Dear Internet: The Chevy Equinox Didn't Get Its Advertised Mileage

When Chevy introduced its redesigned Equinox, it received wide acclaim for being a well-rounded, affordable crossover. In fact, a year after its introduction, the Equinox earned the top spot in our $29,000 SUV Shootout. But one thing has dogged it in online forums and even in comment sections on blogs like KickingTires.

The internet wasn’t buying its advertised mileage of 32 mpg highway.


During our mileage challenge for the Shootout, we discovered the internet was right. We took all nine vehicles on a 145-mile route of mostly highway driving, and the results were clear. While most contenders returned mileage on par with their highway figures, some even besting them, the Equinox achieved 27.5 mpg over the course of the route, 4.5 mpg below the 32 mpg rating.

What about the Eco mode it can run in? Well, dear internet, we drove the route a second time with the Equinox in Eco mode, just for you. The thriftier mode — which arguably should help more in around-town driving than on the highway — returned just 27.9 mpg. We used the average of the two figures in the final mileage rating of 27.7 mpg.

The Kia Sportage experienced a similar dip between observed and estimated mileage. The best SUV in our mileage challenge was the Honda CR-V, at 28.8 mpg observed.

Does this mean the Equinox is less of a car than if it did return 32 mpg as stated? Definitely. Fuel efficiency plays an important role in any car purchase, but we took the real mileage into account for our final scores, and the Equinox still won by a healthy margin.

What do you think? Does the Equinox’s real-world mileage make you less likely to consider it for a purchase, or does knowing it still comes in close to the best in the class good enough?
By David Thomas | February 4, 2011 | Comments (66)



28mpg in a 4,000 pound cube? I think that's fantastic.

For what it's worth, please bear in mind that the EPA rating is just that -- an EPA rating. GM is a popular punching bag these days, but if you want to blame anyone, it will have to be the EPA. As explained to me by a Toyota marketing exec a few years ago when EPA ratings were grossly overstating hybrid mileage, the automakers are forbidden from publishing or advertising anything but the EPA figure. That means they technically can't use a lower number, even if they were willing to give themselves that competitive disadvantage.


Why did you rely on the trip computer for your data when you tried to control all other aspects of the testing methodology? That's a major variable to rely on. This is regarding all vehicles, not just the Equinox.

BTW all three vehicles rated above 30 EPA Hwy failed.

Anonymous Coward

A lot of trip computers tend to be optimistic.


did this vehicle have AWD?

and Consumer Reports didnt have any trouble getting 30 mpg highway with their AWD Equinox, so i can see a FWD one getting 32 mpg easily.



If I remember correctly, they didn't. They said they filled each vehicle up to full at the same pump at the same station, and filled it to 2 clicks. Sounds pretty standard to me.


Just to confirm:

"Per our usual mileage evaluation standards, we filled the tires to their recommended pressure, kept windows and sunroofs closed, avoided cruise control and kept the air conditioning on. To start and end each leg, we filled each crossover full to two clicks, all from the same fuel pump."

We had to go with trip computers because, believe it or not, the pump we used wasn't giving accurate fillups unfortunately, especially for the Kia.

We've written before about variations and trip computers and how little they're actually off the real world figures.


What was the average speed? Talking mpgs without mentioning speed is pointless. A heavy vehicle like equinox isn't going to stand a chance of hitting 32mpg at anything more than 65mph or even less. If the other highly rated cuvs failed to hit their marks it would suggest that speed was a factor. This post makes it seem like only the chevy failed to deliver epa mileage. Tell the whole story.

I added the link to the mileage report to the story. As noted in another post, it was mostly highway driving in optimal driving conditions. Perfect weather, light traffic etc.

Amuro Ray

I was gonna state the same thg y'day too, D.T. Like you said, it's been long said that E's mpg is really a marketing "lie." Most of the SUVs u folks had tested met or almost met the fwy EPA mpg, except for Kia and this. OTOH, one do see a trend here - Volt, Equinox, etc.



Why not use your own measure,such as a 10 and 5 gallon gas containers or other necessary meansures, so as to eliminate any disputes to the most extent? Play real and get serious.

Nowadays,EPA is very political thing. The EPA rating system leaves alot of leeway for some aggressive manufacturers to play around, which will hurt them in long run, I believe.

Like's very interactive,creative , substantive programs. Thumb up.

