lose steam in mid-2010 after a stream of recalls damaged both its credibility and Toyota’s.

Even though Buick was the underdog in 2010, it has seen sales gains for 17 straight months, and it was the fastest-growing brand of 2010.

Why the shift? We could easily point to the recalls, but Toyota’s sales were strong in February, up 48% from the same month in 2010, at the height of the recalls. Lexus’ gain? Just 0.2% year over year. Lexus spokesman Bill Kwong also cited supply issues. “We thought the market was going to be soft in January and February. The market exceeded our expectation. We did not have enough inventory,” he said.

Lexus had about a 15-day supply of vehicles on its lots in February, compared with a 77-day supply of Buicks. Many industry experts quote a 50- to 60-day supply as being healthy. This means that many potential Lexus customers either couldn’t find the trim or color they wanted, and with such short supplies, perhaps even the whole nameplate was missing. While that may be a reason for the sales issues, it certainly keeps the finger of blame pointed at Lexus for not planning properly.

2010 Lexus RX 350

Lexus, it seems, sorely needs some new sheet metal in terms of not just models on lots, but new models. Luxury makes — such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes — have turned over their lineups at a faster pace compared with Lexus. In February, Lexus moved 2,598 of its once-best-selling ES sedan; it was the brand’s second-highest seller that month. The Buick LaCrosse — which was benchmarked against the Lexus ES during its development — is now selling at a pace nearly twice that of its would-be rival, moving 4,329 vehicles in February.

Lexus’ small hybrid, the HS 250h, saw its sales sink an astonishing 74.3% in February, to 183 units. There has been no appetite for that luxury hybrid, and we wonder why the company greenlighted another hybrid, the CT 200h. The CT 200h officially went on sale Tuesday, and Lexus plans to sell about a 1,000 a month.

The RX crossover has always been the backbone of Lexus, making up about 40% of all Lexus sales in 2010. With 15.3% growth in February, the RX grew faster than all other Lexus models.

What makes the role reversal between Lexus and Buick even more astounding is that Lexus has nine models — though one is the LFA supercar — and Buick has only four.

Nearly half of the shoppers who bought a Buick Regal in February came from other brands. Increased availability of the Regal CXL Turbo helped the brand move 3,705 of the sedans that month, GM says. Buick expects to see the Regal’s sales rise even more in 2011, as the Regal GS and Regal Hybrid go on sale early this fall. There will also be, presumably, more affordable Regal options as production moves from Germany to Canada for the 2012 model year later this spring. The LaCrosse will get a standard mild-hybrid system, capable of 37 mpg on the highway, on the base trim, which goes on sale this summer.

Along with the boost in sales, buyers are spending more to get their Buicks. The average transaction price has increased by $11,113 since 2003, according to Buick spokesman Nick Richards.

2012 Buick Verano

This solidifies the belief that Buick has switched from affordable comfort to something more premium, like Lexus. With the smaller, less expensive Buick Verano going on sale at the end of this year — and the brand reportedly considering adding a convertible, coupe, station wagon and a compact crossover to the lineup — it could be difficult for Lexus to retake its No. 1 spot from Buick, let alone from Mercedes-Benz or BMW.



I have to say though, without its own standard mild-hybrid system, the Verano is completely obsolete already if greater fuel economy is the goal.


Even without a hybrid model the verano gets about the same mileage as cars like the a4 or cc. Its not doa with a regular engine. I expect actual epa figures to exceed gm estimates which seem ver conservative for a 3300lb car.

Buick competes with acura on price and with lexus models below 40k. Lexus is in trouble and they hurt themselves by piling on incentives to win the 2010 sales race. They pulled ahead many sales and you see the results. Their pr guy is doing his best to spin things but their cars are old and the competition is taking advantage. Lexus needs new product and I don't mean a compact hybrid. I can't see them outselling buick this year.


They are actually in different classes, so it doesn't make any sense to compare them.

Uk Diesel Driver

CT200H is not aimed at the US. It is for Europe, where it will become Lexus No. 1 seller. Cars are increasingly taxed on CO2 in the EU and this thing will do well in the company car market.


