Honda Civic Concepts at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Honda Civic Si Concept

  • Looks like: Current Civic meets Volkswagen Golf
  • Defining characteristics: Civic styling, evolved but not rethought
  • Ridiculous features: Honda's concepts are more like prototypes of future models, but the interiors are MIA
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Definite

The ninth-generation Honda Civic sedan and coupe in Si trim appeared at the 2011 Detroit auto show in concept forms. As usual with Hondas, the styling of these concepts is very close to what the real products will look like when they go on sale this coming spring, but the interiors and the details remain in conceptland.

What we do know is that the cars look like an evolution of the current generation — a style that isn't broken and probably shouldn't be fixed. The Si coupe concept has adopted a subtler version of the CR-Z hybrid's fish mouth, and the sedan's broad, short upper grille recalls the recently redesigned Volkswagen Golf.

Both body styles have a prominent shoulder line, and the Si's tail is distinguished by a diffuser with a single, center-mounted tailpipe.

Drivetrain details are few, but Honda promises more efficient gas engines with 40 mpg on the highway and, in the next-generation Civic Hybrid, the first use of lithium-ion batteries. The natural-gas-powered Civic GX will also return, but this time for national distribution. The Civic will be produced in Greensburg, Ind.

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic Si/Sedan Concepts



I'm not a Honda fan but this is a very good looking car. I've always thought the Honda Accord coupe looked really nice, this reminds me of a shrunken version of it. I think this will be a hit especially in SI form.


Yes, I really like this, too. Actually, this is the best looking vehicle Honda/Acura has generated in the past couple years.


Anyone else think the straight on shot of the coupe looks like a current gen corolla s and the rear 3/4 shot of the sedan looks like a last gen Camry?


MMMM it looks ok but the two door taillights looks like the dodge charger not the MY2011 and the 4 door rear part looks like a 2002-2006 Toyota Camry now I do like the Audi-Mitsubishi front bumper looks nice

Troy S.

Any mention of powertrains yet?

The Coupe has a nice "mini-me" Accord Coupe look to it...

The Sedan is kinda Scin tC-ish...

I also don't care very much for the funky dual windows on the Coupe's doors or the single exhaust outlet mounted in the CENTER area below the bumper (Not shown in this thread) on the Si model.


Wow this is bland styling. They should have done better, as Hyundai's new Elantra is better looking. You can forgive the styling if they did something to improve the objectionable Honda road noise.

Troy S.

I'm not the keenest on the 9th Gen Civic's bland styling either. It may be due to Honda's drawback of the once supposedly new '11 model and the combined rush to save weight and add traction control to all models. This probably led to a deficit in body design.

I'm still curious about the powertrains. Not a peep of them yet. I would suspect a slight bump in HP for the DX-EX models from the current 140HP to somewhere in the 150 range possibly by going from the current 1.8L R18 engine to a 2.0 Liter( possibly the R20) or even a boosted engine similar to what we could be seeing in the up and coming gas only CR-Z or even a tweaked version of the current 1.8L. The current Si's HP is 197HP and I would guess the new Si will be pushing 220-230 HP by going from the current 2.0 L to a 2.4 L or by boosting the current 2.0 L.


It looks better in white, but overall this looks rather ugly to me. I guess the back is ok, but I'm not a fan of the front.


At the time everyone talks about inevitability of gas price of $4 a gallon, Honda touts about those old toys,while Toyota stages a show of hybrid. It goes without saying who is most likely winner.


Two things.

Coupe looks great from the side.

Front and especially rear end of sedan... where could I see it before?... who mentioned Camry?


Honda R-series engine needs: more power than 138hp, balance shafts for the 1.8, variable valve timing.
Honda needs to hit 30/40 mpg [again]


Honda will not likely to use force induction on the Civic. Also, it will not likely to put the R20 in there. They might, however, retune the R18A they have.


I think this sleeper car stole the show. It's great looking and the fact that it's built by Honda guarantees it'll be bullet-proof reliable. What a nice surprise from Honda.

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