2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Handling Concerns Resolved

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler’s executives and auto workers should, if they haven’t already, give themselves a collective pat on the back for the success of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV has received widespread critical praise from the media and, more importantly to Chrysler, the attention of the buying public.

Besides some minor quips, the only big detractor for some car buyers may have been Consumer Reports’ alarming emergency handling test results. The vehicle “skittered” and “hopped” sideways in their lane-change test.

The problem dinged the SUV, down to an overall score of 66 (in the organization’s parlance, that’s still considered “Very Good”). The Hemi V-8 didn’t exhibit the same problems that the V-6-equipped models did.

Chrysler responded by sending engineers to review the consumer organization’s findings. By December, the automaker had developed a fix for the issue.

According to the service bulletin, the automaker asked dealerships to reprogram the electronic stability control with the latest software updates free of charge to the customer. The fix has also been applied to all unsold Grand Cherokee inventories (both V-6 and V-8 models). This was completed in January.

The reprogrammed electronic stability control performed much better in the emergency handling course, helping to improve the vehicle’s score to a 71.

Update: Chrysler fixes 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee handling problem (Consumer Reports)

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By Colin Bird | February 15, 2011 | Comments (8)


Derrick G

It's good to see Chrysler responding to these kinds of complaints now, rather than hiding behind federal safety standards like they did with the Omni/Horizon. It gives much more confidence in the company.


i think that its funny that 66/100 is considered 'very good'

in my eyes, thats still a 'D'


How to resolve handling concerns: if you're a shopper-look elsewhere; if you're an owner-trade it.



In South Carolina public schools, that's actually an F :P

Derrick G

It needs to be noted that on their score, the Accord V6 picked up 2 points for '11 for getting in 4 suitcases in the trunk vs. 3 and 2 duffels before, though how much weight things such as cargo capacity have depends on segment. It's not like a final. (I'd also note that at SC state public colleges, 60 is passing for many courses).

Also, note that 71 puts it between the Sante Fe 4 and the Tribeca. The 4Runner racked up a 55, FJ Cruiser 36. Considering how CR weights fuel economy, it's not a bad score at all.


Who cares what the liberal lackeys at Consumer Reports think. If you like cars even remotely you wouldn't give a damn what CR spews. Cars.com Yes, CR No.

Well done its looks fantastic at a realistic price.a nice jeep for jeep lover.. with its strong looks.i like it

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