Reviews the 2011 Nissan Quest

2011 Nissan QuestA slew of new minivans is hitting the market for 2011; technically, all the models have been re-engineered or enhanced. The 2011 Nissan Quest is the newest kid on the block, coming back to U.S. shores after a two-year hiatus. The van has a fairly odd, boxy look to it, according to senior editor David Thomas, and there isn’t as much room as the other vans. Still, there’s a luxurious interior and a powerful and fuel-efficient powertrain, which some people might prefer over the more traditional Honda or Dodge competition.

2011 Nissan Quest Review

By Colin Bird | February 22, 2011 | Comments (8)


Matt C.

Kind of looks like the Ford Aerostar and the Chevy Astro had sweet clean a love child.

If only I could convince my wife that mini vans were awesome.

Amuro Ray

FINALLY!!!!! (After 913 re-editing)

Thx D.T. An excellent article. If it's not the 2nd bench row seats (absence), it would have been on my shopping list - top of it.

True that it's expensive, but I bet that our currency exchange has a lot to do with it too (vs all others that are made here in N. America).

Do have a question 4 ya - how important do u think of the lift-gate feature?

(I've seen many m.v. owners of O & S that have this features. It looks cool, great, but not sure if it's useful. This is from someone who used to be a teen sitting in a minivan w/o ANY power features other than power windows.)

Amuro Ray

Sorry, I meant to say,

"how important do u think of the POWER lift-gate feature?"


I like the rear boxy look. Much better than all the other vans you can't tell apart. I know now who is the mother of my Cube.

It certainly isn't as important as the sliding doors because you want to either have the kiddies getting themselves in or you're carrying them and need to put them in their seats asap.
The tailgate isn't as vital. However, I think it's one of those creature features I find myself really appreciating on test cars when shopping. It just saves a step. Won't kill you to do it yourself but...

Amuro Ray

Got it. Thx. Forgot to ask - does the rear liftgate glass open by itself, or is it perm attached to the liftgate?

Kevin B.

I'm not sure which is uglier this or the Dodge but it's close. No design flow whatsoever, kind of reminds me of a 80's GM parts bin car.

David, thanks for writing a great review that we really enjoyed reading!

Busam Nissan
1501 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246

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