Government Wants Delay of Backup Camera Requirement

2010 Infiniti EX backup camera

The Obama administration has asked for more time to finalize proposed rules that would require backup cameras in all vehicles by late 2014.

The regulations were supposed to be finalized today, according to the Detroit News. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency that would be responsible for enforcing the new rules, said in a statement that it needs more time “to analyze public comments, complete the rulemaking process and issue a final rule.” Under the original proposal, 10% of new vehicles would need backup cameras by September 2012, 40% by September 2013 and 100% by September 2014.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers — a lobbying group that represents the Detroit Three and other big players like Toyota, Mazda and Volkswagen — has opposed the regulation because it’s too costly. If the rule is finalized, the backup cameras would cost the industry $1.9 billion to $2.7 billion annually, according to NHTSA.

For consumers, that translates to an additional $159 to $203 on vehicles with no in-dash display and $58 to $88 on vehicles that already come with displays, according to the Detroit News.

The backup cameras are intended to help save some 100 lives a year, according to NHTSA. The lost lives are usually that of children, ages 5 or younger.

Quite morbidly, the amount of money the regulations would cost the car industry outweigh the cost in human life, according to NHTSA’s analysis. The safety agency estimates that a human life is statistically worth $6.1 million. The cost of the regulations would cost $11.3 million to $72.2 million per life saved.

NHTSA seeks to delay in-vehicle camera regulations (The Detroit News)

By Colin Bird | February 28, 2011 | Comments (8)


Legislative Geek

I would also argue that as we become more dependent on the camera display, we fail to physically LOOK behind us. Not sure about you, but the cameras in all the cars I've driven have plenty of blind spots. Nothing like backing up and waiting for a beep, only to have run over a small child that didn't trigger your parking sensors.

Harry Napple

Presently have "back-up cameras" and do not use them. They are there but if you do not look at it what difference does it make? What a waste! Get the government out of it. If people want them they will buy them. Just because they are there is no assurance that they will be used.


i agree, government regulations are out of control. 100 deaths a year, given the number of cars operated annually, is ridiculously low. go find some other non-problem to solve!


There's a lot of other reasons I'd want to see a backup camera other than just saving lives. Backing up to a trailer, backing into a parking spot without hitting a column/another car, etc. Trunks are just too high these days.


I think it is another distraction that a driver does not need.


i also agree the statement above...


K. M. Stoddard

A FREE and SAFER solution has been available since the birth of the automobile; back into the parking space instead of pulling into it. When the time comes to drive away, you'll then have an unobscured view. With a little practice, anyone can do it.

It is not about always about lousy backing up parking skills. At times it can be about not accidentally backing up on something like a garden gnome.

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