Going into it we thought we would have two good judgments with the pump and the computer. We've never experienced a pump problem before.


Yea Dave what about the was the speed..the speed Dave what about the speed. Your speed was biased against the Equinox. It was the speed wasn't Dave. Now Admit It. LMFAO


Mileage is affected by speed. Saying the chevy didn't get 32mpg in your test isn't the same as proving it 'can't' hit its epa figure. If other vehicles missed the mark that suggests speed was a factor. Vehicles with lower ratings that seem more realistic seem more likely to hit their epa targets at conventional cruising speeds. I've noticed recent hyundai and ford models with lofty ratings are not meeting epa figures in testing. Of course those vehicles don't get as much coverage as the punching bag equinox.

At 65mph I bet all of these vehicles would've hit their targets. Few of us drive at 65 on open road though.


Just looked at the chart again and the sportage did even worse than the Chevy. Why is the Kia getting a free pass here? It was off by 14%. Chevy was off by 13%.

The Kia isn't even mentioned in this post. Try to be objective guys.

Speed would only matter if we were testing the Equinox to beat it's highway claim, which we weren't. The test was against the other 8 crossovers. HOWEVER when we saw the results I was spurred to pen this post.

The Equinox still won the darn shootout. Sheesh.


Come on Dave, admit it, you didn't drive 65. Come on admit it. 65, not 64, not 66. It's the speed I tell you, it's the speed. Admit it Dave. We all must drive 65 to get our EPA milage! It's the speed I tell ya.

I know you're kidding obviously but we followed each other on these routes and had to meet and swap on each leg. So yes, theoretically I could've hauled butt when behind the wheel of the Equinox only to throw off the mileage. However, that just didn't happen. Plus we did it twice with the Equinox.

Amuro Ray

No no's not about the speed, Ziggy. This is a Toyota and Honda car dealership website, that's why. DT et al are obligated to bias against the E 'coz this is a site that sells Honda and Toyota!

(BTW, I thought that EPA test figure on fwy is 55 mph, no? Just curious...)

Where's the Quest review, D.T.?

Quest review has been written. Gone through two edits and has two more edits to go. I will try to post it by mid week next week but there's an auto show.
In short: I liked it.


Oh no. Chicago Autoshow coverage first...Quest review can go to Mom's-on-wheels or whatever your sister website is.

Amuro Ray

That's not nice, H. And it's called "MotherProof" - u can learn a thg or 2 from there too, esp when u've kids.

Thx DT. I guess kickingtire will then become a dealership site for Honda, Toyota & Nissan. 3Xhehe.

What a fun Friday today!


And it wasn't mean. I'd rather see autoshow coverage than another minivan review.

Amuro Ray

When I said that it wasn't nice, it's not 'bou the auto show part, it's about

"whatever your sister website is."

Kinda degrading to the moms (and dads) who have worked hard for the sister site, u know?


I thought we all agreed at our secret meeting we would never fully admit to being Toyota/Honda/Nissan dealers? Why does the memo always get to me late!?! :)


Well I used to have a Toyota Corolla 5 speed 1999 and that car gave me up to 42mpg highway stock when I installed bigger aftermarket wheels it drop to 30-31mpg and sometimes like 28 combined. Now I drive a 2006 Honda Accord EX-L V6 5 speed auto and its only giving me between 16-18mpg city and 25-26 highway only 1 time I saw 28mph hwy and the epa rated that car at 20/29 and the car only have 56k miles and maintenance is up to date and i drove that car like grandma would to speeding and always same mileage even with windows n moonroof open or close with or without ac


28 mpg hwy* sorry

Troy S.

This isn't the first time GM has over promised and under delivered... I'm still waiting on the Chevy Volt to get 230 the CEO exclaimed in August of 2009.

See here:

Maybe this was before GM cycled 4 CEOs and finally told the truth about the Volt's drive train.


It is their sister website...shoot me because I couldn't name it off the top of my head.


Troy S.,
You must read only what you want to - GM doesn't set the EPA figures, the EPA does. And the 230 mpg for the Volt was based off of a formula that the EPA doesn't use- just like the huge figure that Nissan published for the Leaf around the same time was.


Troy S.


If you would have read the link in my last post, you'd realize that I mentioned what GM's CEO, Fritz said in the CNN article (in my last post).

