Caption This: What Are You Looking At?

Sometimes when we sit down to edit photographs — namely staff photographer Ian Merritt does — we notice something we didn’t catch at the time.

That’s the case with this photo of Ram’s new diesel heavy-duty truck. The talk at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show is all about the engine, which is sprawled out in this photo, but this onlooker seems interested in something off-camera in the other direction.

Give us your best photo caption in the comment section below.

By David Thomas | February 10, 2011 | Comments (23)


Cristian Alexander

"... so where are the air horns?"


"Rats have already eaten the insulation"


This thing take urea?

patrick n

"Where's the Ram?"


"Hey, I like having cup holders all over the place, but this is a strange location for one."

"Wonder how my 401K is doing now that Dodge is turning a profit"


This paint so shiny I can see my comb-over and it looks GOOOOOODDDDD!


Aw, no hood scoop again?


"Made in Japan !?!.... What the hay !!!...."


If I stick my gum up there, will anyone notice?

Amuro Ray

Who left that joint (cannabis) up there in that gap under the hood? And is that a Miller Genuine Draft imprint I see in the paint?


"How is this hood staying up?"


Is that Eminem stuck under there?


"Oh yeaaaaaah, this hood is EXACTLY what I needed in bed! WHO'S A SEXY BEAST?!?!?"

Troy S.

"That's a nice looking Tundra over there".


"Did I go to Wendy's twice yesturday?"

Idaho Guy

But where's the light?


he was looking at the dodge logo imprinted on the sound deadening material


and if the brand is now named ram then why does the engine say dodge, shouldn't that say ram?

"Does that hood liner tag say, 'Indebted to Americans'?"

Bryan Harris

"OMG! Not Again" "My Chevys & Fords can't compete with this WORK HORSE"


The RAM Brand suit is thinking to himself..."Is this 1 of those DEATH WOBBLE & VIOLENT shaking trucks?"


Wow, this is big! I wonder if it'll make me look more macho even though I'm wearing this tie...

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