Volvo V60 Plug-in Diesel Hybrid Coming to Geneva

The world has asked for diesel hybrids for a long time. It seems Volvo is not only answering their prayers with a V60 hybrid, but its adding even more efficiency by making it a plug-in hybrid as well.

The redesigned V60 (standard European version shown above) will house the new hybrid system that packs a turbocharged 2.4-liter five-cylinder diesel engine, putting 215 horsepower and 324 pounds-feet of torque to the front wheels. A 70-hp electric motor will power the rear wheels using a lithium-ion battery pack.
While Volvo isn’t importing the V60 wagon to the U.S. in its standard gasoline variations, there are rumors that this hybrid version will be sold in the U.S. We’ll hopefully get definitive word on March 1 when it debuts at the Geneva International Motor Show.



Turbocharged, diesel, hybrid, plug-in. Wow, they went all out with this thing! Hope it's amazing and also comes to the US soon!

Finally. It seems like we should have heard about a diesel hybrid years ago. I always wondered if i was just missing the news that they were being developed or released. Good to see one in the works. To me the petrol hybrid never made much sense since the mileage wasn't much better (or matched in some cases) to a completely diesel powered car.


@Thomas, agreed. It will probably be pretty expensive but I'd expect to see close to Prius mileage, with a WHOLE lot more power/torque.

Amuro Ray

Guys, don't get your hopes up (I'm excited 'bou this news too, but...) :(

Take a look at the other post today about lawsuits against CADA and many major auto manufacturers...

this would have nothing to do with the lawsuit that was recently settled. BMW doesn't import a 5 series wagon anymore either. Same idea.

Amuro Ray

Thx D.T. Let's hope for the best!


Seems too good to be true. Why does it still need 5 cylinder engine if it is a hybrid?


Not to rain on anyone's parade but this piece of stinking clattering swedish junk will never see the light of day in America. Diesel hybrids are a pipe dream, because diesel engines are heavier, and more expensive than gasoline engines. Add to that the expense and weight of batteries and the electric motor, and that makes this a non starter. We'll never see it here. Diesel engines, even so called clean diesel engines produce lots of soot and smoke on start up and require expensive particulate filters. Now imagine it starting and stopping several times a minute, shuddering each time and producing toxic smoke and soot that will overwhelm its emission control measures. Finally, the price will be prohibitive, since both diesel and hybrids exact a price premium, and diesel fuel is more expensive than gas. I hope I don't sound too negative, but this car will never be sold in the US - you can take that to the bank.



In certain stop & run driving situation, the engine can keep runing to charge a bigger battery,or simply electric motor runs the car when there is enough power in the battery. The reason why it works this way is that burning diesel is way more energy-efficient than gasoline, I guess. Have you ever owned a Volvo?

Uk Diesel Driver


I own a 2010 V70 2.4D. It is neither stinky nor clattering. Diesels have moved on quite a lot from the average 60s tractor engine. Particulate filters and electronics keep the emissions cleaner than ever the engine running nearly as smooth as a petrol at much higher mileage and usability (read: low-down torque). They are a bit more expensive but not that dear.

I will put my neck out a little here and state that there probably isn't a car available from a US manufacturer that provides the same interior quality, ride refinement, space and mileage as my V70.

I know the 1st gen Chrysler 300 is not the benchmark of quality in the US either but when I went for a test drive just checking the interior fit, finish and quality was enough to make me run away. I doubt Ford and GM will be doing much better either...

Maybe next time you go to a country which has a lot of diesels you should try hiring one, you will not be disappointed. Heck, why not go for a test drive in the new US Passat TDI (even though VW V4 Diesels are not really that quiet)- the VW dealers need to sell a lot of them so will be happy to let anybody drive them!


I can't wait, Take me about 50 mins get to work, Ben looking for gas saving car for some time now, all the gas saving car in us today, just got no power, and so so boring on the road make me feel like 3hours drive. I hear v60 get more than 100 mpg and you can hit the gas now and then, don't have to worry the green. Please come to USA !

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