Honda Civic Sedan Concept is in Chicago

A funny thing happened in Detroit after Honda debuted its Civic coupe and sedan concepts. The white sedan shown to the media disappeared and wasn’t on the floor when the show opened to the public.

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Instead, it was hustled off to Montreal for a major auto show there. The Civic is as popular in Canada as it is in the U.S., so the company figured it could have the Civic in two places.

But Chicago Auto Show attendees get to soak in both coupe and sedan concepts during the show’s two-week run at McCormick Place. They’ll also be able to compare it to the current Civics in the stand and weigh in on if the changes are a good or bad evolution of the design.



Looks to me like they're trying to get anything associated with blind spots (at least along the A-pillar) which I like.

It looks like there's basically no trunk though...but it's hard to tell.


i agree, that trunk opening looks like it's going to be tiny...unless it's a hatchback style opening.


That is a really tiny trunk! I bet Cody and Rockaby could be on to something. It could be a hatchback similar to a Prius. Time will tell!


I love the side profile. This looks like it'll be one sharp looking Civic.


Yea, rear will be the worst angle. The trunk is OK. It is under the glass now. This is what Mazda3 has today but the trunk is exact same as Civic's

Troy S.

The side mirror looks oddly placed and the public released model will not come with dark tint and auto show wheels. I also agree on the tiny trunk...Maybe Honda is trying to give it a more sporty look.

Anonymous Coward

Ten bucks says Honda will be the last one in the segment to offer keyless ignition.


Compared to the new Ford Focus and Elantra, this "concept car" looks rather ordinary.


I drove past a silver 2012 Civic sedan with taped off badges in downtown Montreal last week. It had Ontario plates.

The production version is not super interesting, frankly. Its headlights and taillights are not smoked, and the interior is very much a clone of the current Civic's.

Honda will have to be very creative marketing-wise to sell this at premium prices. Otherwise, they'll have to put incentives on the hood super quickly. The wow factor just isn't there.


I hope Honda adds variable valve timing to their engine.

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