Look again....and then feel free to apologize.

Troy S.



EPA sets measures, while automakers report/file their EPAs. EPA does some selective checkup



Who cares. Don't buy one. Don't read anything about it. Don't concern yourself with anything GM. Move on.


Hey, does any vehicle hit the EPA estimate? I'm not sure if this Chevy's fault, I'd point the finger at the EPA.

Troy S.


I see your point.

I happen to have a different view.

I feel as if some honesty needs to be built into marketing.If customers are mislead they will shop elsewhere.

GM's TV commercials and website advertise 32 MPG from the Equinox. They even go so far as to say which competing vehicles it supposedly beats. See for yourself.

Here's a link from their website:

Many customers spend their hard earned money based on these advertisements. In the end, the customer gets the short end of the stick.

So to answer your question: Who cares?

I do and so should you unless you'd prefer to continuously pay for products that don't provide what they're advertised to do.


Here let me copy something directly from

Why Does Fuel Economy Vary?

EPA has improved its methods for estimating fuel economy, but your mileage will still vary.

EPA tests are designed reflect "typical" driving conditions and driver behavior, but several factors can affect MPG significantly:

•How & Where You Drive
•Vehicle Condition & Maintenance
•Fuel Variations
•Vehicle Variations
•Engine Break-In
Therefore, the EPA ratings are a useful tool for comparing the fuel economies of different vehicles but may not accurately predict the average MPG you will get.

There is additioanl information available on at the same site which may help you understand how EPA estimated mileage is NOT a performance guarantee.

If you've got a problem with GM and advertising their EPA estimated mileage then I suggest you take it up with the EPA as the regulating agency.


H and Chris,

Looking back at the mileage chart, 5 of the 9 SUVS either surpassed their EPA rated highway, or were within 1 mpg of doing so. THAT'S why the Equinox is getting so much bashing--because it was slotted in between two SUVs who have EPA ratings of 22/28.



Kia missed the mark by the largest margin. Did you miss that part? I guess you did. I asked why the Chevy is singled out when the Kia was 14% off the mark. No one answered but all the anti GM folks jumped on my back and assured me that everything was 100% objective. Several of the CUVs missed their EPA highway figures which would suggest the EPA highway testing regimen still isn't reflective of real world cruising. The worse offender was the Kia, not the Chevy. Look at the results for yourself.


GM doesn't set the testing procedures. If the Equinox gets 32mg per the EPA test they can advertise that figure. It's stupid to claim GM is guilt of false advertising for talking about a figure they obtained using government specified procedures. In case you hadnt noticed, all automakers tout their EPA test numbers when those numbers are class leading. Hyundai does it all the time even though their vehicles have often failed to match EPA numbers in road tests conducted by the media. Why are you and others not up in arms about that? Oh, that's right Hyundai isnt Gm so you could care less about their optimistic EPA figures.

furthermore the EPA stickers show a RANGE of values. I'd guess on the Equinox the highway range is probably listed as 29-34mpg or something very close to that. The large number that is advertised is not the ONLY figure that is considered realistic by the EPA as H alluded to in his post. They make it clear your mileage will vary based on speed, conditions, loading, topography, etc.


"Many customers spend their hard earned money based on these advertisements. In the end, the customer gets the short end of the stick."

The fact that you've never read the ENTIRE EPA rating info on a sticker or reviewed the caveats noted on the EPA's site doesn't mean GM is false advertising my man. You need to do some more research before making such ridiculous claims. Nowhere will you find evidence that GM or the EPA guarantees you will get 32mpg under any and all circumstances. As an adult, you should know better.

"If you would have read the link in my last post, you'd realize that I mentioned what GM's CEO, Fritz said in the CNN article (in my last post)."

Would you stop repeating this nonsense? The claim GM made was based on the EPA test procedures for NORMAL cars. After that statement, the EPA confirmed it was working on NEW standards for plug in electrics and that they wouldn't use the normal test. GM wasnt lying, they were simply using the test that existed at the time. Stop lying by claiming GM's CEO was purposely misleading people.

"This isn't the first time GM has over promised and under delivered... "

Car and driver and autoblog have driven the new Cruze ECO- both reported they achieved 42-43mpg in highway driving- the EPA rating is 42mpg. Care to explain?

