2012 Infiniti M35h Hybrid Priced at $53,700

2012 Infiniti M35h HybridInfiniti priced its 2012 M35h hybrid today at $53,700, excluding a destination charge of $875. With an estimated fuel-economy rating of 27/32 mpg city/highway, the V-6-equipped luxury hybrid sedan has few competitors.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is more fuel efficient at 41/36 mpg and more affordable — $34,605 — compared to the Infiniti, but that model features less power compared to the Infiniti's V-6 power. It is also a smaller sedan. The closest competitor to the Infiniti M35h is the Lexus GS 450h, which has a starting price of $58,050 and gets worse gas mileage. The gasoline-only 2011 M37 with rear-wheel drive starts at $47,050 before a destination charge.

The Infiniti M35h gets standard 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter, heated front seats, a passive smart key entry system and push-button start, 7-inch display, backup camera, Bluetooth connectivity and a power-sliding moonroof.

Available features include an 8-inch touch-screen display with lane guidance, adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning and intervention systems, and a navigation system, among other high-tech options. For more information on the M35h's hybrid powertrain, check out our First Look here.

The Infiniti M35h goes on sale March 16, and the non-hybrid variants go on sale March 2. The non-hybrid 2012 Infiniti M has a starting of $47,700, which is $650 more than the 2011 model.



Now if Infiniti would bring back the Q, everything would be perfect!

Amuro Ray

@ M,

The Q is gone. PERIOD!

Japan <> US/Canada
Nissan Infiniti Q45/Nissan President variant = early generation Q45
Nissan Cima = late generation Q45
(Nissan Fuga replaced Nissan Cima/President in Japan in 2010).
Nissan Fuga = M35/M37/M45/M56


I really used to like Infiniti styling. Sadly, they have gone the way of Acura in recent years. To be fair, Infiniti models look better as they don't have the Acura "beak" but they have exaggerated their "pug-nosed" inflated fender styling to the point of being comical. I'll wait for the next complete redesign, thank you.


I don't think the Q45 is gone period...that's a little dramatic. Infiniti still needs a flagship model and I don't think the M is it. Something built off a stretched Maxima would be cool. But then again, how many big luxury sedans would they sell? I think BMW Mercedes and Lexus pretty much has that market.

Amuro Ray

Fuga is the flagship of Nissan right now. Fuga is the M. The notation - Q, M, J, etc. - are just US Infiniti model # for marketing; they really mean nothing for practical purpose. It's the "Z34," "Z12," "Y34,"C11," "Y51," "R35," etc. that really counts for Nissan - these are the internal model designations.

Maxima is an US-spec only model. It's based on the FWD D-platform. Flagship of Nissan - as in basically all other manufacturers too - are RWD and/or AWD. Fuga is a RWD/AWD platform vehicle.

Take this as a bitter prize - Nissan could have called the M, the Q; it chose not to.

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