Well, the problem is Lexus was/is toooooooo comfortable/confident with their lead that they lost focus on their products. They need an upgrade and a mass overhaul of their whole line up...especially the cars. Of course, they already know that they need a new, Gs, Ls, Es, Is...and they need them immediately!!!



Buick competes with lexus' volume sellers, not the products no one buys like the ls, gs, and lx models. Buick competes with lexus in the 30k to 45k price ranges and that's where most lexus sales come from. Buick is going upscale as lexus is focusing on the lower end of its lineup with the hs and ct models.


for long time lexus kept selling rebadged toyota with minor facelift. can't fool people anymore.nice to see domestic brand beating jap brand. God bless america.


@ sheth

You are notorious for nonsense remarks. Not interested in any sort of dialog with you. If fond of policing other opinions, go to bars to see how it works out. Good luck


Buick and Lexus are not even in the same class. This is like saying Chrysler outsold Infiniti. Buicks are cheaper, so more people can afford them, that's why they sell more. Buick isn't quite entry level, but Buick does not have the models, level of luxury,and prestige to be considered a luxury make. I thought Cadillac was for that. Lexus has some stagnant vehicles and needs to step it up. I personally don't like either and have always driven German cars because they may not be the most reliable, but you can't beat the performance and styling.



You failed to mention that lexus had no issue outselling buick last year or in other yeras. If price was all that mattered buick should've been ahead of lexus. Contrary to what you said, buick competes with the fwd lexus models. You really need to add buick and cadillac to cover lexus' models. Do that and gm sold 30k to lexus' 13k last month. If you think current buicks aren't as nice and refined as lexus models you need a reality check. Most of lexus lineup is 4 or more years old. Buick has caught up.


I work for a Jaguar/Land Rover dealership and I can tell you Lexus might not class leading but its better than many of these new car and I know they need new designs but to be honest I would buy Lexus and BMW first before I go to any other luxury auto maker. The problem is it will take long enough to make me trust on these american brand cars and I would say most of new GM cars are cars from overseas rebadged and thats what a lot of automakers does. Another thing. i currently drive a top of the line 2006 Honda Accord EX-L V6 and not because i drive it but you can see the interior of my car and check any of these luxury car makers and my car have way better fit and finish even against Jaguar and Land Rover and they are not the same category, so it's not all about who sells more it's who is better and I agree these new buicks have very good designs but im not a GM person not because I dont like the company it's just the reputation they had even Toyota with last year recall BS builds better cars and I mean they last way longer and last thing any car can be as good as another it all depends how you treat the car some of them breaks more than other oh yea some of them barely need the shop except for oil changes but anything mechanical can break anytime there's nothing perfect in this world ...


Just purchased a Lexus IS250 after having also looked at a Buick Regal. Lexus did have incredibly low stock to choose from in their 2011 models so bought a 2010 model at a steal of a price. Quality of Lexus (tactile feel and visual appearance of luxury) is hands-down better than latest Buick models though GM has come up a long way from what they produced before.


do the sales numbers take into account rental fleet sales? i think the regal would be especially boosted by rental sales. also, are we putting too much importance on the number of units sold? since buick is a more "mainstream" luxury car, wouldn't you expect to see a higher number of units sold? what is the price level all these buicks are being sold at? are they cheaper than all their competitors? what does it mean that the average transaction price has increased $11k since 2003? its only relative within buick. is this partly due to normal base price increases? these sales numbers can be skewed easily in different ways, so it's just good to keep these things in mind. are we really comparing apples to apples here?

Troy S.

Out of curiosity, where are Buicks made and assembled?


I hope that Lexus is looking at these comments. They NEED to get going.



considering you just brought a Lexus I wouldnt expect you to be objective. Bottom line- the interiors of the recent Buicks are as nice as any Lexus short of the LS. The Lacrosse interior most certainly stands up to the ES and GS interiors and it has beaten the ES in two separate comparisons. You would not be able to explain to any rational person why an ES is $5k more than a comparable Lacrosse- that's probably one reason why the Lacrosse has been outselling the ES for many months now. I've been in the IS many times and I wouldn't be able to tell you how the interior is superior to the Regal's. Both have nice materials and nothing in the Buick seems lacking vs the more expensive lexus.