"Speed would only matter if we were testing the Equinox to beat it's highway claim, which we weren't. The test was against the other 8 crossovers. HOWEVER when we saw the results I was spurred to pen this post."

DT- you still haven't explained why you only mentioned the Chevy and not the 31mpg Kia. In addition, it's clear that 3 or 4 models failed to achieve their EPA ratings on the highway.



There are a lot of blogs out there complaining of the Equinox poor fuel mileage. I think a vehicle that tested 4+ mpg under it's estimated rating compared to the other vehicles that have almost met (by a few tenths) or exceeded their rating is significant. I'm almost certain when you calm down you'd think it's significant as well.

I also agree the Kia should get the same lashing. But as you would expect, Chevy will is in the limelight because of their powerhouse sales in the market. Remember how badly Toyota was put under the microscope when they were projected to take #1?

But then again as someone else noted Chevy certainly does take those figures attained by the EPA to attack other manufacturers. Chevy opened Pandora's box when they ripped competitors short comings when they couldn't even come close themselves.


Lots of Blah blah blah about defending the Equinox mileage but this I know. Last 5 cars I have owned I have got at or above the HW MPG so why would I not expect it this time?? I finally found an SUV that I could live with the MPG as I do alot of highway driving to see my grandkids and this vehicle gets no where near the 32 estimated highway MPG. Checked while actually moving down the flat Ohio turnpike, no wind, and I cannot get above 25 mpg. I feel I have been scammed. FWD 4 cycl


Who cares what mpg's the Equinox gets. It's a chick car made by Chevy. I can't think of many worse things!



I asked that same question about why Kia did so poorly in the other thread. Did you miss that part? I guess you did.

ANYWAYS, KT explained that Kia had 18" wheels while Hyundai had 17" and that the EPA doesn't compensate for the wheel size change. So while I do think it was still pathetic fuel economy, at least it seems to have some reason. Maybe the Equinox had the same issue? I don't know, but I do know most everyone claims the 32mpg highway is BS.

Amuro Ray


Don't u know that the digital ink waster has a comprehension problem? If the sentence is "GM has long been using an EPA # that is no good in reflecting the real world result." This person will just decipher the sentence into "GM, good."

BTW, although Kia's result was also bad, this post is about GM. More importantly, for those who have gone to college and learned about logics, using another bad example to try to make something bad to look good is a gimmick used by con man and jerks all the time. In fact, those idiots will constantly point to the other bad example and try to make others to forget about the original issues. See that pattern there?

Here's 1 good analogy: Person A has committed 1 murder. Person B has committed 10 murders. By pointing at Person B and saying "look, that person has committed 10 murders; Person A has only committed 1!" Does that make Person A committed any less of a crime/murder than Person B? In reality, Person A's crime is just as serious as Person B, no less.

Troy S.

Sheth and H,

You're both missing my point. I don't have a problem with the EPA or it's rating. I have a problem with GM's over promising and under delivering and misleading dishonesty in it's marketing.

You're certainly free to derail my posts by your very poorly executed "redirection" toward the EPA in an ill fated attempt to shine a brighter light on the "New" GM.



I wish I could live an alternate universe where advertising your EPA figures counts as ATTACKING the competition. Chevy is stating a fact, not misleading the public or attacking anyone. I notice many of you chose to ignore the comment by JW earlier that noted the EPA is really at fault here if the rating is wrong.Furthermmore the claims that all equinox owners have claimed the mileage is unattainable is false. I've seen posts from numerous owners that have gotten 30-32mpg in their vehicles but they all noted that modest highway speeds are necessary to hit those numbers. One owner noted that over 65mph or so mileage drops noticeably.



No you are missing the point- GM is not falsely advertising when they tout EPA mileage figures. Furthermore, one would have to be an idiot to use ONE test (in which no info was provided about speed) to determine that the Equinox, in general, is totally incapable of meeting its EPA rating. There are numerous reviews of the Equinox where journalists managed to hit the EPA combined mileage during several days of testing. How do you explain that? also, how do you explain owners who claim to have seen 32mpg on the highway?

No "misdirection" was rerquired to nullify your raants. Your claims about the Volt are totally wrong. In addition, I just pointed out early reviews of the Cruze eco have shown it was able to hit 42mpg. Where is your proof of GM's rampant misrepresentation in ads? BTW, the 230mpg figure you keep talking about in regards to the Volt was never used in any ads.



