Would You Buy a Car from a Packers Fan?

By now you’ve probably heard the story of John C. Stone, the car salesman who was fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers necktie at his job at an Oak Lawn, Ill. Chevrolet dealership (Oak Lawn is a Chicago suburb) the day after the Chicago Bears lost to the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

Many people are outraged that Stone was fired over something so trivial. But we’ve heard stories of car shoppers being offended by salesman over trivial matters and heading to another dealership. A Bears fan might react the same way upon meeting — nay, even seeing — Stone’s attire at the Chevy dealership.

Heck, it wouldn’t even need to be the day after a heartbreaking loss for me. As a lifetime Miami Dolphins fan, if I walked into a dealership and the salesman was wearing a New York Jets tie, I’d walk out the door. I probably wouldn’t even speak to him. Well, maybe I’d just ask for another salesman. I mean, I did go through the trouble of going for a test drive, after all.

Stone got a job offer this morning, so he should land on his feet and be able to enjoy the big game.
Packers Necktie Gets Car Salesman Fired (Chicago Tribune)

By David Thomas | January 25, 2011 | Comments (6)



I'm not surprised one bit that this would take place at a Chevy dealership. In my lifetime of buying cars Chevy has always had the worst run dealerships from a sales perspective. The best were Buick, Lexus and Subaru.


I'd luv to deliver a dump truck load of Bearsh** to that dealership's front door and dump it.

Robby DeGraff

Haha this is crazy too, more automotive post-Packers Vs. Bears mayhem:


Thief steals a packers hood ornament off a 1950 Packard, otherwise known as the rolling Packers shrine

Matt C

Seams pretty petty to hold a grudge over somebody because of the team they root for. If anything it gives an opportunity for some light hearted ribbing. People take this stuff way too seriously. It's sports for crying out loud!


If said packers fan was selling me a car I was interested in, why not? People take sports too seriously sometimes

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