Every Buick except the regal is made in the US. Regal production is shifting to Canada as we speak. The guy who said most Buicks are imported or rebadged has no clue.



We all know that Buicks on average sell for less than Lexus models. That said there is a lot of overlap- especially when you consider more than 50% of LExus sales come from two models that compete with Buicks. It's not total apples to apples, BUT Lexus never had a problem outselling Buick in the past so this change is notable. I dont think its a coincidence that ES sales have sagged since the Lacrosse has become successful. As for fleet sales- about 92% of Regal sales were retail so you can drop that excuse. Every time a domestic brand does well detractors are quick to try and explain everything with fleet sales. This is Buick, not Chevy we are talking about. You don't see a lot of government workers driving around in Regals.

BTW, an $11k increase in transaction prices is significant no matter how you slice it. Normal price increases aren't going to account for that. That increase is due to higher MSRPs for better products and lower incentives.


I laugh every time I see that Lexus HS 250h. It's a Corolla with a couple of pieces of additional chrome and sideskirts. That car horribly cheapens Lexus' image. No wonder it doesn't sell.

Fact is most of Lexus is now made up of slightly dressed up Toyotas. With both Toyota and Lexus, you used to look at the cars and see a nicely styled vehicle that you knew was going to last and perform relatively well. American cars couldn't come close.

Now, when I look around, I see that Ford and GM offer near-equal quality, and they have so dramatically stepped up their game that it's the Lexus and Toyota vehicles that look dated and bland. Toyota fell asleep a few years ago, and started to believe their own good press, that no one could compete with them. As but one example, the Avalon turned into a lemon, and the new one looks just as dull as the model it replaced.

Toyota's an Lexus' best days are in the past, and no amount of new models and refreshes are going to regain the glory days. Given equal quality, better styling, and more exciting performance, the American makes are going to eat their lunch for a long time to come.

In about 18 months, GM will have filled out the Cadillac and Buick lines with new smaller models and more competitive larger models. Then you will see both nameplates outselling Lexus, and by a wide margin, and at all pricepoints.

Count on it.



Sheth owns a Regal. Since he has one we can't expect him to be "objective"

Dearest Sheth,

You spend a lot of time researching cars and I appreciate that. But I wish you would stop being a contradicting d*ck.




This article is a shining example of why Cars.com is no Car & Driver or Edmunds. I would certainly hope that Buick would outsell and all other luxury brands because it's not one itself. Three of Buick's four vehicles are priced lower than the cheapest Lexus. In my twenty five years business travel I've never seen a Lexus rental. On the other hand it's well known Buick dumps a lot of LaCrosse on rental lots. Any who travels knows the LaCrosse is replacing the Impala as the rental king.
Comparing Buick to Lexus is only done by those who can never afford a Lexus.



You are a genius for thinking Buick is better than Lexus. Congratulation!



First of all, unlike the lexus owner I didn't put down the competition. Never claimed lexus makes inferior cars so my objectivity shouldn't be in question. The sales speak for themselves so there is no need to shoot the messenger. Lexus makes nice cars but their lineup is dated. Fortunately they can rely on domestic brand haters like you to idolize and buy overpriced, dated products.


Never said buick is better than lexus. I said buick is selling better and buick interiors are as nice as most lexus models. Insideline and motortrend said the lacrosse is better than the es350, don't get mad at me.


You have any data to back up your statements about fleet sales? The lacrosse is no where near the rental penetration of impala. Buicks retail sales were up 90% vs a 70% overall gain which means fleet sales declined. Sorry to burst your bubble but the success is based on retail sales.