On a 3500lb+ vehicle a 1" increase in wheel size isnt going to make mpg drop by 5mpg. Thats just ridiculous. Automakers have to provide different ratings for vehicles that have any major mechanical changes that will adversely affect mileage. I don't believe vehicles need to be tested when they have different final drive or axle ratios and that could lead to slightle inaccurate ratings at times. A +1 wheel size will not lead to any appreciable drop in mileage. The Kia did worse than the Equinox and yet we have 3 or 4 posters here going on and on about this being some sort of proof of GM's underhanded tactics. One person claims we don't need to worry about the Kia because it doesn't sell in the same volumes as the Equinox. Lamest excuse I've ever heard. Bottom line is people only want to talk about the Chevy because they are mad that per the EPA's system it gets 32mpg which surpasses the top selling imports.



Let me see if I can put this in terms that a simple minded person can understand. When you have a test of 9 vehicles and 4 of those 9 don't meet EPA ratings and one of those vehicles does worse than the vehicle thats being attacked LOGIC dictates that either the conditions werent condusive to achieving EPA mileage or the test doesn't reflect real world conditions for the average highway drive. Since you are so wedded to logic (and college educated) you should be able to understand me. It makes no sense to single out the 2nd worse performer in a test were numerous vehicle failed to meet EPA ratings and say we have "proof" that this vehicle's manufacturer is guilty of misrepresenting the vehicle's performance to the public. How can the Equinox/GM be soley at fault when the Kia is 14% off its EPA rating? You say to ignore that because we are ONLY talking about the Chevy. No, YOU are only talking about the Chevy- I am talking about the Kia as well. Naturally since your domestic bashing spin has been exposed once again you want us to look the other way when the Kia's real world mileage is mentioned.


So you're calling people names? Calling people an "idiot"? Are you 11 years old? Don't get upset because you want all this proof but can't even develop any of your own.

Final drive ratios change fuel mileage figures Sheth and can do so significantly. Where is YOUR proof that it doesn't? When was the last time you changed the final drive on a vehicle? Oh right, you're not a mechanic, you're a cave dwelling troll who knows more than everyone else. The final drive is one of the most IMPORTANT factors with developing good fuel economy.

Wheel size can actually change fuel mileage figures. If the wheel is heavier and wider, with a wider tire and a more road resistant tire. Rotational mass and friction can suck. Where is YOUR proof that it doesn't?

We'll be sure to keep our Equinox under 65 mph, especially on highways with 65+ mph speed limits. Good advice. I have owned dozens of cars, all capable of exceeded mileage figures even above 65 mph. My Suburban never fails to get me 2 mpg under it's rating, while my Mazdaspeed3 gets me 30+ mph even at 80 mph. A vehicle rated at 25 mpg getting 30? Absurd! I must have deactivated the turbo and two of the cylinders! I must have been towing a boat with the Suburban, it's the only explanation! You don't like word of mouth, so let us disregard that.

I guess is at it again with conspiracy. They clearly have some hidden agenda with your precious Chevy and Kia. They were able to attain mileage within tenths of the EPA figures or even exceeded with the other vehicles, so it's OBVIOUSLY skewed against the Chevy. Right? That makes sense right? 5 of the 7 cars actually got figures that made sense, but the Chevy was just the red-headed step child. 5 of 7 is certainly a better statistic than 2 of 9.

Sorry Sheth, there are blogs out there SPECIFIC to the terrible Equinox mileage. It's not me, sir. Maybe it's staff and us Toyota dealers heightening our reign against that blasted GM!

I am not the type to post other web addresses, anyone with a clue can find them. Most auto manufacturers state their positive attributes but don't tend to go as far as attacking it's specific competition like Chevy and Ford do. You'd probably come up with some reason for them to be hacked rigmarole.


Shet... as predictable as ever.

I can attest to the mileage of the Kia Sportage personally. Bought it last year.

It is no where close to the rating city or highway. The best city mileage I have gotten is 18, the best highway was 26. Maybe, just maybe I could get 30 mpg highway going 55-60 mph on flat ground or going downhill. But no one will ever get there if they drive on a real highway at actual highway speeds.

And sorry no, I don't blame the EPA for the rampant BS mileage ratings. Some companies actually engineer their vehicles to get good gas mileage, not just to meet a test.

