Preorder a Saab 9-4X and Get a Free iPad

Saab 9-4X, iPad

As Saab prepares to launch its new crossover, the 9-4x, the automaker is trying to drum up consumer awareness by giving away Apple iPads with the first 500 preorders.

Preordering a 9-4x doesn’t require any cash down. Simply go to the automaker’s registration site and submit the form.

Once you do that, you can either pick up your iPad at your local Saab dealership and pay the $500, plus tax, for the Apple tablet before your CUV arrives or wait until after the vehicle’s delivery and get the computer for free.

For the tech nerds amongst us — this is a 16-gigabyte iPad with Wi-Fi only.

The Saab 9-4x has a starting price of $34,205, excluding a destination fee. The first Saab crossover rolled off the production line yesterday in Mexico. Expect sales to begin in May here.

By Colin Bird | February 16, 2011 | Comments (10)



I'd say it's hardly free if you buy a 34k car for an Ipad.

Amuro Ray

With u on that one too, Nic.

In fact, this is a big's like u r paying $500 for the iPad (which now cost about $430 on a refurb). Worst of all, u can't say, "take out the iPad and give me $500 discount" since u've essentially shown that u r a die-hard fan by pre-ordering a nothing special SUV (industry 1st!) and will be willing to pay close to full price for it.

FYI-The profit margin on this vehicle is about $5000-$6000, based on MSRP.

Car Guy

So let me get this straight. You can go out and pay $34,000 for an SUV and just get the SUV. Or You can go out and buy a Saab 9-4X for $34,000, just like any other SUV for that price and they give you an iPad as well.

Regardless of what an iPad costs, if they are giving it to you with the car while it's competitors aren't doing the same.. why do you guys assume it's not free? If you don't take the iPad, the price remains the same. Hence it is free.


Yeah I understand your point but how many people are looking to buy a 9-4x who are also looking to get an Ipad. It seems to me the real point of this is to make you WANT to purchase this car JUST for the Ipad. Which makes it really cost 34k.


But anyway I think the Ipads are stupid anyway. If they offered say....a REAL laptop computer rather than an oversized Iphone with even less features and 5 times the size..and I was in the market for a luxury crossover then maybe, just maybe. But when you are buying such an expensive item at $30-40k, what does it hurt to go to Best Buy and spend a measly $500 on whatever you want?


Car Guy,

this is completely, to dumb even more already dumb Americans into buying this drek. When this Mexican creation, which will have 300 sold all year will stay unsold for some time @ (I don't even know where is it located withing 50 miles) the dealer, one will come and buy one with $5K discount.
For 5K I can buy the pad, the hooker and many other goods of life.

Honestly, don't Americans know already that SAAB is the dumbest choice after Suzuki?

Amuro Ray

"If you don't take the iPad, the price remains the same"

Not true, carguy.

MSRP remains the same, but most likely a different (and probably more expensive) negotiated, out the door price, if iPad is included, unless you always pay MSRP when buying a vehicle. It (iPad) has to be "counted" somewhere.

Ken L.

I think some of us want our car purchases completely itemized.


In regards to this idea of giving buyers an ipad, this has been done before when you buy a Hyundai EQUUS.


Yeah, an even more expensive Ipad.

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