Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Chrysler 200

Reader Review

The 2011 Chrysler 200 hasn’t been on sale for very long, yet this reader has managed to own two (two?) of them already. “Turned onto 200” of Sunrise, Fla., was so smitten with his V-6-equipped 200 Touring company car that he bought a Limited trim model for home use. To find out how it performs at two very different tasks — commuting and errand running — continue reading below. Once you’re done, write a review of your own car here.


Chrysler 200

"Very happy to have a position where I was awarded a new car for my work travels. Unheard of these days. I had a choice of several makes and models and chose a nicely equipped V6 200 Touring model.

"I needed to replace our old but faithful high-mileage Mercury Montego so decided to go with a 2011 Limited sedan for family use after several weeks of experience with my company car.

"Both Chryslers are very well put together. One is used primarily on highways, the other for mixed city and expressway driving. The all-new six-cylinder provides brisk cruising and is silky smooth, quiet and achieves nearly 35 miles/gallon on the Florida Turnpike. The new 200 is roomy, comfy, and full of an array of creature comforts like heated seats and nicely appointed luxury car-like cloth seats or leather interior that rivals that of a Lexus.

"I strongly recommend the navigation system with media package. Everything is easy to use, straight forward and uncomplicated, another reason for my choice in adding a second 200. We have no complaints and take pride in buying an American-made car again. Twice."


By Colin Bird | February 3, 2011 | Comments (7)



"nearly 35 mpg" wow that's quite a variance from the EPA's estimated 29mpg!



It's all in the driving style. I easily average 35mpg on the highway in my Mazda3 (rated at 29mpg) and I'm a lead-foot. It helps that it has a current fuel economy read-out. This allows me to tailor my driving to keep that number as high as possible (without being obnoxious).


Oh trust me I know it's possible, just shocking, especially out of a car that makes 280-some horsepower.

When I had my 1995 Intrepid the EPA (converted for today) was 24mpg highway and I normally got 28-30. I got 26 mpg driving 80mph with 4 guys and all their luggage in the trunk!


Yea, but his car is v6. I can hardly believe 35 mpg because this is what my Mazda3 2L makes on HWY.

Now. If the number they give comes from computer reading then this is bogus. I only measure mileage by pumping at the same pump.

Besides, this is another of those lame reviews - "my car has leather seats and oh! am so happy they are heated too!!!"
Nothing there about road feel, handling, transmission, brakes. What a waste.


I didn't know Chrysler marketing dept wrote reviews.


My Altima 3.5 gets 32mpg on the highway.


My Shelby SuperSnake get 40mpg.

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