I would like to know more about which vehicles the EPA has actually tested and those that just receive data from manufacturers...

And where are all these tests about the Equinox actually getting 32 mpg highway? I have seen maybe (maybe) 2 sites that have said. I have seen in excess of 5 that didn't.

Never Again

Buying my Equinox was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Even if I drive it like a snail it only gets me within 5mpg of the stated EPA numbers - totally unacceptable but a well known problem among owners. The trans has leaked twice, the radio was just replaced for freezing up, and the rear passenger window will often go dead for hours at a time. It really sucks when you have it cracked and it starts raining! I should have listened to my father and not bought a Chevy.

Troy S.

Sheth and H,

I don't ever recall the EPA selling cars. GM advertises, markets and sells the Equinox. The vehicle fell short of GM's advertisement and marketing.....Not the EPA's....again....because the EPA doesn't sell cars.

Shane Borowski

What actions can a consumer take if they are unhappy with the resulting MPG after purchase? We bought a 2010 Highlander Hybrind, advertised for 27 city and 25 hwy, and we mainly do city driving, and after 6K miles we are getting 19 mpg. That is just a gross false advertisement and we are really upset with it.


I would gladly trade you my Equinox for your Highlander. Our Equinox hasn't even achieved 19mpg on the highway. Chevy recently had it for an entire week and responded with the car works as designed. I'll never buy another GM car.

Bill C

Bought one, 1st check 21.1,
2nd check 24.3, 3rd check
24.5 that's where it has
stayed for 4 months. Not
very happy figured it
should be 27-28.


The Lumina got good mileage, but Chevy doesn't make it anymore ;(


I have a 2011 Equinox 4 cyl, FWD.....24.9 mpg on the hwy is the best I've gotten since I bought it. GM / Chevy lied. I wouldn't care if they said it got 26-27 mpg hwy, but 32???? They wonder why the government had to bail them out! I had always owned Honda's and now wonder why I don't again!

Steven Donald

I uploaded a video of my chevy equinox driving in the city with the instant and average mpg in camera frame. Check out how it does:


I bought a 2012 Equinox 4 cyl about 4 months ago. I am very pleased by the quality and functionality of this car. With regard to the fuel mileage, I have never gotten less than 22.5 in town. After 3-4000 miles, the mileage seems to have improved somewhat. Currently I get 25-26 in overall mixed driving. All long trips have been between Ohio and Wash. DC over the Cumberland mountains, so the mileage has suffered somewhat, but the last time we drove from DC to Dayton, Ohio we got 29MPG at 70 MPH. The DIC is accurate compared with hand calculations. Nex week we are going to Hilton Head and back, so I will get a good idea of the highway mileage on a trip that does not include steep hills for most of the way. I anticipate that it should deliver an honest 30+ MPG at 70 MPH. I am very happy with this thing.


i have a 2012 equinox my average milage has never gotten above 23 mpg thats 9 miles below the average im ready to take it back


i get 33to 34 @ 70-73 mph on the computer .when i fill up i put 16.5 gallons .and the most i get is 460 .0n a 4cylinders 2013 equinox do the math. i had an 2004 malibu lt v6 and it was giving me 32-35 on the highway .515 under 15 gallons of gas . i had a camaro 2010 it said got 32 at 70 at 75 and above 25-26 . 460 miles on 17 gallons ofgas


i put 16-16.5 gallons in the equinox lt1 460 mostly highway couple of times over 75 mph mostly 70-73 . the malibu v6 was 70-75 total cost for the oil changes a set of tires and repairs in 6 years about 1350 bucks i loved that car .i got rid of it at 112.5 k miles i was going to change the sparkplugs and end it getting the camaro .

Gene Andrews

Have a 2012 Equinox.
My avg for 17,6203 Miles is 24.2 mpg The "computer" generated mpg is ALWAYs higher by 1 -> 1.5 mpg than my calculations. This is quite possible on an specific fill-up BUT NOT consistently over a long period of time.

My avg is mostly going to and from work. The 24.2 probably close to expected. So no complaints on "TRUE" mpg, but the computer generated one seems to falsely indicated a higher mpg. Cain explain a couple of tenths diff, BUT NOT a consistent 1 -> 1.5 lower average!

Gene Andrews

17,6203 = Typo
should read 16,723 miles

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