2012 Volkswagen Tiguan at 2011 Geneva Motor Show


  • Competes with: Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, Chevy Equinox
  • Looks like: A manlier mini-SUV
  • Drivetrain: Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder
  • Hits dealerships: Fall 2011 

We knew Volkswagen was giving its oft-forgotten compact SUV a face-lift. Now we know when it will go on sale and the fuel efficiency it’s aiming to achieve.
While a few online denizens have bemoaned the new corporate look sported on the new Jetta and Passat, it makes the Tiguan look more aggressive. Inside, the updates are more minimal, but there are new controls and a standard touch-screen stereo on the SE trim. You can upgrade to two different navigation systems depending on the trim level.
The other trim levels in the lineup are the base S and the top-tier SEL, which has the LED daytime running lights you see here as optional equipment, along with bi-xenon headlights. Inside, that means S trim levels have cloth, SE leatherette and SEL leather.
Bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary audio input will be standard along with power heated side mirrors, but not USB connectivity.
The engine will remain the same, a turbocharged 2.0-liter gas engine. Neither horsepower nor transmission availability was given, but VW said it estimates the highway fuel economy to go from 25 mpg in the current model to 29 mpg highway. That would put it near the top of the compact SUV class.

Pricing will be announced closer to the Tiguan’s on-sale date in the fall, but we’d expect it to be similar to the current model’s $23,720 starting price.


If VW would put the 2.0L TDI engine into the "oft-forgotten" Tiguan, it would be even more fuel efficient.


Looks like: A Rav4.


Wait, it looks like the size of these windows came from the 1990s (they're big). For that, I applaud them.

Ste (Original SG)

Add a manual to the AWD version and I would buy one in a heartbeat. and I second bringing the 2.0 TDI over. VW can make its name for its Diesels and cheaper lineup, but please VW, please create a new engine to replace that aging N/A 2.0!

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