Top 10 Super Bowl XLV Car Commercials

The big game is over, and fans of the Green Bay Packers are likely overjoyed. For the rest of us, we just wanted to see a good game and lots and lots of commercials. The auto industry was in full force, showing more than a dozen high-profile commercials that were some of the best of the night.

Below is our top 10 list. Let us know which ones you thought deserved the spotlight in the comments below. And if you missed’s two Super Bowl commercials, you can find them here.

10. Chevy Cruze: Status

9. Audi: Release the Hounds

8. Chevy Camaro: Miss Evelyn

7. Chevy Cruze: Misunderstanding

6. BMW 335d: Changes

5. Kia Optima: One Epic Ride

4. Volkswagen New Beetle: Black Beetle

3. Chrysler 200: Imported from Detroit

2. Chevy Silverado: Tommy

1. Volkswagen Passat: Force

Other Commercials That Didn’t Rate

Hyundai Sonatas: Good Things Come in Threes

Hyundai Elantra: Hypnotize

Chevy Volt: Discovery

Mercedes-Benz: Welcome

Hyundai Elantra: Deprogramming

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Anachronistic City

BMW X3: Defying Logic


Doug G

I'd move the Audi commercial up much higher, I thought it was pretty funny and I agree with the message.

Cmon, rich guy escapes from jail and jumps into the back of a chauffeured Benz?


I thought the VW/Darth Vader one was probably one of the best commercials during the entire commercial...or at least a close 2nd behind the Ozzy/Justin Beiber one.


The VW Passat commercial was the best of the bunch. The Chrysler 200 ad would have been better if they had used another model vehicle. Just because you slap some chrome and a gps unit on a facelifted Sebring doesn't make it a luxury car.

I did find it "interesting" that during the 2 minute chrysler commercial there was not one profile shot of the car.


BMW's diesel commercial only reinforced the stereotypes about the drawbacks of diesel. Audi had the best ad overall, with what must have been a gigantic budget.

You forgot the MINI Countryman Ad.

Uk Diesel Driver

MB, hands down. No one ever sang 'Oh lord, won't you buy me a BMW/ Audi / A.N.Other imitator...'

How dare BMW disrespect my 300D. How. Dare. They.


i don't really like 'imported from Detroit'...& Em wouldn't be caught dead in a 200(Sebring)...;o)


Thought the Audi A8 was the best. That Kenny G bit was funny. Although good, I felt the Jetta/ Darth Vader humor was a bit dated. Now we know why Chrysler will not succeed. Why spend your Super Bowl dollars with a rap artist touting the lame 200? Would have been at least credible if he were hawking the new 300 blinged out...but a 200. not hardly.


Justin - I had to go to youtube to find the mini countryman ad - called "cram it in the boot" missed it during the game.
it's a different breed than the vw but i think plays well w/ doritos and some of the others during the game.
here's the link:

I agree that the 200 was a major flaw in the Chrysler commercial. Why not something more impressive, like the redesigned 300? Simple, folks. The 300 is built in Canada. The 200 is assembled in Sterling Heights, MI. It's "exported from Detroit." Still, I think the execution of this spot was terrific. "From the hottest fires comes the strongest steel"? Brilliant.


Quick follow-up. Not sure if this was the plan from the start but there seems to be no plan to do anything else w/ the "cram it" motif for Mini Countryman. New Super Size billboard in Times Square is back to the "ice and snow" messaging.

A good car commercial catches your attention and tows you along to the tag. EMNM was a bad choice, but the music was him, and was the emotional underscore for the words in the piece, which made sense, but not number 3. The beetle commercial was cute, but didn't sell me anything. The rich people in jail one was clever, but didn't sell their target audience. Most of these commercials are meant for branding because they don't entice the viewer to get more information, and appear to be meant for viewing entertainment? And what's with the over use of dry boring voice over actors? It's time to get real voices on the air.

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