Insideline is part of edmunds and they rated lacrosse over es by a fair margin. Still think edmunds shares your dim view of buick?


sheth, all good points. it's great people are discussing the article. im not defending lexus here just trying to evaluate if these sales numbers are really as meaningful as being presented in the article. i think it's great that buick as well as other makes like hyundai are making strides.

the rental fleet question was fresh on my mind because my father recently rented a car at LAX for a work trip. guess what car he got? buick regal. the rental sales numbers impact might be small but still should be considered.

i don't know if a 1-2 month snapshot of unit numbers sold can tell you enough for the writer to state that buick seems to be "reclaiming" the mid-luxury market. you are catching lexus at a time when its models are aging and buick models are new, so yes you are going to see lexus models down and buick models up. what would be interesting to watch is when lexus refreshes its lineup, are we still seeing this trend?

i also have to wonder, how much do lexus and buick really compete? how many lexus shoppers are cross-shopping buick? do they go back and forth between the dealerships and say, well the lexus has this, or the buick has that? or does lexus and say, mercedes compete on a closer level? i am not in the luxury car demographic, but it might be a good question to think about, maybe the lexus or buick buyers can chime in here. do buick and lexus target different types of customers?



Much of what you mentioned has been covered already. I'm not sure why people have trouble understanding thar buic is going after lexus vehicles under 40k. Obviously, buick doent compete with the ls or lx or even gs. Buick doesn't even offer a v8. That said, buick does compete with lexus' volume sellers.

The es has seen a significant slide in sales over the last couple years. When the lacrosse was new it was beaten by the es every month. Now the reverse is true. The age of the lexus is a factor but it would seem its hard to ignore the correlation between the success of the buick and the struggles of the es. The lacrosse was clearly aimed at the lexus and it won two comparos vs the lexus. I'm not saying every lexus owner would consider a buick but some folks are cross shopping. There is not total overlap between the brands but there is quite a bit and gm made it clear buick was going to be a cheaper alternative to lexus. Now buicks are as quiet and refined as any lexus.

Furthermore, lexus is losing its edge in general, not just with respect the buick. Last year they barely held off bmw and merecedes. The germans have fresher lineups and more appeal to younger buyers. While lexus competes with the germans there are major differences. The es is camry based and really has no rival at bmw or mb. Likewise, the rx is fwd based and designed to ride softly while german suvs are rwd and designed to handle. Is anyone really cross shopping an x3 and rx? Not sure, the are very different in mission



You can look at 2010 as a whole. Buick had one of the largest sales gains while lexus had a modest increase. The trend line has been in buicks favor for months, its just that they just caught lexus.

I mentioned fleet sales earler. Regal was 92% retail, the sold a whopping 300 regals to fleet customers. Buick is not gm's go to agency for rentals these days.

Another point, half of buicks linep is old. Enclave is 3 years old and lucerne is 5+ years old. Only regal is less than year old. When you consider that and the fact that buick only has 4 vehicles their performance is impressive.


Who cares. Buick and Lexus are for old people and are boring as hell anyways. I'll take a BMW or Benz.


Old? According to whom? I don't call people in their 30s and 40s old. I don't think older folks would even like the regal and lacrosse. Maybe the lucerne though.


Is it really a shock that Buick outsold Lexus? In Canada, only ONE Lexus is cheaper than ANY Buick, and that's the CT200h..and it's not even in the lineup.

The average MSRP across the Lexus line is $60,000

The average MSRP across the Buick line is $36,000

No real shock the cheaper cars are selling better than the expensive cars.

I mean is anyone here surprised Kia outsold Buick??


Buick's growth is hard to ignore. Sure, they aren't competing toe-to-toe with Lexus, but to outsell Lexus with less than half the models is pretty darn good. They will easily stay ahead of Lexus when the Verano and Encore get here (and Riviera?)


In response to an earlier post...the LaCrosse is made in Kansas City, Kan., the Enclave in Lansing, Mich., the Lucerne in Detroit (same plant as the big Caddy), and the Regal (as noted elsewhere) in Germany, with production moving to Oshawa, Ontario next year.


There was no HS production in JAN/FEB, sales were of remaining 2010 units...so the decline is really not surprising. CT200h is a niche car, but much more impressive than HS.


