Audi A3 Concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show


  • Looks like: A baby A6
  • Defining characteristics: 408-hp, turbo five-cylinder; seven-speed dual-clutch transmission; mobile Internet access
  • Ridiculous features: 20-inch wheels
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Count on the U.S. getting a sedan or hatchback

Audi has never sold a sedan version of its A3 compact car in the U.S., instead marketing just a four-door hatchback, but the A3 sedan concept the automaker revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show would be more than welcome on our shores in production-car form. With taut lines, a great stance and signature Audi cues like LED headlights, the A3 concept exudes style.
It would have been understandable if Audi had decided to debut the A3 concept with a hybrid drivetrain and tout some extremely high mileage figures, but we're glad to see Audi went another route and highlighted performance. The concept is powered by a 408-horsepower, turbocharged five-cylinder — a well-known engine layout from Audi's past — that works with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Naturally, the concept has Quattro all-wheel drive.
The A3 concept's white interior probably won't make the jump to a production car, but the cabin's design seems production-ready. Round dashboard vents recall those of the current A3, but the overall appearance is much more minimalist. Audi's MMI controller knob is on the center console, but the new touch-pad element seen in the A8 full-size sedan has moved to the top of the controller knob in this concept. Audi says production cars will get this setup soon. In a sign of the times, the concept also features iPad cradles on the backs of the front seats for rear-passenger viewing.











i think it looks pretty sharp. how do those door handles work? they look a little odd.


looks great, but now i think i see what people are saying when they say that Audis are all starting to look the same. this is only a concept though, so it will probably be changed at least somewhat.

Matt C

Audi makes some sexy vehicles! I need to earn more money so I can buy one.


@Cody: certain elements on concept cars, such as door handles and side mirrors, are often oddly styled, too small, or altogether nonexistent. Concept car interiors are often wild as well.

This audi a3 concept look sexy and more elegant from standart audi a3, and i like the single-frame grille :)

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