VW Passat Replacement Waits on a Name

The concept car was called the NMS or New Midsize Sedan, but the veil of secrecy around the name of the Passat replacement has been beyond odd for the auto industry. Sure, many companies use a name for a concept and then a different name for the production model, but VW’s history with odd names has us a bit concerned.

Come Monday we’ll all learn what that new name is … oh, and see the completely new car, too. This model will replace the Passat in the VW lineup, and it will likely look similar to the new Jetta, which has seen strong sales despite lukewarm reaction from the automotive press.
If you could name VW’s new sedan, what would you name it?



More than likely, the name will come out of thin air or be a jumbled version of a European VW name, like the Routan. Some other names don't make sense, like Tiguan or Passat.


well if you dont want to wait until next week to see a new model check out the 2012 Verano on Buick's site. All the info is already up today- not sure why but cars.com could break the news first! no other site has caught on to this.


it needs to stay as Passat. that's what people know.

if it HAS to be changed, the only other name i would think of would be 'Quantum,' bringing back the old name from years ago.

Mike from Chicago

Hopefully nothing like Tiguan and Routan.


What's the German word for piece of crap that drains your wallet?

Derrick G

I'd forgotten all about the Quantum name. I'd think more people would remember the original NA name of Dasher, but can't imagine that'd be a good fit .


They should stick with Passat. VW must have GMs marketing team as GM cars seem to get a new name every time there's
a re-design.


Hey, Zach, I think the German word for piece of crap that drains your wallet is "Audi" or is it "BMW". : )

They should stick with Passat. Enough with the stupid VW names.


The 2012 Buick Verano is another GM re-badge special. It's a Chevy Cruz with Buick badging. Can you say Cimmaron or Catera? At least it'll fit right in with the underpowered Regal.
The Passat or whatever the new name is going to be is a REAL car. Let's not confuse the two.


If anyone's dying to know about the possibility of an NMS wagon... here's a reply I received from VW. Definitive? Maybe not?

"Thank you for contacting Volkswagen. We’re glad to see your interest in the exciting New Midsize Sedan (NMS)!

The German-designed, American-made NMS is scheduled to arrive at US dealers around Fall 2011. There are no plans, however, to offer this model in a wagon version. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. Specific vehicle options and package configurations are based on our current marketing objectives, past years’ sales, and extensive US market analysis. Customer feedback is also always a driving force in the production of new models, and we’re grateful you took the time to share your feedback with us.

More information about the NMS will be released after the NMS’s unveiling next month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Be sure to check back in with us at that time for more information.

Thanks again for taking time to contact us. We hope to have you in the Volkswagen family for many more years to come!"

Anonymous Coward

Given the underwhelming new Jetta, how about the VW Lackluster?

I am not sure they should change name, maybe there is some marketing research that suggest it...


This mini-drama was all about marketing hype. VW will stick with the Passat name.


I hate the stupid names VW uses for their cars. I have no idea how to pronounce them, and I speak German. This is not German, it's garbage. The names are so off-putting, I wouldn't even consider looking at their cars.

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