Kind of a sensationalist article, but I do appreciate that the domestics have stepped up their game immensely in the last few years. But I believe that may be due to Toyota playing it too cautiously during the economic crunch where the domestics felt freer to take chances.

I'm a longtime german brand owner, and I'm looking seriously at trading for my first domestic. 5yrs ago I would've laughed in your face if you'd told me I'd give my Audi or my BMW for a Ford. But the value proposition is there, especially if resale values keep climbing, and the styling is catching up.

I won't confuse a Ford interior for my Audi's, but with german cars seemingly increasing prices by 10k overnight, they've suddenly become less attractive. Add to that the extremely boring styling direction Audi is taking, and BMW's backing up to more conservative styling, and I'm quickly becoming disenchanted with the germans.

Anyone mentioning the sticker prices, please explain sales success of Mercedes, BMW and Audi, with higher prices than Lexus?


Buick has several products to compete with Lexus's low end models which have made useless changes for the past 7 years. What you see happening is Lexus is becoming the Caddy of the early 90's they got too comfortable and now America is pushing into the driver's seat if you guys would hop off the German band wagon and start representing the U.S. maybe this country could get back to the number 1 spot like it used to be!! Cadillac will soon be a top 3 car of the market!


The reason there's a German "bandwagon" is because the Germans know how to make luxury high performance cars and that hasn't changed. When Buick was busy making such "masterpieces" like the Century, Lesabre, and Skylark etc, BMW came out with the best yet 3-series (1999) Audi came out with the A4 (1996) and MB came out with the C-class (1994)and the
ground-breaking E-Class (1996). The Germans have had a lot more practice and basically established this category....and now Buick thinks they are the best at this...LOL!!!
Every Cadillac commercial has them competing against a German car because Audi/BMW/MB are the benchmark for luxury and American car companies are always trying to capture that appeal year after year, but can't quite get it figured out. American luxury makers like Cadillac, Lincoln and to a lesser extent; Buick, need to make their own innovations and blaze their own trail before I consider owning one. They just seem like they are always trying to pass off a copy of a popular German or Japanese sedan.
Why is it a coincidence that the Buick LaCrosse looks exactly like a Lexus ES inside AND out? I actually did drive a new 2011 Cadillac CTS and while it wasn't bad, It didn't stand out enough in any area to warrant a purchase. I saw different parts of other popular sport sedans scattered throughout the car in varying degrees; it didn't feel original. I bought a CPO 2010 Audi A4 because of the turbo option, better looks, and better driving dynamics.
These attributes are found on almost all German cars and is why they continue and will continue to dominate and DEFINE what a high performance luxury sport sedan is; because they invented it. Period.


Always copied, but doesn't compare to the original :)


Apparently not everybody wants a "high performance luxury sport sedan" nor is Buick claiming to be that so what's your point?

FYI Cars.com - there are MY2011 Oshawa-built Regals out there already.


Well, you obviously didn't read all the comments. The "High performance luxury sport sedan" Was in reference to the Cadillac ad campaign which I was responding to an earlier comment. I was also trying to establish an identity for Buick as a brand because a lot of the comments are in reference to Buick and which category they belong to. Read more carefully next time, "H"


With all said, I am happy and hope that this is a continuing trend of Americans buying American once again.

IS250 owner

All these comments and hardly any of the posters have driven both cars. I have.
I drove the ES350 as a loaner when my IS250 was in for service. I was very disappointed with the driving characteristics of the ES350. My first thought was that Lexus should take the car off the market and retune the ride, handling, and steering feel. It had no "feel of the road"; totally boring to drive.
A friend of mine wrecked his Audi A4 and got a LaCrosse as a rental. He was so impressed with it he bought one. After driving it I can say it was a revelation to me that a large American car would drive so well. It felt more like a premium German car with precise handling and a high fun to drive level. GM had obviously spent a lot of time refining the ride and handling of the LaCrosse.
I don't know anything about the reliability of the LaCrosse vs. the ES350, but even if it came out 2nd to the Lexus in the reliability area I would still buy the Buick. The way it drove sealed the deal for me.


