Ram 1500 "Adventurer" Sets Sights on First-time, Young Car Shoppers

am 1500 Code Name Adventurer

We haven’t seen too many significant developments from the Ram truck brand, as it pertains to the retail market, since it broke off from Dodge. That’s until we heard about the new, yet-unnamed Ram model unveiled today.

The new Ram 1500, codenamed “Adventurer,” will focus on the sport truck enthusiast market, offering something for young or first-time car shoppers, according to PickupTrucks.com.

The light-duty truck will come equipped with fog lamps, 20-inch aluminum wheels, air conditioning, automatic headlamps and a standard 390-horsepower Hemi V-8 mated to an automatic transmission. Since this model is more about looks than actual utility, body-colored bumpers and a grille with honeycomb inserts come standard, too.

The model comes in regular cab and short-bed body styles, with either 4X2 or 4X4 drivetrains. Models will start at $22,855, excluding $975 for destination, making it one of the most affordable pickups with a V-8 in the market. This coincides with a worker-friendly V-8-equipped Ram 1500, called the Tradesman, which debuted Monday with a similar price. The Adventurer will go on sale in the second quarter of 2011.

To learn more, check out PickupTrucks.com.

New Ram 1500 "Adventurer" Aimed at Sport Truck Enthusiasts Is Coming (PickupTrucks.com)

By Colin Bird | February 15, 2011 | Comments (15)
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Amuro Ray

"something for young or first-time car shoppers..."

"20-inch aluminum wheel...a standard 390-horsepower Hemi V-8 mated."

PERFECT textbook example on why Americans are addicted to oil. The worst part is, Corp America is telling our next generation to do the same thing!

Who's gonna step up to the plate and give our kids a HUGE dope slap?

We aren't middle east (don't have excess oil), and there is 0 practical reason for a 1st time buyer (or young one, especially) to have 390 ponies under the hood.


Amuro some of us use that 390 horse motor for something other than hot roddin... It gives towing tower to the first time car buyer that need a work truck and something to look good in town. All Hemis have a 390 horse or higher rating and there are more than just towing to that practicality. And technically it has the MDS which provides for the fact at highway speed it kills half the cylenders and saves gas. So don't mouth off about a great truck and price before you think it out


you can look at a first-time car buyer in two ways.

first, you can look at it as a 16-20 year old buying their first car/having it bought for them. in this case, there is no reason for them to have anything with a V8, period.

or, you can look at it as someone that is mid-20's, who might actually have a legitimate reason for buying this vehicle, and needs the tow rating while still looking good.


Amuro Ray: Note that the 5.7L Hemi mentioned above has twice the horsepower of the 4.3L V6 in a Chevy Silverado but the same epa rating of 20 mpg. Are you saying I shouldn't buy the 390 horse engine, even though it can haul and tow more with the same fuel economy? Or are you just saying I shouldn't buy a truck?

Amuro Ray

Folks - the same "excuse" has been used by most of SUV and P/U owners in the last 10 years too.

I bet that 20" aluminum wheels are great for worksites, right?


I'm with Amuro on this one. Dodge does not even mention anything about the trucks towing capabilities.

woot woot

As a 23 year old, THIS IS EXPENSIVE! Good luck selling it...

Ken L.

I believe a sign of progress is when the American boy who used to ride on an American Flyer Wagon, then finally getting his driver's license and graduating to the Ram 1500 "Adventurer". Companies hook'em in, by letting them experience power at an affordable price, the first taste of the good life. This truck is about looking cool with a Hemi V8 to back it up. Young recreational trucks buyers are not going to worry much about its hauling and tow rating capacity. The fun ends once the boy matures, establishes a family, and becomes more realistic; but until then, what's wrong with a little fun???

Amuro Ray


From what u've written, talking 'bou power only, I can't really tell...

@ Ken L,
What is wrong is that - you've just perfectly described our addiction to oil progress.


The features on this truck are so sparse that they made note of the "halogen headlamps" as a standard feature. Have you seen a car since the late 80's that hasn't had them standard? They also make great note of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System as a standard feature. Good to know since it's mandated that all new vehicle come equipped with such.

Cool truck, but I'd laugh at the lack of everything and what I think a high price tag.

I'd say wait until you can buy one used with low miles.


Buy what you want.


It's awesome as a second vehicle. If my main vehicle averaged over 30mpg, which it does, then I would consider a truck like this once it is used and on sale for 14k.


It might be a while before it goes on sale for 14K. Trucks retain their value.


base model Rams haven't. I looked at one right before the last time gas went over 4 dollars a gallon. Glad I didn't get it, but it was a 4WD hemi with 30k miles for 15k.


First time buyer? New drivers?
Big power on a pickup truck?

Sounds like perfect equation for disasters.

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