2012 Ford Focus SFE Gets 28/40 MPG Rating

2012 Ford FocusFord has long said that the 2012 Ford Focus would get a 40-mpg highway rating, and the EPA agreed today.

The 2012 Focus, with the Super Fuel Economy Package and six-speed automatic transmission, will achieve 28 mpg city and 40 mpg highway, the EPA said. That version of the Focus stacks up well against the Toyota Corolla (26/34 mpg) and Chevrolet Cruze Eco with an automatic transmission (26/37 mpg). All versions of the 2011 Hyundai Elantra gets 29 mpg city and 40 mpg highway, and the 2012 Honda Civic gets a maximum 41 mpg highway rating with its High Fuel economy package. When you take in the whole picture, Ford’s figures are close to the top of the class, but there is a caveat: These figures only apply to the SFE Package.

The SFE Package comes with 16-inch steel wheels with aero wheel covers, an active grille shutter, high-efficiency tires and a rear spoiler. The big potential safety difference between the SE and the SE with SFE are the four-wheel-disc brakes that come with the package. The regular SE comes with front disc/rear drum with antilock brakes; drums tend to be less effective compared with disc brakes. The SFE Package costs an additional $495.

The SFE Package can only be paired with SE-trimmed vehicles or higher (minimum MSRP of $18,860). As for fuel-economy figures without the special equipment or with the five-speed manual transmission, they’re not available yet.

We’ve reached out to Ford, and we'll let you know of any updates.

The 2012 Ford Focus goes on sale this spring, with a starting price of $16,270.

By Colin Bird | February 25, 2011 | Comments (11)



Just make this the standard trim and every car will get 40mpg. Why a special trim to get a higher mpg?

@Ziggy ... Same reason a CD player (and other things) used to be an option. A way to make money. Seems though if you're gonna keep car for years and drive a lot (maybe not even with today's gas price) payback of the almost $500 option happens reasonably soon.


Some of this stuff comes with tradeoffs, particularly the low rolling resistance tires. As such, not all consumers would want these features even if they didn't cost more.


@ Ziggy

Its not standard bc I want my Focus to be a titanium model with the 18" rims and in hatchback form. I do wish Ford was about to just make 40 mpg standard on every model like the Elantra but as long as the other models get 38 highway I will be happy. This car is soo much better looking than the Elantra and it will no doubt be much more fun to drive. I also love that it comes in a hatchback again. Im soo tired of driving around in a Sedan.


Seems Hyundai got it right the first time and did not lead the consumer through smoke and mirrors about which model got what mileage. After those low resistance tires wear out on the Focus, you'd be hard pressed for anyone to replace them with comparable OEM. Overall I like the Focus and Elantra as well but I think people shopping these cars will be won over by the styling of each. Whereas the Focus presents a sporty design, the Elantra (dare I say)appears to be more "upscale". I think Honda and the rest of the competition will fall between the Focus and Elantra.


I hope I'm wrong, but that active grill shutter sounds like a future trouble spot maintenance-wise.


Other sources (and Ford) claim that the SFE option is on the SE only. Its not available on every auto equipped Focus SE or higher as stated here. You will not be able to get this mileage with the two higher trims.


Will you be able to order it with manual roll up windows?


At $4/gallon, the $500 cost of SFE package is made up in around 100,000 miles. NOT a big deal.

Orack Bobama

Id pay for this option if it came with rims, etc. but I have to pay 500 and have steel wheels?


I'm waiting for mpg to get better. There is no reason why this car can get 68mpg in Europe and only 40 in the USA.

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