I'm 34, not old or poor, and really do like the 'new' Buick. I remember, about 20 years ago, my aunt owning a Park Ave., and am shcoked by the difference. Also, LaCrosse is nicer looking than LS. I do agree that GM has basically ripped off other's designs; however, this is the era of the world car.
Just realized that between Buick and Caddy, GM holds a big chunk of the lux market. Not too bad for a company just exiting Chapter 11

Claudia Cestone


What do you drive?
Where do you get your info Google top hits?

Toyota may stop the bleeding from time to time..but there still on life support.


Well, I am a convert. Used to own a Lexus SUV, and now I switched over in 2010 to a Buick Enclave. It gets better gas mileage, carries more people, and the interior quality is the same as the Lexus. It has more features, and costs nearly $20,000 less. Which car would you buy? For me, it was a no brainer. I already tested out GM in 2006 by buying a Saab 9-3. Now with over 70,000 and no problems at all, I am pretty sure the quality problems are pretty much licked at least on the newer GM designs. I know there are a lot of nay sayers out there, and those that hate GM, but times are changing. They seem to have figured out how to make better cars and if they keep it up, their sales will keep going up. I had never bought American since I owned a car - the Saab and the Buick are the first two after years of Hondas(Acura)/Toyota(lexus). I doubt I will ever go back to Japan for my cars.


I never understood why anyone would buy a Lexus and pay the extra money for a "fancy Toyota." I can't comment about the driving characteristics, but in terms of the looks - Lexus is the king of badge engineering, in my opinion. Take a Corolla, Camry, Highlander, etc. and throw on some fancier trim, and some gadgets/bells/whistles and voila...a Lexus. I see a lot of LaCrosse's where I live (Lansing, Michigan) and am always impressed. I also see a lot of Enclaves, since they are manufactured here - and yes, that is a badge engineered vehicle too, but a nice one. Good for Buick. My dad owned several LeSabre's over the years and had a 2003 Century that was a complete joke. He liked it because it rode like a marshmallow and had the old fashioned "pull out" headlight switch, which used to be the norm on cars when he was "growing up." I think he'd be completely overwhelmed in a LaCrosse, but that's OK - that's why my generation loves it. Good job, Buick...good job.


Have you ever been to a service department at Lexus? People aren't just buying a fancier car, they're buying a better service experience. Same reason why people pick Lincoln over Ford even though it's essentially a rebadge. Something that you unfortunately won't experience at Buick.


Because you frequent Buick dealerships to know their "service experience"? Didn't think so. Don't make statements like you know.


No H, I actually run a top rated independent repair shop in my area. Part of my job is scoping out my competition on how they manage their service departments, which are mainly dealerships. Sorry to disappoint you, but my 13 years say I know exactly what I'm talking about.


Tell me about the Buick dealerships outside your area? Don't make statements like you know.

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I'll say this. As a loyal past GM Pontiac customer in my 20's and early 30's I was angry that GM kept Buick and let my Pontiac brand go I swore I would NEVER buy GM again. In the spring of 2011 I decided to trade in my GTO that I loved so much for an upscale luxury car. Throughout the months I drove all the luxury cars from $40k-$55k. Audi A6,S4, Lexus ES350, GS, and IS. Volvo S60. Infiniti G37xs, and as an after thought the Buick Lacrosse.

The Audi's were nice but I thought too much $ for questionable reliability which is why BMW was absent from my list.

I actually ordered a G37xs but eventually canceled when the dealer couldn't get the order correct. I also had second thoughts about the G's lack if luxury and terrible engine torque.
So that left the Lexus ES350 with ultra luxury package vs loaded Lacrosse CXL.
Much to my suprise I bought the Lacrosse. The Lexus ES I thought had a "stale" design and no AWD option. There is definitely no "wow" feeling with the Buick purchase but the reality is the better car for my needs won and it was the wild card after thought.
I liked it so much we traded in my wife's '11 Pilot in for a '12 Enclave.

Buick is a fleet car, almost every new Buick I see is a rental car. Nice cars, but Buick will die a slow death.

Max Reid

Good News. Buick's entire car line up is either Hybrid or Flex-fuel.

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